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As a honeymooner i have sex

As a honeymooner i have sex

As a honeymooner i have sex

commentsLook! The houses are made of Lego! exclaims the young boy behind me as we swoop onto the runway on Male, the capital island of the Maldives.He is not wrong the buildings do indeed look like brightly coloured blocks, jumbled together in a concentration. It is the first, and last, builtup area Ill see for a while.Soul reviver: The scintillating view of the Beach House on the Haa Alif atollFrom the skies I was greeted by polka dot islands scattered across blue water punctuated only with bright bursts of white sand surrounding lush green centres. Oft described as paradise, my first glimpse of the Maldives certainly seems on point. Childlikeglee is appropriate, whatever your age.I find it hard to wipe the inane grin from my face as we jump onto a seaplane and take to the skies again, this time heading 320km north to Iruveli, our island destination in the Maldives northernmost atoll, Haa Alif.Unfettered views: The oceanfacing villas at the Beach HouseFor a place specialising in laidback luxury, the seaplane is a thrilling and adventurous way to arrive. And when we dock, I cant help but hum the theme tune to Indiana Jones as we weave through the foliageladen pathways to our private villas, but its the last highoctane moment of the whole trip. From the moment my feet hit the sand, time slows, and every muscle starts to relax.We are staying at The Beach House, a fivestar resort which opened in July 2012. Made up of 83 hideaways from water villas daintily tiptoeing in the turquoise shallows to beach suites leading straight onto velveteen sand, Beach House is a new incarnation for the petite 34acre island.Imogen relaxes with a glass of something cold and sparkly on the beach before having a go at cooking a drumstick curry, with a little help from chef Naxxa (right)Once settled into my sprawling beach villa (complete with an openair bathroom larger than most onebed flats and with its own private plunge pool) there is time for a quick dip in the glistening Indian Ocean before dinner. It might sound like a clich, but I have never seen water so clear.Our first evenings meal is on the beach, which is lined with burning lanterns, and we eat moreish crab salad and fresh tuna steaks with our toes in the sand, before paddling in the water the perfect precursor to our first nights sleep.On waking the next morning I am faced with the milliondollar Maldivian question: what to do? Rumour has it theres not much to do on these idyllic little islands, aside from lazing around on the beach andwellhoneymooning.However, as a group of seven, we are no less welcome or well catered for, and soon discover that nonhoneymooners have a plentiful range of choices, too. From watersports (jet skis, catamarans, snorkels and diving equipment are all available, along with expert tutelage) to the resorts decadent spa, theres lots to keep us entertained.Honeymooners paradise...but theres plenty to do if you arrive unattachedThe resort, as those in the Maldives are wont to do, offers the last word in opulence. Even Medhafushi, the neighbouring deserted island we sail to for an afternoon of castaway isolation, is soon kitted with sunbeds, champagne, parasols and fruit boxes should we find ourselves peckish. Its a hard life.Of the many day trips on offer, from fishing trips to historic island tours, it comes as a surprise that our groups clear favourite is the Maldivian cookery class. I hadnt imagined that, in the lap of pure laziness, the thing Id enjoy most would be slaving (ok perhaps thats an extreme word for the gentle kneading I perform) over a hot coconut chapati in the undergrowth. But our lesson, in a nook of forest on a nearby island, is pure magic.RELATED ARTICLES

Share this articleShareTroops used ropes to reach Mr Lendas and winch him to safety. Some 40 soldiers were involved in the initial rescue which was later backed by a military helicopter.Mr Lendas had to be evacuated from the area on the shoulders of troops, who carried him over a distance of three miles to the nearest point at which he could be driven to hospital.Mr Lendas, who suffered no major injuries, told reporters that the ordeal was very scary and very painful as well.Rescue operation: A team prepares to climb down and rescue Mr Lendas, who survived a 4,000ft fall off a cliff known as the Worlds EndSaved:The 35yearold groom was rescued by Sri Lankan troops and is the first person in history ever to survive the fallPure luck: Mr Lendas, seen being carried off on a stretcher after being rescued, fell as he was taking a picture of his new wife at the Sri Lankan tourist spotLucky: The Dutch tourist survived the 4,000 foot fall when he landed on a treeI was making pictures and I had a misstep and I fell down backwards.Then I sat there for three and a half hours the longest three and a half hours of my life.The Worlds End cliff is the main attraction at the Horton Plains nature reserve in central Sri Lanka and is a key tourist attraction in the country.In 2011, Christopher Pilther, a 53yearold Australian, fell to his death off the mountain top whilst visiting on holiday.More than one million tourists per year visit the South Asian country,Share or comment on this article


breast painswelling, bloating, weight gainIt also increased the risk of breast cancer, heart attacks, stroke, dementia and blood clot. On the other hand, NeuEve is all natural, green, and food grade, and it has no side effects, but the trade off is that NeuEve works slowly by nourishing the mucosal tissue. It does not interfere with any drugs including Estrace. However, it is not necessary to use the two formulas jointly. If you have a family history of breast cancer, it would be a good idea not to use Estrace. You can achieve recovery sorely by using NeuEve with a slightly longer recovery time. However, if you do not have a family history of breast cancer and you want to have a rapid recovery, you can combine the use of NeuEve and Estrace to cut its cancer risks and other side effects by half.If one application of the Estrace cream lasts for 3 days, on day 4 you can use the NeuEve Silk formula and cream. Then, after 3 days, you can switch back to Estrace for another 3 days, and so on. By using the two products alternately, your total Estrogen exposure will be cut in half and you will still get the same healing effect with 50 reduced cancer risk and other side effects of estrogen.I have had many years of vaginal atrophy. I have tried the NeuEve silver for 4 months. It worked a little but I still feel dry like a sand paper. Is there anything else that can help NeuEve work better?The answer is Yes. The vaginal mucosa is moistened by mucus secreted from mucous glands in a young woman. After menopause, many of these glands stop function and become dormant. With appropriate stimulation provided by NeuEve, some mucous glands can be revived to secrete mucus. It is like cutting onions to stimulate tears. However, if tear glands are all dried, even if you cut onions, no tears would come out. To help NeuEve work better, you can take Mucinex with expectorant but without cough suppressant.Buy Mucinex from AmazonExpectorants increase mucus secretion that helps to loosen mucus so that you can cough it up. But it often has effect beyond the airway. Therefore, it helps revive vaginal mucous glands when you apply NeuEve. Take 1 Mucinex pill a day orally for 1 month. When selflubrication is achieved, you can stop taking Mucinex , but you will still need to apply NeuEve for maintenance.Could you help me choose the right NeuEve formula to start for my dryness and atrophy?Vaginal atrophy is not a disease. It is an aging outcome. It appears when a woman gets older, often after menopause. The good news is that applying NeuEve can help stop, delay and reverse vaginal atrophy. It is like putting cream on the face to stop wrinkles.The womans age often determines her severity of the atrophy. In addition to symptoms like dryness and painful sex, major features of the atrophy include shrinking of the vaginal cavity, thinning of the lining and lack of elasticity. Additionally, women with atrophy often suffer chronic injuries in vaginal tissues due to intercourse or even just by dryness. These include tissue abrasion, bruising, tearing, and microcracks with bleeding and underlying inflammation. The older the age, the more severe the atrophy, and the more sensitive to anything, even to nutrients in NeuEve formulas at a higher level. Therefore, we have developed 4 NeuEve formulas with increasing nutrient strengths from mild to strong: CreamSilkSilverGold, for women at different ages.Based on a womans age, we recommend the following:40, can directly use Gold , often for BV relief. There is no atrophy before age 40.4050, start with Silver and can move up to Gold in 14 months.5060, start with Silk and move up to Silver in 14 months and then move up to Gold in 14 months.6065, start with Silk plus cream, and then move up to Silk only, and to Silver and later to Gold.6570, start with Cream for 1 month and then move up to Silk, and later to Silver.70, start with a tiny bit of cream daily for 1 month. Then, use the cream regularly for 23 months before moving up the Silk plus Cream, and to Silk only.Note: The NeuEve cream is for itching at any age, but for helping ease the atrophy, you should use NeuEve cream even without itching. This is like to apply cream for stopping wrinkles even without discomfort. To date, the oldest woman who benefited from NeuEve is 80. Therefore, applying NeuEve early and often can better help defy aging.In addition to aging, other health conditions can also accelerate vaginal atrophy. These include cancer therapy (especially breast and ovarian cancer therapy), oophorectomy, hysterectomy, lichen sclerosus, and medications like antihypertensive, antiallergics and antidepressants. If you have any of these conditions, you can use the above recommendation by adding 10 years to the age.Also, a young woman on breastfeeding can also experience vaginal dryness. This is temporary and we recommend the use of NeuEve Silver for dryness relief.I am now on subscription for NeuEve Silk, could you tell me how long I should stay on the Silk formula before moving up to the Silver formula?It is about 14 months, depending on your age, which often determines the severity of vaginal atrophy, assuming you have no other health conditions.In general, if you are:50, you can directly use Silver5055, 1 month on Silk and then move up to Silver5560, 2 months on Silk and then move up to Silver6065, 3 months on Silk and then move up to Silver6570, 4 months on Silk and then move up to Silver70, 56 months on Silk and then move up to Silver.After you move up to Silver, use the same time interval to decide when you can move up to Gold. The rule of thumb is that the younger the age, the shorter the waiting period for moving up the formula because the aging effect becomes harder to reverse when one gets older. Therefore, applying NeuEve early and often can help better defy aging.I have had vaginal dryness and painful sex for about 7 years. I have used 1 box of NeuEve Silk in a month, but I still have not noticed relief. Could you tell me how long I need to use NeuEve before I will notice relief?NeuEve is not a lube, moisturizer or painkiller, but a mixture of nutrients that support the mucosal tissue. It reverses vaginal atrophy by nutritional supplement like calcium and vitamin D for bones. Like treating osteoporosis with calcium pills, one bottle is not enough to notice improvement in bone density. You will need to take at least 56 bottles of calcium pills in 36 months. If you quit calcium pills after one month, you will not see recovery of osteoporosis, and fracture may result. Likewise, it may take about several months to notice recovery from vaginal atrophy after using NeuEve. Since your dryness has been for 7 years, the atrophy is quite severe and can take a longer time to notice relief. Based on customers feedback, in general, it may take 1 week of NeuEve application for 1 year of past atrophy history. This means that in your case, it may take 7 weeks of NeuEve application before you will notice relief. Please be patient to allow NeuEve to work for you. After you notice relief, please do not quit. Continue using NeuEve will help you stop atrophy from coming back.What are the side effects of NeuEve?We personally used the products for several years. Several thousand of customers have used the products. There have been no reported side effects.NeuEve does not interact negatively with any drugs, and can be used in conjunction with any medication. NeuEves effect is topical only because NeuEve utilizes the nutritional healing power of vitamins and essential oils.BVInfection:Since NeuEve can eliminate odor caused by BV, can it take care of other vaginal infections?NeuEve is not a drug or antibiotic. It does not treat any infections. BV is not a true infection but an imbalance of vaginal ecology. Unlike antibiotics that treat BV by killing dominant microbial species, NeuEve uses a natural, ecological approach to restore the ecological balance. It changes the vaginal environment from dry to moist, like adding water to a dried river. The newly established vaginal condition becomes favorable for good bacteria but not bad bacteria. As a result, feminine odor is eliminated.I have a long distance new boyfriend and we had intimacy lately after using NeuEve. Now, I have an infection and have to go to my gynecologist to get treatment. Could your suppository cause my infection?NeuEve itself cannot cause infection, because it is made under sterile condition there are no microorganisms. Also, NeuEve is made with 100 oilbase without water, so it cannot support microbial growth. Then, what else might have caused infection? There might be three possibilities.Infection from sex partner. Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are common. I assume that you did not wear a condom. Even though you do not need contraception after menopause, you are still vulnerable to STIs. It is always a good idea to wear a condom for protection against STIs when you have a new partner. Such protection is mutual the male can also be protected from possible STIs. NeuEve is oilbased and might not be compatible with latex condoms, so nonlatex condoms should be used.Old yeast infection coming back. If a woman had yeast infection when she was young, the yeast might become dormant when she becomes menopausal. The rejuvenation effect of NeuEve makes the environment moist again by promoting mucous secretion, which may allow her dormant yeast to grow back. But if a woman never had yeast infection before, she cannot get yeast by using NeuEve. If you feel that you get yeast again, you can manage it as you did before with overthecounter antifungal medications.Honeymoon bladder. The vaginal tract is home to billions of indigenous bacteria. Some could be mobilized to the urinary tract after intimacy. A customer with vaginal atrophy could not have intimacy for many years. After using NeuEve, she regained the ability to have intimacy. Then, she enjoyed so much intimacy that she got honeymoon bladder in her 50s. Having a young womans trouble at an older age suggests that NeuEve can turn back the aging clock. To prevent honeymoon bladder, it is recommended to drink a lot of cranberry juice or water and empty bladder immediately after intimacy. In case honeymoon bladder is suspected, do not panic. It is just urinary tract infection (UTI). See your doctor and handle it as if you were a honeymooner. According to medical review articles, the best way to manage recurrent UTI (at least 2 UTIs in 6 months) is to take Macrobid (Nitrofurantoin) once a day for 6 months. You can ask your doctor for prescription.In summary, the rejuvenation effect of NeuEve can help improve the ability of intimacy. After you use NeuEve for a while, you may be able to enjoy sex like a young woman. The bad news is that you may have to handle some issues of a young woman, like preventing STIs, yeast infection and honeymoon bladder. The good news is that you do not need to worry about menstruation.I tried your BV Clear Starter Kit but did not receive the desired outcome. My BV symptoms did not diminish. Could you tell me what to do next?There are two possibilities that the BV starter kit might not work. The most likely possibility is that your symptoms might be caused by conditions other than BV, such as yeast, trich or other infections. Many infections can cause discharges and odor, but only BV causes special pungent fishy odor. If you do not have the BVspecific fishy odor, the likelihood is high that something else might be the culprit of your symptoms. The second possibility is that you have BV but your BV is tenacious and difficult to treat. The BV starter kit might not be strong enough to relieve it. A sign for tenacious BV is the pungent fishy odor, especially after intercourse and you have such experience for many years and you have a doctors diagnosis. In this case, you may find better relief with the stronger NeuEve Gold formula. You will need to be more patient. The tenacious BV may take multiple suppositories to recover, but you will notice signs of improvement, such as reduction in odor and discharge, each time when you apply a suppository. If you do not find relief after repeated use of NeuEve, you will need to see an ObGyn specializing in infectious diseases for a checkup to verify if you truly have BV or have other infections.I was just diagnosed with BV by my gynecologist. He prescribed me clindamycin vaginal cream for seven days. When can I start using your product and which product would be best to use after a seven day round of antibiotic cream?Antibiotics are good at eliminating true bacterial infections, but BV is not a true infection but a disturbance of vaginal ecology. It is the reduction in the number of good bacteria, lactobacilli, and increase in the bad bacteria, anaerobes. Let us use lawn care as an example. The good lactobacilli are like lawn grass, while the bad anaerobes are like weeds. When your lawn is nice and green without weeds, it is healthy. When weeds overgrow to outnumber lawn grass, you have BV. Antibiotics are like Roundup that kills all vegetation including weeds and lawn grasses. After the Roundup treatment, your lawn may be again filled with weeds as the good grasses are also gone. But the probiotic lactobacilli are like lawn grass seeds. If you put lawn grass seeds directly onto weeds, they cannot eliminate weeds to establish growth.NeuEve is like weednfeed for lawn care. It can clear BV naturally without using Roundup. It suppresses weeds and feeds your lawn to build up a healthy turf. But if you use the antibiotic cream first to roundup your lawn and weeds, and the weednfeed (NeuEve) will not work as you will have nothing left to feed. Therefore, for BV management is not recommended to use douche, antibiotics or antiseptics (such as boric acid) before using NeuEve.Why does the BV Clear Kit works for other women but not for me?BV is not a true infection but an upset of vaginal ecology, namely a reduction of friendly Lactobacillus bacteria and overgrowth of bad bacteria, which can be any species. Let us use lawn care as an example. When you have a green turf and weeds are under control, you are healthy, but if weeds outgrow lawn grass, you have BV. The problem is that weeds can be any species. If they are common species like dandelions, you can easily eliminate them with the regular weednfeed. However, if the weeds are tenacious like crabgrass, the regular weednfeed may not work. You may need something more potent. Since weednfeed is the cheapest product, people often try that first to see if it works. Likewise, BV has many different types. Some have no symptoms, while others have fishy odor, discharge, burning andor itching depending on what bacterial species overgrowing. Still, some other vaginal infections, such as yeast and trich, may show BVlike symptoms and be misdiagnosed as BV. NeuEve as a weedn feed like home remedy has worked for about 50 of women with BV. This is not a bad rate of success because nearly all these women have tried nearly all other BV care products under the sun before trying NeuEve. Making a product for BV relief is like making dress for ladies. Onesize cannot fit all. The fact that NeuEve works for some women but not for others is normal. If you find NeuEve works for you, you have found the dress of your size and can buy it for future use. The type of BV with typical fishy odor often responds well. If your BV does not have a fishy odor, NeuEve may still work but the likelihood of success may be lower. If you have tried NeuEve but your symptoms persist, you may have a condition other than BV. Please visit your gyn to have a checkup.I was interested in purchasing your BV Clear Kit. Does it clear odor only or does it get rid of BV completely? Antibiotics have not been working for me.Fishy odor is the most noticeable symptom and when it goes away, the customer knows that the product works and report in their feedback. However, for those who do not have a noticeable symptom, it is harder for customer to realize it has worked. Then, they might say that it did not work or were not sure if it worked in the review.We have recently received one feedback reporting that the product worked for BV without fishy odor. The customer said:I have only taken one of these because after the first one I got my period (so I couldnt take more). I will say that it has definitely had an effect on my symptoms. How permanent I do not know, but thats more based upon my experience. I am a 25 yr old, so I havent been taking this due to menopause. I was worried it might not work for me because I was less of the dry fishy BV and more the discharge, but it has definitely changed that.You can try BV Clear Starter Kit. It has 3 regular NeuEve Suppositories and 1 bonus Gold suppository. Most women with BV find relief with just the one of the 3 regular suppository. The remaining few women who do not find relief after three suppositories. After we give the bonus Gold suppository, few women have complained that the BV kit does not work. However, you need to allow NeuEve some time to work. One suppository lasts for 3 days, and 3 lasts for 9 days. The Gold suppository can be used in the end which lasts about 1 week. If the odor or discharge did not go away at first, you just wait a few days for the NeuEve to work.Do not use antibiotics, antiseptics (like borate or hydrogen peroxide) or douche when you are using NeuEve. These products are counterproductive.How to use the BV Clear Kit?One suppository lasts about 35 days, so you can use one in every 3 days. One pack of 3 suppositories is good for 9 days. If you have BV with the fishy odor, after one suppository you may notice relief. Please do not stop as BV may come back if not completely suppressed. Use the second one in day 4, and the third one in day 7. If your BV is completely cleared by then, use the Gold formula the second day after the next menstruation is cleared. This will help stop BV from coming back for the next month. If after using all 3 suppositories of the BV kit, you still not recovered, use the Gold suppository on day 10. In most cases, your BV will be cleared. However, if you used all 4 suppositories in the package and your BV is still not cleared but with substantial improvement, you can order the NeuEve Gold for the advanced care. If you do not notice improvement at all, your condition might not be BV and you will need to visit a gyn to have a checkup.An OBGYN has been treating me for several months. BV was confirmed, but none of the prescription drugs worked. After using one box of NeuEve Gold, I noticed some relief, but symptoms are not cleared. Should I order another box until it is cleared? Any advice?Your BV is difficult to treat because friendly lactobacilli were killed by antibiotics prescribed by your doctor. NeuEve works like weednfeed to support the growth of your own lactobacilli, but if your own lactobacilli are completely gone, it would be difficult for NeuEve to work. Please stop using any antibiotics, antiseptics such as boric acid or douche. To help NeuEve work better, you can take probiotics orally to help reseed the vaginal lactobacillus. We recommend Fem Dophilus . While you are applying NeuEve BV Clear Starter Kit or NeuEve Gold, take 1 capsule twice a day orally until the symptoms are cleared.Buy Fem Dophilus from AmazonNote: Please do not apply the probiotic capsule vaginally because it is not a suppository and may not work well. For example, when your lawn is filled with weeds, applying lawn seeds directly onto the weeds cannot reseed the lawn. The correct method is to remove the weeds (with NeuEve) while seeding the lawn (with ingestion of the probiotic capsule).Common Knowledge:Why do women suffer from vaginal dryness and odor?When women suffer from vaginal dryness, the vaginal ecological environment has changed from moist to dry. This change can drive an ecological shift in dominant vaginal bacterial flora. For example, if a river dries, fish would die and other live forms that can accommodate low water and dried land, such as amphibians, may thrive. This is called ecological shift. When such a shift occurs in the vaginal ecology, bacterial vaginosis (BV) occurs and it can cause pungent fishy odor.Do NeuEve vaginal suppositories provide contraceptive protection?NeuEve does not provide contraceptive protection, nor does it offer protection against communicable diseases.Does the use of NeuEve vaginal suppositories influence the effect of condoms?Latex condoms can be damaged by a petroleum product, but NeuEve is based on palm oil. However, to be on the safe side, you should not use NeuEve simultaneously with a latex condom, but you may use nonlatex condoms.How does NeuEve work in relieving vaginal atrophy without hormones?Menopause also causes osteoporosis, but it is reversible without estrogen. Calcium and vitamin D can do it. Likewise, vaginal atrophy should also be reversible without estrogen. Our product NeuEve can do it because NeuEve provides nutrients for the vaginal tissue as does calcium and vitamin D for bones.Before a woman reaches menopause, her vagina is moisturized by mucus glands. After menopause, estrogen reduces, the vaginal gland dries, and the mucosa shrinks. Estrogen can control these glands, but the glands can also be activated by other things.Let us look at dry eyes as an example. When tear glands shrink with aging, eyes dry. People often use artificial tears to find relief, but the effect wears off quickly. It is better to revive dried tear glands, which provide autolubrication 247. Tear glands can be activated centrally by deep sorrow or locally by cutting an onion. But onion smells bad. It would be nice if a rose could be used as the tear stimulant.We have found the rose for reviving dried glands in women. This is the secret of NeuEve. Due to revival of mucussecreting glands, the vaginal mucosa is autolubricated and moisturized 247. Many women using NeuEve report reversal of atrophy. We use rose to represent NeuEve because it clears up odor by restoring vaginal ecology. Women smell fresh and feel rejuvenated after using NeuEve.I have lichen sclerosus with itching and painful sex. Can NeuEve help me?NeuEve is not a drug and cannot treat any disease. However, two women suffering from lichen sclerosus have purchased NeuEve suppositories repeatedly. This suggests that they might have found some relief with NeuEve.Is there something in the suppositories that is harmful to unborn babies? I noticed you advise not using the suppositories if pregnant. My concern is if I were to conceive and not know yet I was pregnant and be using the suppositories I would not want to endanger my child.This is a great question. Theoretically, nothing in the suppository is harmful since it is made with all food ingredients. However, it is a legal disclaimer that we must tell women during pregnancy that they should not use the product because birth defect happens randomly for no apparent reason. If a birth defect happens to a woman who had used our product during pregnancy and we did not have this disclaimer, we could get into legal trouble and bankrupt the business.I hope that you can understand that as a small business, we must make this disclaimer so that we can survive and continue providing the valuable products to women who really need them without going through possible legal mess. If you get pregnant or are with a clear intention to conceive it would be on the safe side to avoid using all vaginal products including NeuEve. This way, you would not have to suspect the safety of any of these products that might be harmful to your baby.After using NeuEve for a day, my old herpes flares up. Does NeuEve contain Larginine that could trigger herpes to flare up?The composition of NeuEve is largely made of starch and palm oil, just like bread and butter, which have nothing to do with herpes. NeuEve has no Larginine or anything that would trigger herpes or any viruses.Herpes is not a curable disease. Once you have it, it will recur, just like the rain will fall, without apparent warning. However, in order to mount an attack by making a blister, the virus must come out from the nerve and be remanufactured inside the host cells to millions of copies. This requires a long incubation time. One day is not sufficient to make this many copies. It is usually related to stress, reduced immune resistance, lack of rest, etc. Doctors today do not have a clue or a good method to stop it from recurring. It happens periodically.It is suggested that you wait until the herpes is quiet down before start using NeuEve again. You need to manage the herpes as you normally do as before.I am on the hormone replacement therapy (HRT). I would like to quit it and use an alternative natural product like NeuEve to manage vaginal dryness. Can NeuEve compensate the loss of HRT?Hormones have a chain of regulation from the brain to local tissues, especial the female hormone estrogen, which is produced by the ovaries, adrenal glands and fat cells. Once you are on HRT, the body becomes dependent on supplemented hormones and stops producing the hormones by itself. Stopping HRT abruptly may cause discomfort in many parts of the body as the body needs time to regain the ability to produce hormones. NeuEve works well in relieving vaginal dryness, but it is not a hormone and thus, cannot overcome withdraw effects due to sudden stoppage of HRT. When you decide to stop using HRT, please do it gradually, say reducing 14 dosage in a week and taking 4 weeks to wean it. NeuEve does not counteract with estrogen. You can combine the use of NeuEve cream andor suppository along with estrogen during the HRTweaning period.I have just begun to use the silk suppositories with the applicator. I tried your product once before without the applicator, but the insertion was not deep and much of the dissolved suppository came out quickly. Now, with the applicator, I have a new concern: nothing comes back out! Is it normal that the entire contents of the suppository, even the wax, could be absorbed by my vaginal wall?Applying NeuEve for vaginal atrophy is like putting cream on the face to stop wrinkles. Even though you can put more cream on the face and hope it can smooth wrinkles quickly, only so much cream can be absorbed. The reason is that the skin functions as a barrier to block things from entering the body. Likewise, after inserting a NeuEve suppository, only a small portion is absorbed due to barrier function of the mucosa. Most unabsorbed materials are eventually leaked out, but slowly and inconspicuously. However, the longer the contact time, the more materials will be absorbed. In this case, using an applicator appears to be helpful. Considering that the mucosal barrier may make the absorption inefficient, each NeuEve suppository provides excessive amounts of nutrients. Therefore, even if a small portion is absorbed, it should be sufficient to help relieve vaginal atrophy and dryness.Do you recommend any vaginal dilators to use in conjunction with NeuEve?Many of our customers reported excellent results using NeuEve together with a vaginal dilator.We recommend the VuVa Smooth Set of Five Dilators, for sale on Amazon for 49.98, and the VuVa Neodymium Magnetic Set, for sale for 229.00. These are higher in price, but youre really getting what you pay for. They are worth it!

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To cause (organisms) to breed or bring (organisms) into close proximity for breeding.v.intr.1. To become joined in marriage or a romantic sexual relationship.2.a. To be paired for reproducing breed.b. To engage in sexual reproduction or conjugation.Middle English, from Middle Low German gemate, mate, messmate.mate2tr. intr.v. mated, mating, matesTo checkmate or achieve a checkmate.Middle English, from Old French mat, checkmated, from Arabic mt, he has died see checkmate.mate3bombilla (foreground) and mate cup(background)mate3(mt) also mat (mt)n.1. An evergreen shrub or small tree (Ilex paraguariensis) of South America, widely cultivated for its leaves, which are used to prepare a tealike beverage.2. A tealike beverage, popular in South America, made from the dried leaves of this plant. Also called Paraguay tea, yerba mate.3. An oval or rounded container or cup, traditionally made from a hollow calabash, in which this tea is prepared and served.American Spanish, from Quechua mati, calabash container.mate1. (Zoology) the sexual partner of an animal2. a marriage partner3.a. informal chiefly Brit and Austral and NZ a friend, usually of the same sex: often used between males in direct addressb. (in combination) an associate, colleague, fellow sharer, etc: a classmate a flatmate.4. one of a pair of matching items5. (Nautical Terms) nauticala. short for first mateb. any officer below the master on a commercial shipc. a warrant officers assistant on a ship6. (in some trades) an assistant: a plumbers mate.7. archaic a suitable associatevb8. (Zoology) to pair (a male and female animal) or (of animals) to pair for reproduction9. to marry or join in marriage10. (tr) to join as a pair matchC14: from Middle Low German related to Old English gemetta tableguest, from mete meatmateless adj(Chess Draughts) chess See checkmatematmaten1. (Plants) an evergreen tree, Ilex paraguariensis, cultivated in South America for its leaves, which contain caffeine: family Aquifoliaceae2. (Plants) a stimulating milky beverage made from the dried leaves of this treeModern Greek name: Paraguay tea, yerba or yerba matC18: from American Spanish (originally referring to the vessel in which the drink was brewed), from Quechua mti gourdmate1n., v. mated, mating. n.1. a husband or wife spouse.2. one member of a pair of mated animals.3. one of a pair: a mate of a glove.5. an associate or companion.6.b. an assistant to a warrant officer or other functionary on a ship.7. an aide, as to a skilled worker.8. Archaic. peer match.9. to join as mates.10. to bring (animals) together for breeding.11. to join or associate suitably couple.12. to treat as comparable.v.i.14. to copulate.15. to marry.13501400 Middle English Middle Low German replacing Middle English mette, Old English gemetta messmate, guest akin to meat mateless, adj.n., v.t. mated, mating,interj.11751225 Middle English mat defeated (adj.), defeat (n.) Old French Persianmat(m te, mt e, mte)n., pl. ts or tes.1. a South American holly tree, Ilex paraguariensis.2. the dried leaves of this tree.3. a tealike South American beverage made from these leaves.171020 American Spanish mate, orig. the vessel in which the herb is steeped Quechua matimateI will have been matingyou will have been matinghesheit will have been matingwe will have been matingyou will have been matingthey will have been matingPast Perfect Continuousships officer , officer a person authorized to serve in a position of authority on a vessel he is the officer in charge of the ships engines2.associate a person who joins with others in some activity or endeavor he had to consult his associate before continuing3.mate the partner of an animal (especially a sexual partner) he loved the mare and all her mates camels hate leaving their matesanimal , animate being , beast , creature , fauna , brute a living organism characterized by voluntary movement4.man and wife , married couple , marriage two people who are married to each other his second marriage was happier than the first a married couple without lovebigamist someone who marries one person while already legally married to anotherconsort the husband or wife of a reigning monarchhubby , husband , married man a married man a womans partner in marriagerelative , relation a person related by blood or marriage police are searching for relatives of the deceased he has distant relations back in New Jerseymonogamist , monogynist someone who practices monogamy (one spouse at a time)honeymooner , newlywed someone recently marriedpolygamist someone who is married to two or more people at the same timemarried woman , wife a married woman a mans partner in marriage5.duplication , duplicate a copy that corresponds to an original exactly he made a duplicate for the files6.mate one of a pair he lost the mate to his shoe one eye was blue but its fellow was brownfellowsingleton a single object (as distinguished from a pair)holly any tree or shrub of the genus Ilex having red berries and shiny evergreen leaves with prickly edges8.mate informal term for a friend of the same sexAustralia , Commonwealth of Australia a nation occupying the whole of the Australian continent Aboriginal tribes are thought to have migrated from southeastern Asia 20,000 years ago first Europeans were British convicts sent there as a penal colonyBritain , Great Britain , U.K. , UK , United Kingdom , United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland a monarchy in northwestern Europe occupying most of the British Isles divided into England and Scotland and Wales and Northern Ireland Great Britain is often used loosely to refer to the United Kingdomfriend a person you know well and regard with affection and trust he was my best friend at the university9.mate South American tealike drink made from leaves of a South American holly called matebeverage , drinkable , potable , drink any liquid suitable for drinking may I take your beverage order?10.chess move the act of moving a chess pieceVerbnick mate successfully of livestockconjoin , join make contact or come together The two roads join heretread mate with male birds tread the femalesservice , serve mate with male animals serve the females for breeding purposesdeflower , ruin deprive of virginity This dirty old man deflowered several young girls in the villagemount , ride copulate with The bull was riding the cowbreed , cover copulate with a female, used especially of horses The horse covers the maresodomise , sodomize copulate with an animal2.mate bring two objects, ideas, or people together This fact is coupled to the other one Matchmaker, can you match my daughter with a nice young man? The student was paired with a partner for collaboration on the projectmatch give or join in marriagemismate provide with an unsuitable matemismatch match badly match two objects or people that do not go togetherbring together , join cause to become joined or linked join these two parts so that they fit together3.mate place an opponents king under an attack from which it cannot escape and thus ending the game Kasparov checkmated his opponent after only a few movescheckmatechess game , chess a board game for two players who move their 16 pieces according to specific rules the object is to checkmate the opponents kingbeat , beat out , vanquish , trounce , crush , shell come out better in a competition, race, or conflict Agassi beat Becker in the tennis championship We beat the competition Harvard defeated Yale in the last football gamematenoun1. (Informal) friend , pal (informal), companion , buddy (informal), china (Brit. slang), cock (Brit. informal), comrade , chum (informal), mucker (Brit. informal), crony , main man (slang, chiefly U.S.), homeboy (slang, chiefly U.S.), cobber (Austral. or oldfashioned N.Z. informal), M8 (S.M.S.) A mate of mine used to play soccer for Liverpool.5. colleague , associate , companion , coworker , fellowworker, compeer , M8 (S.M.S.) He celebrated with work mates in the pub.verb1. pair , couple , breed , copulate They want the males to mate with wild females.2. marry , match , wed , get married , shack up (informal) Women typically seek older men with which to mate.3. join , match , couple , pair , yoke The film tries very hard to mate modern with old.mate dt matdruhicekakamardmte N mate m (cocido), yerba f matemat kettle pava fwhite plays and mates in two blanco juega y mata en dosmate1. (Zool) (male) macho m (female) hembra f2. ( husband, wife) compaeroa mf3. ( assistant) ayudante mf, pen msee also plumber B4. (Brit) (Naut) primer(a) oficial mf (US) segundoa mf de a bordo5. (at work) compaeroa mf, colega mf6. (Brit) ( friend) amigoa mf, compinche mf, colega mf, cuatea mf (Mex)John and his mates John y sus amiguetes or colegaslook here, mate mire , amigoB. VTage should not mate with youth no debe casarse el viejo con la jovenmateOn Friday night I go out with my mates Vendredi soir , je sors avec mes copains .(form of address, to friend) mon poteCome on mate, things arent that bad Ten fais pas mon pote , les choses vont pas si mal .( husband, wife, partner) partenaire mf(in merchant navy) second mvi white mates in two Wei setzt den Gegner in zwei Zgen mattmate(Naut) Maat m(of animal) (male) Mnnchen nt (female) Weibchen nt his mate das Weibchen(inf: friend) Freund (in) m(f), Kamerad (in) m(f) listen, mate hr mal, Freundchen! (inf) got a light, mate? hast du Feuer , Kumpel? (inf)(hum inf) ( husband) Mann m ( wife) Frau f (of animal, male) Partner m (female) Partnerin f(of pair) heres one sock, wheres its mate? hier ist eine Socke , wo ist die andere or zweite?vt animals paaren female animal decken lassen (fig hum) verkuppeln they mated their mare with our stallion sie haben ihre Stute von unserem Hengst decken lassenvi (Zool) sich paarena. (at work) compagno a di lavoro (fam) (friend) amicoalook here, mate ehi tu, sentib. (assistant) aiutante mfc. (Zool) compagnoa, maschio (or femmina)d. (in merchant navy) secondo2. vt (Zool) accoppiare2 met n (Chess) scaccomattomate(meit) verb1. to come, or bring (animals etc), together for breeding. The bears have mated and produced a cub. paar acasalar (s)pit (se) sich paaren parre parre sig aparear , acoplar paarituma paritella accoupler spariti prost prosodik kawin maka sig accoppiarsi poruoti(s) prot proties mengawan paren pare parzy acasalar a se mperechea () (s)pri (sa) pariti se pariti se para sig iftle(tir)mek giao phi ...2. (chess) to checkmate (someone). mat dar xequemate dt mat schachmatt setzen gre mat ( ) dar jaque mate matti tegema pelata matti mettre chec et mat matirati megmattol menyekak mat mta dare scacco matto ( ) duoti mat pieteikt matu mengemat mat zetten gjre sjakk matt da mata dar xequemate a face ahmat (pe cineva) da mat matirati matirati gra matt mat etmek () chiu tng noun1. an animal etc with which another is paired for breeding. Some birds sing in order to attract a mate. paarmaat par sameek, samika das MnnchenWeibchen mage pareja macho, hembra paariline kumppani mlefemelle par pr pasangan maki compagno ( ) patinas, patel tvi mtte pasangan partner make towarzysz , partner par mascul, femel samek, samika samec parnjak make, maka, partner () e diierkek () bn tnh 2. a husband or wife. man, vrou () cnjuge manel, ka der Gattedie Gattin gtemage compaero , pareja abikaasa aviopuoliso marifemme partner hzastrs teman hidup maki maritomoglie () vyras, mona dzvesbiedrs dzvesbiedre teman hidup partner ektefelle maonek cnjuge so, soie manel, ka zakonec suprunik make, maka e chng v 3. a companion or friend. Weve been mates for years. vriend companheiro druh, ka, ptel, kyn der Kamerad ven kammerat compaero , colega kaaslane kaveri camarade , , , drug trs teman flagi, vinur compagno , draugas, biiulis draugs biedrs teman kameraad kompis , kamerat kolega companheiro tovar, prieten , druh, ka priate, ka tovari drugar kompis, polare arkada bn ngh 4. a fellow workman or assistant. a carpenters mate. assistent colega pomocnk, ice, kolega, yn der Gehilfe kollega ayudante , aprendiz abi(line) apulainen aide pomonik (szak)trs pembantu vinnuflagi compagno di lavoro ( ) , pagalbininkas, padjjas palgs pembantu helper arbeidskamerat , assistent pomocnik colega ucenic pomocnk, kolega pomonik kolega arbetskamrat yardmc ngi tr lc 5. a merchant ships officer under the master or captain. the first mate. stuurman imediato lodn dstojnk der Maat frstestyrmand oficial vanemabi permies secondonde brodski asnik msodkapitny perwira strimaur btsmaur primo ufficiale , secondo kapitono padjjas kapteia palgs perwira stuurman styrmann oficer imediato secund lodn dstojnk astnik trgovske mornarice prvi oficir styrman ikinci kaptan ph thuyn trng 6. in chess, checkmate. mat xequemate mat das Schachmatt skakmat mate matt shakkimatti mat partija sakkmatt sekak mat mt scacco matto () matas mats mat mat sjakkmatt mat xequemate mat mat ah mat mat matt mat () s chiu tng mateWant to thank TFD for its existence? 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