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After sex i fell ill

After sex i fell ill

After sex i fell ill

British father arrested for ill treatment after his daughter fell to her death from 7.5m Hong Kong apartment says he is distraught at the thought of losing second child to social servicesBlanca Cousins fell to her death at exclusive address in Hong KongBriton Nick Cousins, 57, and teens Filipino mother, Grace, arrestedMr Cousins said he and his family are distraught after their lossThey may yet lose custody of their second child, Carla, aged 14Blanca and her 14yearold sisters births were allegedly not registeredTeens didnt have passports and were educated at private tuition centrePolice have said that Blanca may have been unhappy with her life

ImageItalian Fritzl kept woman prisoner in a dungeon for 10 years0:35A woman has been freed from a decade of imprisonment in a sex dungeon, where she was tortured and raped by a monster who forced her to give birth to two of his children. Credit: Carabinieri CatanzaroNovember 29th 20173 months agodisplaynewscorpaustralia.comWebNewsNetworkNetwork NewsWorldWoman freed after being subjected to horrific torture and rape at the hands of her captor for over ten years. Picture: Carabineri CatanzaroSource:SuppliedA WOMAN has been freed from a decade of imprisonment in a sex dungeon, where she was tortured and raped by a monster who forced her to give birth to two of his children, police have said.Aloisio Francesco Rosario Giordano, 52, was arrested this weekend and accused of keeping the 29yearold woman prisoner in a basement under his shed in Gizzeria, Italy, The Sun reports.Shockingly, this is not the first time Giordano has been accused of such crimes, having been jailed in 1995 for the kidnap, rape and torture of another woman.After his early release from prison for good behaviour in 1999, Giordano returned home to look after his terminally ill wife and two children.It was then that he recruited a 19yearold Romanian carer to help him cope with his family duties.Aloisio Francesco Rosario Giordano, 52, kept a Romanian woman in his basement for 10 yearsSource:SuppliedBut police say the situation took a sinister turn following his wifes death, when Giordano locked the teenager in the ratinfested room.Over the next 10 years, the woman says she was kept constantly chained to a metal bar, and denied water and electricity, while being repeatedly raped and tortured.During that time, she fell pregnant twice, giving birth to her kidnappers son, now aged nine, and daughter, now three.Both children were allegedly forced to watch as their father unleashed his sick torrent of abuse on their mother, who was found with wounds to her breasts and groin.Police said the young boy was even forced to join in with his mums torture, or face being beaten if he refused.Giordano was arrested on aggravated sexual assault and mistreatment charges, after serving jail time for similar charges years earlierSource:SuppliedThey claimed that the cuts inflicted on the woman were often so deep that Giordano would be forced to attempt to sew them up them with stitches made from fishing wire.Police footage shows the grim conditions the family were kept in, sleeping on makeshift cardboard beds in a darkened room constructed from corrugated iron, wood and cardboard boxes.In the corner of the filthy basement was a toilet made from plastic bucket placed under a wooden chair.The family were freed from the hellhole by accident, when police pulled over Giordano for a routine traffic stop due to his cars poor condition.The woman and children were forced to live in despicable conditions. Picture: Carabineri CatanzaroSource:SuppliedNoticing the malnourished and filthy boy asleep on the back seat, officers grew suspicious, and demanded to see Giordanos home and meet his mother.It was then that they found the equally dishevelled woman and second child before uncovering the conditions they had been kept in.The unnamed woman, who told police she had had no contact with the outside world, has now been taken to a secret location with her two children.Giordano has been arrested on charges of aggravated sexual assault and mistreatment, 22 years after he was arrested in a horrifyingly similar case.This article originally appeared on The Sun and is republished here with permission.trending in lifestyle

Drugs plot uncovered after mule fell sickSimon JonesPremier launches antimoneylaundering campaignPolice uncovered a plot to smuggle fentanyl into Bermuda when a drugs mule fell sick and required emergency treatment, a court heard.Jacqueline Robinson swallowed 45 pellets of the drug before travelling from Toronto to Bermuda with her boyfriend Craig Lawrence in December 2016, a jury at the Supreme Court was told yesterday.The pair stayed at the Hamilton Princess Hotel and Beach Club where Ms Robinson fell seriously ill after regurgitating most of the pellets and had to be rushed to hospital, prompting police to launch an investigation.Jurors have been told that Ms Robinson admitted her role in the drug smuggling operation and will give evidence against Mr Lawrence, and a third man, Maurice Martin, later in the trial.Prosecutors allege that Mr Lawrence was part of the conspiracy to bring the drugs to Bermuda and supply them to others, while Mr Martin collected the pellets of fentanyl from the hotel to supply to others.Opening the case for the Crown yesterday, prosecutor Alan Richards said: We are alleging that there was an agreement in the first instance between Mr Lawrence, Ms Robinson and others to import the controlled drugs.The controlled drug in question is fentanyl, a synthetic opiate related to heroin, and you will hear it is a very powerful drug indeed.Mr Richards added: Our case is that Mr Martin was involved in collecting the pellets of fentanyl that Robinson had swallowed and regurgitated, and it can be inferred that those drugs were for onwards supply given the quantity and purity.Mr Lawrence and Ms Robinson arrived in Bermuda on board a WestJet flight from Canada on December 15, 2016.Mr Richards told jurors that the couple had originally planned to stay at the Windsong Guest Apartments, but ended up at the Hamilton Princess Hotel because they had not made a reservation.It is our case that they were accompanied on that journey to the Windsong apartments by Mr Martin, who is a resident in Bermuda, although he did not travel in the same car, he added. That was the start of his involvement.Ms Robinson fell seriously ill on December 20, 2016, while at the Hamilton Princess, having regurgitated 44 of the 45 pellets she had swallowed, the court heard.Former hotel employee, GeneAnne Bean, described attending the couples room and seeing a woman sprawled across a chair on the balcony.I asked the hotels head of security whether she was dead. He said he was not sure but that paramedics were on their way, Ms Bean said. I felt for a pulse in her neck. I could not feel one. She was puffy and swollen.I went into the bathroom to get a cloth, I wet the towel and dabbed it around her neck. Then the paramedics came.Mr Richards told the Supreme Court that Mr Martin was also involved in securing the couple accommodation at the Hamilton Princess.He said: We say that clearly the plan was for Robinson to stay there with Lawrence, with whom she was to some extent in a relationship, and pass the pellets of fentanyl that she consumed.Lawrence was involved in the process of cleaning them up and arranging for them to be collected. Martin was the person who came to the room on a number of occasions to collect the capsules.Prosecutors said that one of the pellets containing fentanyl must have ruptured causing Ms Robinson to become seriously ill. Mr Lawrence was also taken to hospital for ill effects from exposure to the fentanyl although his condition was less severe.Mr Lawrence denies conspiracy to import a controlled drug and also conspiracy to supply a controlled drug. Mr Martin denies conspiracy to supply a controlled drug. The case continues. It is The Royal Gazettes policy not to allow comments on stories regarding court cases. As we are legally liable for any slanderous or defamatory comments made on our website, this move is for our protection as well as that of our readers.

show adAssisted suicide firm Dignitas to sue Swiss police for reviving terminally ill woman who fell asleep during procedureThe woman in her sixties dropped off halfway through taking the lethal cocktail of drugs mixed to kill herShe later died in hospital after she was taken from the clinic by policeThe Swiss authorities claim that if a patient is not dead after two hours they will always call an ambulanceBut Dignitas want the police prosecuted for abducting a patient and interfering in a legal suicide

Health NewsI DO ALL THE DISHESStudent, 22, lives with TWO girlfriends after he and his partner fell in love with woman at medieval reenactmentLeeds University students Joseph Freeney and his girlfriend Katie Aitchison both fell in love with Clare VerduynBy Aletha Adu7th January 2018, 12:01 amUpdated: 7th January 2018, 8:43 amA STUDENT who shares a double bed with his two girlfriends at his flat has moaned he always does the washing up.Joseph Freeney, 22, and his girlfriend Katie Aitchison, 21, ended up in a polyamorous relationship after they fell in love withClare Verduyn, who all study at Leeds University. Triangle News 2017Joseph Freeney is in a polyamorous relationship and shares his double bed with his two livein girlfriendsBisexual Joe first started dating Katie, who is a pansexual, last January . She says she is attracted to people regardless of sex or gender identity.Four months later they met bisexual Clare at the Historia Normannis society, where members dress up as Normans and stage historical battles from the 12th century.Although Joe said this is the healthiest relationship he has ever been in, he has become infuriated with their messiness.Joe told Mirror Online : My friends think Im the luckiest guy in the world and assume I must be waited on hand and foot as I have two girlfriends but theyre so messy it does my head in. Triangle News 2017Although his friends call him a stud, Joseph said he always ends up doing the cleaning and laundry because his girlfriends are messy Triangle News 2017The trio who have lived together for three months, hope to prove to others that a threeway relationship is possible Triangle News 2017Joe and his girlfriend Katie, left, met Clare at the Historia Normannis society, where members dress up as Normans, as they are picturedWe take turns cooking but its always me doing the dishes. I also do most of the cleaning and laundry.The trio have now lived together for three months.MOST READ UK NEWSInside the world of traveller kids as rare pics reveal life on the roadGAME OF DEATHTeens film themselves riding bikes at cars for dangerous new Instagram gameTRAGIC WITNESSWho is Alex Hanscombe who watched mum being murdered on Wimbledon common?BUTCHERED MUMRachel Nickell was stabbed 49 times on Wimbledon Common 25 years agoWRONGLY ACCUSEDCops spent five months honeytrapping an innocent man we reveal allnow its the pest from the west!Snow returns causing travel chaos and MORE is on the wayTAKING THE PIZZADominos delivery man suspended for dirty car strewn with food and litterTHE GREEN CHAIN RAPISTWe take a look at Rachel Nickells twisted murderer Robert NapperSIPS LIKE A GLOVEMum disgusted to find blue latex glove in bottom of Tesco milkHEROIC COPSergeant Nick Bailey rushed to the aid of poisoned Russian spy Sergei SkripalFROM HELLMoment Mother of Satan bomb explodes on Parsons Green tube engulfing passengersWHAT A DIFFERENCE A FEW HOURS MAKES!Incredible pics of snow briefly blanketing HarrogateUnashamed of their unusual love, they hold hands in public but only if the pavement is wide enough.Clare said they have considered adding a fourth person, but they would need to talk about it beforehand. You cant just go around sleeping with anyone you want to, she said.The trio hope to inspire others that they can make a threeway romance work for them too.Ruth Langsford says shes too jealous to share Eamonn Holmes in a threeway relationshipWe pay for your stories! Do you have a story for The Sun Online news team? Email us at tipsthesun.co.uk or call 0207 782 4368 . We pay for videos too. Click here to upload yours.

Liz Hunt22 April 2016 8:38pmIt is the stuff of an understudys nightmares: waiting in the wings as a baying audience demands their money back because the shows Hollywood star cannot perform.But Ria Jones was left triumphant as she steppedin to Glenn Closes Sunset Boulevard shoes, afterwaiting 25 years to play the role in the spotlight.Jones, a Welsh singer, faced furious boos and walkouts after it was announced Close was unwell, with audience members paying up to 150 to see the American actress left disappointed.By the end of the night, she received what one audience member described as one of the longest standing ovations she had ever seen on the London stages.What an ovation for RiaJones67 going on for Glenn Close in SunsetBoulevard ENO mesmerising performance show!x pic.twitter.comIyTRA3cmhZ Paul Robinson (paulrob44) April 22, 2016Remarkably, Jones wasamong the young stars who helped Lord Lloyd Webber develop Sunset Boulevard at a workshop for the Sydmonton Festival in 1991. Despite taking starring turns in numerous other musicals, this was the first time she has taken the role of Norma in a production of her own.Speaking after the performance, Jones, 49, said she had been gobsmacked by the reception, revealing she had never sung with the 51piece orchestra before.Ria JonesClose, who has received rave reviews for her role as Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard , was taken ill on Thursday, and was unable to perform on doctors orders.When ticketholders arrived at the London Coliseum, they were greeted by notices in the foyer telling them the news, with many descending on the box office to demand a refund and replacement tickets.When a member of staff took to the stage to announce Jones, Closes official alternate, would be performing the role instead, he was met with furious boos and catcalls, with members of a packed house shouting: Give us our money back.sunsetblvd RiaJones67 was truly PHENOMENAL tonight! No audience member should feel short changed, 5 minute standing ovation! Ian Mowat (IMowat) April 22, 2016From disappointment at no Glenn Close to feeling incredibly lucky to have seen RiaJones67 as Norma phenomenal performance! KWirp (TheWirp) April 21, 2016Some members of the audience walked out, while others settled in to what many feared would be a secondrate night.Two hours and 40 minutes in, as the curtain fell, she received a standing ovation from every layerof the Coliseum, with numerous curtain calls.Social media also erupted in praise, with fans claiming she tore the house down. One ticketholder said: Probably the toughest crowd in London tonight and you nailed it.Kevin Wilson, who works in theatre PR but attended in a personal capacity, said: There were a lot of angry people before the show.When the guy came on stage to tell the audience Glenn Close would not be appearing, someone behind me shouted give me my money back.Glenn Close, the Hollywood star, in her role Credit: ENORia must have been absolutely terrified backstage, but she was sensational. Aclass act, indeed and one I am so privileged to say I witnessed.Speaking at the stage door, Jones admitted she completely understood the audiences initial resentment, saying: Of course. Id have been disappointed if Id turned up and found Glenn Close wasnt singing.Asked how she felt about her standing ovation, she added: I was gob smacked, just gob smacked.Id never sung with the orchestra before. Ive really just been watching her Close from the wings and learning that way.Huh?! People booed ENO when they heard Glenn Close was off? They knew they were at the theatre and not in The X Factor audience, right? Matt Hemley (MattHemley) April 22, 2016Ria Jones told the Telegraph she had initially felt a little bit sick after learning she would be taking the role of Norma, turning off the tannoy in her dressing room so she could not hear the reaction of disappointed theatregoers.I was very nervous, she said. I didnt want to let the team down. I had never sung with the orchestra before, it was my first runthrough in costume.I knew there were going to be many disappointed fans out there, but after the first song their response gave me the confidence to go on.The response was quite overwhelming. Its something I will remember for the rest of my life.Jones added she had received a beautiful bunch of flowers from Close herself, and a note wishing her luck and encouraging her to make the role her own.RiaJones67 Congratulations on a stunning performance this evening. Probably the toughest crowd in London tonight and you nailed it. X Eurythmics News (eurythmicsultim) April 21, 2016Kudos to RiaJones67 who after boos that Glenn Close was ill, went out and brought the house down as Norma Desmond. Brava! ENOSunset Class TheSingingGal (CamillaBard) April 22, 2016Speaking of the last time she played Norma, in workshops for Andrew Lloyd Webbers original production in 1991 when she was too young to play the the role for real, she said: I did say to Andrew, maybe one day Ill do the revival. 25 years later, thats exactly what Im doing.Michael Linnet, the shows producer, said, he had been inundated with messages of praise for Jones star turn, saying she had ensured a disappointed crowdhad gone on to havea magical evening.A spokesman for English National Opera confirmed Close would not be performingon Friday night either, with Jonesonce again stepping into the role of Norma.Sunset Boulevard is playing at the London Coliseum until May 7.Book now to avoid disappointment. Visit Telegraph Tickets or call 0844 871 2118.