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Do i need after sex

Do i need after sex

Do i need after sex

alexandra steedmangetty images2. Dont finish the bottle of wine.While a glass of vino may help put you in the mood, drinking too much can make sex unsatisfying. In one study at the University of MissouriSt. Louis, 11 of alcohol users reported problems achieving orgasm.MORE: 1 0 Signs You Have A Healthy Sex LifeCompared with nondrinkers, men who drank had a harder time ejaculating while women needed to be stimulated more in order to climax.(Need help navigating sex during menopause ? Then check out The Natural Menopause Solution today.) The reason: Alcohol depresses parts of your nervous system that are important for arousal and orgasm.SCIEPROgetty images3. Avoid (or assume?) this position.Elevating your pelvis following sex may boost your chances of conceiving. This pose could help sperm travel into your cervix, Bump explains. So depending on whether or not youre trying to conceive, you may want to watch out for how you lie after sex.julio lopez saguargetty images4. Dont let him skip his presex shower.Have an uncircumcised partner? Ask him to rinse behind his foreskin UTIcausing bacteria may build up there and be passed to you during sex. If youre too embarrassed to request that he clean up, have enthusiastic oral sex beforehand, says Bump. (Or dont. Yeek.) Burwell and Burwell Photographygetty images5. Dont have a big dinner.Lots of healthy foodsveggies, legumes, whole grainscan make you gassy during sex, says Cheryl Iglesia, MD, a gynecologist in Washington, DC. (Also consider eating these 8 other foods proven to give your libido a happy boost .)To prevent embarrassing situations, avoid these and other highfiber foods in the hour or two before sex. Instead, have a small piece of chocolate. It boosts serotonin levels, which helps get you in the mood.cris180getty images6. Dont put sex toys away without cleaning them thoroughly.Without a proper cleanse, they could grow some infectioncausing microorganisms.To protect yourself, use an antibacterial wipe or spray ( like this organic toy cleaner ), Iglesia advises.Steve Carrollgetty images7. Dont use a lubricant that includes menthol.Perimenopausal and menopausal women commonly experience a thinning of the vaginal tissue, which leads to sensitivity, Iglesia says. Stimulating lubricants often include menthol, which can be irritating. Especially for women around the age of menopause, Iglesia suggests waterbased lubricants without menthol to avoid an uncomfortable evening. (Our pick: this organic, aloebased personal lubricant .)

How can I prevent bleeding after sex?Youve just finished having sex with your partner, when you look down and see blood on the sheets. You dont have your period and arent supposed to get it anytime soon, so what gives?While vaginal bleeding after sex can be alarming, its also fairly common affecting up to 9 of menstruating women and probably no cause for concern. But it can also be caused by an infection, and in rare cases, its a sign of cervical cancer .Why does it happen?The most common causes for vaginal bleeding after sex both start in the cervix , which is the narrow, tubelike end of the uterus that opens into the vagina .One of those causes is cervical inflammation , or cervicitis . It can be ongoing and totally harmless, or it can happen because of a sexually transmitted infection that you need to get treated, like chlamydia or gonorrhea . Both types of cervical inflammation can cause bleeding after sex.A second common reason for bleeding after sex are cervical polyps. They are growths that are usually small about 1 to 2 centimeters that often appear on the cervix where it connects to the vagina . Most arent cancerous, and a doctor can remove them during an appointment.Other causes of vaginal bleeding after sex include:Friction during sex or not enough lubricationNormal uterine bleeding if youre just beginning your period or if its just endedA cervical or vaginal infectionGenital sores caused by herpes or another conditionA precancerous cervical spotCervical ectropion (when the inner lining of the cervix pokes through the cervical opening and grows on the vaginal side of the cervix)Pelvic organ prolapse (when pelvic organs, like the bladder or uterus, jut beyond the vaginal walls)Cancer of the cervix, vagina, or uterusWhile many of these causes dont need treatment and are harmless, sometimes vaginal bleeding after sex can be a sign of a more serious problem.How do I know if its serious?If you have some minor bleeding occasionally after sex, chances are that everything is fine. But the only way to know for sure is to see your doctor for a physical exam .If the bleeding happens right before you get your period or within a few days after it ends and it doesnt happen again, you can hold off on making that appointment. You can also probably hold off if you recently had a pelvic exam and Pap smear and got a clean bill of health. In all other cases or if youre just worried its best to get checked out to rule out infection or anything more serious.ContinuedWhat if Ive already gone through menopause?If youre postmenopausal, any bleeding after sex isnt normal. See your doctor to rule out cervical cancer , endometrial cancer , and other issues.What happens at the doctors appointment?Your doctors first step will probably be to ask you some questions to see if theres an obvious cause for the bleeding, like breakthrough bleeding after you just start to take a birth control pill .Shell also want to know if youre having pain during sex, which can be a sign of inadequate lubrication or infection, depending on when it happens.Your doctor will give you a pelvic exam and look for any source of the bleeding, like vaginal tears or lesions, signs of pelvic organ prolapse, cervical polyps, or inflammation. If your doctor finds any polyps, she might be able to remove them in the office and send them to a lab for testing, or make a later appointment to have them surgically removed.During a Pap test, your doctor can swab your cervix to test for sexually transmitted infections like chlamydia and gonorrhea, which can cause bleeding after sex and are treated with antibiotics . The Pap test also detects any sign of abnormal, precancerous growths or cancer cells.What if my doctor finds something abnormal?If your Pap test reveals any abnormalities on your cervix at the time of your exam, youll probably get a colposcopy . It starts out like a Pap test, but takes a bit longer, and the doctor will use a special magnifying device called a colposcope to get a closer look at the cervix. If your doctor sees anything suspicious, she can take a small sample of tissue for testing.If bleeding after sex is an ongoing thing, your doctor may recommend a colposcopy even if your Pap test results are normal, to get a better look at your cervix.If youre postmenopausal, your doctor might do a transvaginal ultrasound to get a closer look at the pelvic organs or an endometrial biopsy to look for abnormal cells in the endometrial tissue that lines your uterus.ContinuedWhat if Im pregnant?Vaginal bleeding after sex can be scary if youre pregnant , but its probably not a cause for concern. Your cervix may bleed more easily during pregnancy because extra blood vessels are developing in the area.If my postsex bleeding is unexplained, will it stop on its own?It might. A recent study found that just over half of women who had bleeding after sex reported that it cleared up on its own within 2 years.How can I prevent bleeding after sex?You can rule out the most innocent causes of bleeding after sex, like friction during intercourse or not enough lubrication, by simply using a lubricant before and during sex.You can also wait a bit longer after your period ends to start having sex again, if it seems like regular uterine bleeding at the tail end of menstruation is the culprit.Removing cervical polyps or treating cervical infections should also clear up postsex bleeding, if either was the cause.WebMD Medical Reference Reviewed by Traci C. Johnson, MD on January 27, 2017SourcesSOURCES:Mayo Clinic: Vaginal bleeding after sex: Definition, Vaginal bleeding after sex: Causes, Chlamydia: Symptoms, Gonorrhea: Symptoms and causes, Vaginal bleeding after sex: When to see a doctor, Chlamydia: Treatments and drugs, Colposcopy: What you can expect, Colposcopy: Definition.Obstetrics and Gynecology International: Postcoital Bleeding: A Review on Etiology, Diagnosis, and Management.Harvard Medical School: Cervical Polyps.ACOG: The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists: FAQs: Perimenopausal Bleeding and Bleeding After Menopause, FAQs: Cervical Cancer, FAQs: Bleeding During Pregnancy.American Cancer Society: Cervical Cancer, Cervical Cancer: Signs and Symptoms of Cervical Cancer.CDC Publication: Cervical Cancer. 2017 WebMD, LLC. All rights reserved.Pagination

18 July 2006. Related: All topics , HIV testing , HIV transmission .Hi there, please could you answer my question as it is tearing me apart with worry.Approx two days ago i paid a woman to have sex in Nottingham (UK). I was extremely stupid to do this as i have a beautiful wife and three amazing children.I was very drunk at the time and the woman firstly put on a condom on my penis and then gave me oral sex, after which we had penetrative sex in the vagina from behind.Although the condom stayed on throughout the whole experience, my main worry is that i was not fully erect at any point in the whole experience as i was drunk. My penis was not fully erect during the penetration. the prostitute squeezed on the base of my penis whilst penetration (i think she did that to get me more erect). I did not ejaculate either.Although the condom stayed on throughout the whole process, i am worried that due to the fact that i was not erect, i may have caught HIV from her. I suspect that she is a drug user, and therefore i am becoming extremely worried.AnswerAnswer: Web AdminFrom what you describe, you have not been at risk for catching HIV.You wore a condom through the whole encounter, and therefore there is no chance that you could have caught HIV. It doesnt matter that you were not fully erect the barrier from the condom would still be very effective.The fact that you used a condom for oral sex too. means that it is very unlikely to have been exposed to any other sexually transmitted infection either.If you want to discuss this in confidence with a health advisor, then your local hospital will have a sexual health clinic often called GUM clinic (Genitary Urinary Medicine) or STI clinic (Sexually Transmitted Infections), and they can give you information over the phone, and also make an appointment for free confidential testing.You can find an NHS clinic by putting in a town or the first part of a postcode into the search box on the NHS site:

Answered Nov 16, 2015 Author has 6.4k answers and 9.7m answer viewsI think so.If youre a woman, semen and vaginal fluids mix to form a strongly aromatic blend, which most people who did not just have sex with you find unpleasant. You might think it smells fine (or even great or sexy or arousing), but others do not.If youre a man, the same thing happens, albeit there wont be as much on you as on your female partner.If youre gay or lesbian, Im sure there are other combinations of smells that others would find offensive.Just do everyone a favor and err on the side of caution: take a shower or bath after you have sex.Shaikh Nadeem , Associate SAP BASIS Consultant at Itelligence (2016present)Answered Jan 15 Author has 397 answers and 98k answer viewsYes its always good to have a shower once your sex is completed because if you have to rush out somewhere in a crowdy place or something then chances are that the unpleasent smell that will be coming from your body, wont likely be accepted by others.So always take a shower once you are done with your partner.145 ViewsJohn Stanley , Well informed on sex and with a long lifetimes experience.Answered Jan 14 Author has 3.9k answers and 564.1k answer viewsI was surprised at the unanimity in favor of doing so, since my wife and I never bathed afterwards unless we planned to do so anyway. One lives one learns. Still, I think decades of ignoring the rule have done us no harm.151 ViewsAnswered Dec 23 Author has 3.2k answers and 2.1m answer viewsBathe, shower, or get a good washup at the basin and bidet.221 ViewsBrandy Maines , I had an opinion on everything, until I joined Quora.Answered Jan 14 Author has 109 answers and 25.6k answer viewsIf you are a woman, I would suggest doing so. If you dont feel like it, at least clean the vaginal area.If not, you could run the risk of some type of infection.129 Views

5 Things You Should Always Do After SexPeeing is just the tip of the iceberg.By Krissy Brady December 15, 2016ShutterstockAt this point, if you had a dollar for every time someone told you to pee after sex , youd have enough to buy a truckload of AZO. But beyond the whole sexthen pee routine, what else is there to do postromp? Apparently, theres a lot.As it turns out, locking down a postsex routine can be the difference between a supersteamy sex lifeand a permavengeful vagina.Good hygiene should always be the rule, not the exception, especially after sexual contact, says Sherry Ross , M.D., obgyn and womens health expert in Santa Monica, California. Sex can bring a host of new bacteria , which is challenging for the vagina to fend off, she says.And, as we mentioned, peeing after sex isnt the only thing you can do to ward off UTIs and other unpleasantness.Here, five more super easy and actually enjoyable postnookie rituals to keep your vagina happy and healthy (and your sex life stellar).Shutterstock1. Wipe Down With NonSmelly Soap and WaterSexual lubricants and bacteria from the fingers, mouth, and rectum can increase your chance of developing a yeast or bacterial infection, says Ross, who recommends using a nonfragrant soap around your lady parts after sex . Simply take a warm washcloth and gently dab the area with soap and water (or just warm water), moving from front to back. Internal cleaning isnt necessary: The vagina has its own internal wash cycle that keeps it clean and balanced, she adds. In other words, no douches allowed.Shutterstock2. Soak in the BathtubBesides making you feel like the pampered sex queen that you are, adding extra virgin coconut oil to a warm bath can help hydrate the skin of the outer vagina and sooth any vaginal swelling or irritation that occurs after doing the deed, says Ross. Again, this reduces your risk of infection , she says. (Check out our selection of sex accessories at the Womens Health Boutique .)

Benjamin BrandtistockWhy do I always have to urinate so badly after sex?Why do I always have to call my mother? Why do other people always have to fall to their knees and repent? Just normal biological functions, thats all.Come, lets take a look at your bladder with Dr. Pamela Ellsworth, urologist and author of The Little Black Book of Urology. We typically have a sensation to urinate around 150cc, she says, and it is possible that one didnt reach that volume prior to sex and reaches it thereafter.We may also note that alcohol and caffeine are diuretics, so that ocean of Diet Coke and rum you continually guzzle, compounded with elapsed time and the sheer physical pressure your bladder withstands during sex may all contribute to this plaguing urge to urinate.But could there be a psychological component here as well? If you insist. Your newfound obsession with urinary habits could be contributing to a selffulfilling practice that Masters and Johnson called spectatoring, because they couldnt, between the two of them, come up with the correct word, spectating, which is an inflective form of spectate and means to be a spectator, especially at a sporting event. The sporting event in this case is your own sex life, which is tanking because youre spending the whole game thinking about the toilet. Never take your eye off the ball.Advertisement Continue Reading BelowGot a sex question of your own? Email it to us at sexesquire.com .RELATED LINKS:

NextDo you have to Shower After Sex?Do you have to shower right after? Or can you wait a couple hours and then shower? I know a couple people that have gotten infections, not STDs. But is that from not showering?Update: thats what i meant, yeast infection. and it is with one partner. thank you.FollowAre you sure you want to delete this answer?YesSorry, something has gone wrong.Trending NowRating Newest OldestBest Answer: yeast infections have nothing to do with not showering...you dont have to shower for days after sex...please dont do that as the world does not want to smell you...but not showering will not cause yeast infections. yeast infections are an over growth of yeast in the vagina...men can some times get them too. they are often caused by over eating sugar which feeds the yeast, wearing tight non breathable clothing like tight pants and polyester under wear, or panty hose, sitting around in wet clothing like a bathing suit, having one and not washing your underwear in hot water to kill it, wiping back to front, birth control pills can also sometimes cause it.Source(s):HELEN SLINGSBY 1 decade ago0Submit just nowActually you are suppose to clean those areas after having sex. It can lead to UTIs in both male and female. I dont know why it happens but it happens. It very important that both go the bathroom after having sex too.I take a bath and then a shower. My husband takes a shower too. Well sweat and all the other stuff.Your more like to get a UTI then a yeast infection it you dont shower and go the bathroom after having sex.dee luna 1 decade ago0Submit just nowMy doctor recommends that both partners urinate fairly soon after sex to prevent urinary tract infections. He has not mentioned bathing so I suppose that is an individual preference as to how soon you do that. Of course, showering together afterwards is always pleasant.By the way, antibiotics can also contribute to yeast infections as well as too many bubble baths for women.Annamaria 1 decade agoSubmit just nowWithout showering, you usually end up with a yeast or bladder infection because of the bacteriaespecially after oral sex.catzrme 1 decade agoSubmit just nowSally, I myself dont always shower right away it ruins the moment. If you know people that have gotten infections its because there partner had them and all the showers in the world will not cure that.ascendent2 1 decade agoSubmit just nowYou dont need to shower right after sex. Its just nice since sex gets you sweaty and possibly a bit gooey! Just shower regularly. You do need to pee after sex though within 30 minutes usually. If you pee after sex, you will wash away the bacteria that could get into your urethra after sex that could cause a urinary tract infection.piepiepie 1 decade agoSubmit just nowshower is to cleanup the mess at that area n the sweaty body too ! you can choose not to if you are comfortable with those after condition. Sex is more like a workout or exercise, do you take any shower after that?For me the shower should make me feel fresher so i can rest or sleep better, but of course not immediately right after sex, one still need to caress n whisper to their loved one instead of just turn over at snooze off ! its entirely up to you, your preferences !ng 1 decade agoSubmit just nowMy husband and I usually at least grab a washcloth to cleanse the areas so we dont stick to the our clothesdoom92556 1 decade agobetter to hav 1 soon after.. if ur changing partners.if havg wth 1 then u cud hav a shower later.sunflower 1 decade agobest hygiene is to shower after.sidekick 1 decade agoI think this question violates the Community GuidelinesChat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show moreI think this question violates the Terms of ServiceHarm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show moreAdditional DetailsIf you believe your intellectual property has been infringed and would like to file a complaint, please see our CopyrightIP PolicyReport AbuseI think this answer violates the Community GuidelinesChat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show moreI think this answer violates the Terms of ServiceHarm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show moreAdditional DetailsIf you believe your intellectual property has been infringed and would like to file a complaint, please see our CopyrightIP PolicyReport AbuseI think this comment violates the Community GuidelinesChat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show moreI think this comment violates the Terms of ServiceHarm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show moreAdditional DetailsIf you believe your intellectual property has been infringed and would like to file a complaint, please see our CopyrightIP PolicyReport AbuseUpload failed. 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Share via PinterestB2M Productions GettyIf you have a vagina, youve probably been told (maybe several times) that youre supposed to pee after sex . Its just one of those unwritten rules, that we all dutifully follow (or knowingly ignore). The last thing you want to remind you of your most recent romp is a UTI, right?But that doesnt mean you need to jump out of bed to hit the restroom the second the main event ends. Heres what you need to know about when you really need to go.Its true that UTIs are common in women, and sexually active women are more likely to get them.A urinary tract infection happens when bacteria travel up the urethra and enter the bladder, where they then multiply and cause infection. In female anatomy, a shorter urethra (vs males) means theres a shorter distance for bacteria to travel through the urethra to the bladder. Sex is often associated with UTIs because sexual intercourse introduces bacteria through the urethra and into a womans urinary tract, explains Alan B. Copperman, M.D. , director of the division of reproductive endocrinology and vicechairman of the department of obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive science at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.Peeing after sex helps flush out bacteria before it can travel to the bladder. But theres no absolute time requirement.While urinating before and after sex clearly decreases the chance of a urinary tract infection, the couple doesnt need to have a stopwatch, Copperman says. That sense of immediacy you feel is unfounded, so unless you really have to pee, theres no need to force yourselfsqueezing out a drop or two isnt effectively flushing out your system anyway. Feel free to get in some cuddle time or a quick nap, if thats what feels right. Just make sure to go before you fall asleep for 7 hours.If you do feel the urge to pee, dont ignore it.Whether right after sex or at any other point throughout the day, holding urine in the bladder for longer can increase bacteria and make a UTI worse . Also, its just straight up uncomfortable. So go when you have to go (and wipe front to back, natch).Some women are just more prone to UTIs than others.Some people may have risk factors that make them get UTIs such as diabetes, kidney stones, or abnormalities in the urinary tract, explains Mamta Mamik, M.D. , a urogynecologist at The Mount Sinai Hospital. If you have more than two UTIs within six months, or three in a year, consider yourself prone. Sorry about that. Still, its not going to make a difference if you go to the bathroom five seconds or 30 minutes after sexy time concludes.If this is you, ask your doctor about treatment options and medications that you can take preventatively or at the first sign of infection.If you never or rarely get UTIs and you dont typically pee right after sex, this is permission to keep doing your thing.If its never been a problem for you, its fine to keep doing it (or in this case, not doing it), Mamik confirms. Maybe youre typically healthily hydrated and have good, regular urination, or your bodys just on its game when it comes to preventing this bacterial invasion. Either way, sit back and be thankful for being UTIfree.A gym routine to help you between the sheets.

Have To Pee After Sex But Not Sure Why? A Doctor Explains Why You Might Feel That PostSex Bladder PressureShareWhen the afterglow of sex suddenly gives way to an overwhelming urge to pee , an alarm bell goes off in most womens heads: Oh my god, Ive got another urinary tract infection . But sometimes, after weve rushed to uncover our emergency stash of Cipro and sent our partner out on a cranberry juice run, something funny happens: we find out that, despite that feeling of intense pressure on our bladder immediately postsex , our expected UTI never shows up. So if that need to pee wasnt a UTI symptom , what the heck was it?Most of us have been warned about the danger signs of UTIs since we became sexually active, and with good reason: a garden variety UTI can turn from a painful inconvenience into a serious health issue, like a kidney infection , very quickly. And since pelvic pressure and the urgent need to pee are some of the most common early signs of a urinary tract infection , it pays to stay aware of them.Yet many of us have occasionally experienced this feeling of bladder fullness and pressure that doesnt even develop a UTI. Which is great ... but also confusing. What gives?In order to get some answers, Bustle spoke with Dr. Alyssa Dweck, OBGYN and assistant clinical professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, and author of V is for Vagina . Dr. Dweck explained to us why we sometimes feel the urgent need to pee after sex, even when our junk is perfectly healthy and why we should still remain on guard against UTIs.Potential Culprit 1: Bladder SpasmsAt first glance, having bladder spasms doesnt sound much better than having a UTI after all, who wants the part of your body that holds your urine to be having spasms? But while some people have frequent bladder spasms possibly as a result of a chronic health issue like interstitial cystitis many of us will experience a oneoff bladder spasm from time to time after having sexual intercourse. And women who are penetrated vaginally arent the only people to report this feeling some men have reported a similar need to pee sensation following ejaculation.Bladder spasms (spontaneous muscle contractions) after intercourse may be the cause of this transient feeling, Dr. Dweck tells Bustle. Feeling a bladder spasm after sex doesnt mean that youre incontinent, or going to pee on yourself, either this contraction of bladder muscles simply creates the feeling that you must urinate immediately, but it doesnt actually force you to go (your bladder could even be mostly empty when you feel this sensation).Bladder spasms are not dangerous and in most cases will resolve quickly afterwards, says Dweck. Emptying a full bladder prior to intercourse may be helpful in preventing a bladder spasm after sex, and taking an over the counter bladder analgesic ... or a daily probiotic which balances yeast and bacteria ... could be beneficial if you find yourself regularly experiencing this phenomenon.Potential Culprit 2: Uterine ContractionsYou know how when you have an orgasm, it can feel like every muscle in your body is contracting? Many muscles do contract when you orgasm and that can include your uterus.Uterine contractions are typical during orgasm, says Dweck, and the bladder sits anatomically in close proximity, which means that those uterine contractions can jostle your bladder around. Throw in the extra blood flow and engorgement present in the uterinebladder area following an orgasm, and you have a situation where your bladder is very sensitive and any pressure on it can feel intense.Potential Culprit 3: Urinary Tract InfectionsOf course, sometimes that bladder pressure, gotta go RIGHT NOW postsex feeling really is a UTI. Though bladder spasms and uterine contractions can create an urgent bladder sensation, Dr. Dweck notes that UTIs are the most common culprit of this sense of postcoital bladder fullness so you shouldnt stop being vigilant about them, especially if you know that youre prone to them. Seventyfive percent of UTIs are related to sexual intercourse , so it pays to be aware of your postcoital bladder tingles, even if they turn out to be nothing.Dweck recommends regularly urinating after intercourse as a preventative measure against UTIs, and notes that if you feel a phantom bladder fullness on the regular, but never seem to have a UTI, its never a bad idea to check in with your gyno regularly for any persistent or chronic concerns. But if you feel phantom bladder pressure due to orgasmic contractions once in a blue moon, dont sweat it and maybe have a few more orgasmic contractions, just to distract yourself.