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Get to know a woman for sex with a phone number

Get to know a woman for sex with a phone number

Get to know a woman for sex with a phone number

A businessman has been cleared of raping a university student after jurors were shown footage of the sex session taken on a mobile phone. Gary Taylor, 41, was accused of attacking the 27-year-old woman after turning up at her flat with cocaine and a bottle of red wine. The woman, who can`t be identified for legal reasons, told jurors that Mr Taylor forced her to perform a sex act on him and then raped her in her living room. But during cross-examination she was shown footage Mr Taylor had taken on his mobile phone during the encounter on September 26, 2008. Mr Taylor`s barrister Karen Holt said the footage showed the woman `actively` performing a sex act on him. Judge Christopher Moss QC closed the public gallery before a graphic clip filmed by the woman was shown to the jury. The judge warned: `You are going to see a clip which from what I have been told you may find extremely distasteful. To avoid making it a peep show, I have ordered the public gallery to be cleared.` After the footage was screened, Miss Holt said to the alleged victim: `You and Mr Taylor were very familiar with each other and comfortable in each other`s presence.` She also denied `actively` performing a sex act on Mr Taylor. The prosecution offered no evidence following advice from the judge. Mr Taylor, who runs a multimedia company, was cleared of four charges of rape and walked free from court. The Old Bailey heard police had arrived at the victim`s flat in Wood Green, North London, in the early hours of the morning after reports of a disturbance. She made a complaint of rape and Mr Taylor was arrested at the scene. Giving evidence she told the court: `He wanted to be intimate. Maybe he thought he could force me into it but he went too far. `He thought he could be persuasive and it went too far. He kept trying to kiss me that evening and I was saying no. Mr Taylor, from Hornsey, North London, denied four counts of rape, including two of rape by oral penetration. The woman had not seen the film of her having sex with Mr Taylor before it was shown to the court.

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228 JEAN MORLANDO June 17, 2013 at 3:33 pm I just wanted to say that i filled out the application to work for chat recruit and they sent me a reply email stating that they wanted a copy of my ID, when i tried to send a copy of it to their email response address it came back as a failure notice, so either the reply address is fake or the company is a scam. Jean, unless Chat Recruit/Universal Talk in the U.K. became a scam as of June 2012, then they are legit. Their acutal site for clients used to be http://www.xxxpanded.com/ . 230 JEAN MORLANDO June 17, 2013 at 4:10 pm well i am not a client, and i tried to send them a copy of my id, like they requested, so that i can work for them as a pso, and i got an email demon failure notice stating that the email address does not exist. they said to send it to [email protected] . so i tried and it came back as a demon failure. so are they legit ? 231 JEAN MORLANDO June 17, 2013 at 4:12 pm Jean, I fully understand that you aren’t a client and they you are applying for a PSO job, which is the point of the article. I was simply just giving you additional information to check out the site that lists the PSOs for clients, so you can get a feel for who you want to work for and what your PSO profile would look like. As I stated before, as of June 2012, they were legit and very professional. I don’t know if it is still true, but it used to be that the company required 10 hours of work weekly and no set hours. They used to be a taboo company, which means that there are a lot of fantasies that you cannot discuss. Also, since the majority of callers used to be from the UK and Australia, you have to pay very careful when listening because of the heavy accents and UK slang words (if you aren’t used to those things). 233 JEAN MORLANDO June 17, 2013 at 5:36 pm Thank you, for the info. but i still do not understand why this company would give my a bad address to respond to if they are a legit company. is there another way to contact them ? Jean, as of June 2012, their address was [email protected] , which I would think would be the address that is listed in the ‘from’ field on the email they sent you. It could be that “ [email protected] ” was just simply a typing mistake by them. If you are saying that the “from” field address is “ [email protected] ,” then I wouldn’t send them any information because maybe there is some hacking going on. You could also go to http://www.chatrecruit.com/contact_us and send them a message about your concerns. 236 Jeanne Franklin July 8, 2013 at 7:37 pm I’m feeling a bit discouraged. I went to one of the PSO discussion boards to find more info and, like you said, Thelma, the posts were mainly old ones. I found another called Textilicious. It had many current posts. But after I registered and got on the board, what I read was not encouraging. It seems that the live webcam industry has hit the PSO industry very hard, and even the webcam industry isn’t doing as well as before the economy hit the skids. Many women report they have repeatedly applied (one to 11 companies) and never heard back. When a woman does have good luck and she finds a PSO position, the calls are infrequent. They work many long hours, and sometimes the work is brutal. One woman with 20 years experience, said because of the prevalence of hard-core internet porn, callers are much more perverted, twisted, and cruel than when she started out. And unless a PSO’s works 50-60 hours a week, OR trolls and markets themselves aggressively, or both, the women say one will make very little. I’m severely handicapped and can’t drive. I’m learning how to scope, which is legal editing, but it is taking me a long time to develop speed and precision. I will get there, but, until then, I need another job. If this is true, and not just some women attempting to keep new competition out because the economy and webcams have shrunk the industry, then it is not good news. :-( Jeanne, look at this job as having side income as opposed to a lot of income. I have 4 different money-making avenues. Being a PSO is just one. Go with a company that only has a 10 or 20-hour a week work minimum so you won’t be working a lot, and don’t choose a company where you have to troll. You are not going to make a lot of money unless you are an Independent PSO, who can make $100K yearly after building a solid high-income client list. Also, a Professional Dominatrix can make $270 hourly for in-person sessions. I tried it, but it’s too high risk for me. Last month, Jean Morlando stated that http://www.chatrecruit.com/main responded back to her so that she could forward them her hiring info. Have you tried applying to them? Also, don’t forget those companies on this list http://ratracerebellion.com/GMA-PSO.html#axzz1hmBOC4MK If your goal is to work at home because of your disability, do you receive emails from all of the organizations that send out daily listings for AT-HOME ONLY job? I know AMEX hires a lot. If you work for a “no taboo” company, which means everything goes, then you will get a lot of “deviant” type calls such as r*pe.. However, at a company such as Chat Recruit, which does not allow taboos, those calls will be more soft porn or straight sex. Keep in mind that there are 3 billion men on the planet. Some like Webcam sessions, some like Phone sessions, and some like In-Person sessions. Therefore, there is still enough men calling phone lines. The key is to work when there aren’t many women working. For me, that is on Sundays and from 5-8am daily. Most women are on the lines in the evening and at nite, which means you probably won’t get a lot of calls since so many women are on the line. 238 Jeanne Franklin July 15, 2013 at 9:18 am Hi Thelma, Please, I have another question. When money is deposited into my account, whether as an independent or not, how does that look on my account record? I’ve noticed at least one company makes an effort to use a neutral name with regard to payouts. I’m wondering if I should set up my business account at another bank. My family has done business with the same small community bank for over 50-years. It is a female-run bank, and the president, vice-president, and credit manager are dear friends, as they were to my late parents. When anything has to be signed, the president drives over to my house, since it is with difficulty I could come to her. They have been 100% supportive of my efforts to carry my own water in life. I just don’t know how they would react if they saw “sextalk”, or anything that implies it, on my account statement. Thank you for all of your help. The name shows up as the Company’s Name such as Chat Recruit or Universal Talk. But the reality is anyone can Google a company and find out that the company is a Phone Sex company. 240 Jeanne Franklin July 11, 2013 at 5:33 pm Thank you, so much, Thelma. I will work again on this with a clearer focus and also, research such organizations as AMEX. I am snowed-under with software studies and was feeling isolated and disheartened, but you’ve helped me renew my hope. I might not be able to get around much, but I have tremendous energy and vitality, which expresses itself through my voice: THANK YOU! –Jeannie Hi Thelma, Do we have to put pictures up of ourselves when creating a account on niteflirt for example? Or can we purchase pictures? 242 JEAN MORLANDO August 15, 2013 at 10:10 am THELMA YOU STATED THAT I CONTACTED CHAT RECRUIT AND THAT THEY CONTACTED ME BACK, I NEVER HEARD FROM THAT COMPANY, FOR ANY KIND OF A RESPONSE. SO I NEVER SENT THEM MY ID OR ANY INFO. I TRIED EMAILING THEM SEVERAL TIMES, AND NOTHING, I NEVER GOT HIRED AS A PSO ANY PLACE, I APPLYED TO SEVERAL DIFFERENT PLACES AND I GOT REJECTED BY 1 PLACE AND NO ONE ELSE CONTACTED ME BACK. Here’s another company called Kelly http://talktokelly.com/pso/Register.aspx . They do require at least 20 hours weekly. The job description states you need experience, but as with any other job, hiring rules may be flexible for the right person. Finding a PSO position is just like finding any other job…it’s about timing/need. I have applied for positions with no response and then re-applied and was immediately hired. At the point a company asked me for my ID, I had already been hired. Keep in mind that most companies are looking for girls who can work off-hour shifts. In other words, they want girls who can work when nobody can work such as 4-8am ET. At every company I have work at, evening/night (second shift) hours were always full because a lot of women work as PSOs after their 9-5 jobs, so they are unavailable to work during the day or in the morning from 4-8am as they prepare for work. On the other hand, a lot of mommies do phone work during the day and at night while their children are at school or in the bed, but they still would be unavailable from 4-8am as they prepare their kids for school. A suggest for anyone applying for PSO jobs is if there is some type of comments field, state you can work during times where there is a high need (only if you can). Nicole, pictures can be handle in 1 of 3 ways: you can post real pictures of you, you can post real pictures of you with your face not in full view (wearing sunglasses, wearing a big sunhat, etc) or you can purchase pictures. Check with Niteflirt’s rules because I cannot remember with them if you can use stock pictures. I do not with every company I have worked for, you can use stock pictures. I always use option 2 because it gives the men (and sometimes women callers) just enough of what I look like without revealing all of myself so that I can keep some anonymity and MYSTERY. I have never spoken to a caller who has said he wants to see a stock picture. I get plenty of calls as a way older, black woman. I would say that 10% of callers will say they want to speak to someone young and/or white, which still leaves 90% of callers having no problem talking to me because they are calling me because I am way older and/or black. I am real with all of my callers concerning who I am, except I don’t give specifics. For instance, one caller wanted to specifically talk to someone with a graduate degree because he was a professor. He wanted to know if I was lying, and I told him that I do have a graduate degree, BUT I do not go into specifics of WHERE I went to school. 245 Pandora lovett August 20, 2013 at 4:41 pm All of the directions in all of the comments aren’t enough for you to figure out how to apply? I am seriously thinking about becoming a phone sex worker. I have plenty of time, and a really good imagination plus, am a very good listener. Not going to go into it blindly, i need any useful advice, anyone in the know can give me. There is plenty of useful advice in the article and comments. All you have to do is read it! hey everyone! :) this was a great read. Anyways, I checked out niteflirt and although it is free to register they do still require a valid credit card. I have heard you mention this site numerous times in yr post so I will assume it must be legitimate. Why do I need to do this though? I thought you mentioned something about no sites ever asking you for this? Also, would niteflirt be considered an independent PSO? 250 Phone Sex Secrets Lynn August 28, 2013 at 4:20 pm Nancydru, the credit card info is standard for registering at NiteFlirt, be it a customer or Flirt. It’s primarily for age verification. However, use of a credit card also limits the number of accounts (three per card, as I recall) which prevents customers from generating lots accounts for the free minutes. Also, for Flirts, you can bid to feature yourself on the site; this option requires payment. Nancy Dru, Niteflirt is for Independent PSOs. If that is what you want to be and will market yourself, then it is one of the companies to use. If you don’t want to be an Independent, then read over the comments that describe which companies to try to get a job with. Hello. Five days ago me and my husband decided on divorce. we still love each other but we just not going to work so we are best friends now.He is moving out in a few days and I will have bills coming in that with the lack of his income i need to fill I have a job now but have tons of down time. My husband was in the military and we did a lot of phone sex he is a freak so i was his mistress in those times as well also I role play on a internet game and there are a lot of kinky people on there and nothing really scares me or surprises me.when it comes to sex even phone sex witch i have done with not only my husband it gets me of knowing i can turn them on and make them happy.I also know that or have heard/read on sites that Phone actresses . P.S.O are very isolated and well that’s fine with me. I’m not much of a in person kinda person really. to shy and have anxiety in person. but my husband told me about this job. I know kinda odd but still he told me it was better then me going out trying to be a stripper with i would be no good at but love them all the same.but I have a few questions. One…I think starting out i should work for someone that will promote for me and give out my number and deal with the payment and all…..BUT how do i get paid ….do i need a pay pal account …do i need a bank account?..do they send my pay in the mail?….I am one of those people that research a lot before i go head first into it. and also i know i will make less money but if anyone knows of a company that doesn’t have set hours and that can do all the advertising for me and can get my number out there and is good for newbies like me that would be great. I have insomnia and usually get two hours of sleep a night to three. I know bad for my health but i have dealt with it for years and years so i’m a pro at dealing with it..but please just answer those questions for me i can’t find the answer on other sites and yall’s site has been all over the net. Toni, hopefully someone knows of a company that will promote you and will post it on this site. I don’t know of one. All of the companies I know provide a platform for you to promote yourself. If you work for a company like ChatRecruit or TalkToKelly, you have no set hours, just a 10 and 20-hour weekly requirement. However, they are not going to promote you. They just feature your pic on their site and then clients call a 800 number to speak to any girl, but a client can request you. They promote their own companies, not the girls. Some companies send paper checks while some do direct deposit or wire transfers. Some pay weekly, while others pay bi-weekly or monthly. Hii have worked as a party host for ann summers before in the uk. So feel i know a little and would like to give it ago as i am a first time home buyer who could so with the extra i like the sound of only mainly uk callers and work as thats my country. Is it not pos to use a mobile phone i watch at documentary on the telly where the lady was taking the calls walking about town and doing her shopping my land lord gets the house phone line bill as its included and i dont know if incoming calls will show up. any advice on this would be greatly welcome x BB, every UK and USA company I have ever worked for required a landline since calls can drop on a cell. They would run a test on your line to verify that it is a landline. However, if you are an Independent PSO, you of course can use your cell phone. I am NOT saying that companies don’t allow you to use a cell phone, it is just that I have never worked for one. Incoming calls do NOTt show up on a phone bill since the calls are routed via a call center. The only way they would show up if for some reason UK phone companies itemize every call you get, and in that case, it would show up as a 800#. Had such a good read here and thank you T. Thelma for answering all of these questions. I was a PSO like 10 years ago and it certainly helped me pay for school and support myself and I made good money while not taking it serious at all, this time I will be. I applied this week to like 6 companies and was hired. Excited to get started and have been researching and bringing myself back up to speed for about 3 weeks. This will supplement my income as I launch another business venture and keep me occupied while my fiancé works long hours and my child sleeps. I have found psosupport.com to be very helpful and the search feature provides oodles of information. I never even considered the idea of becoming an IPOS until I began researching some months ago. I’m a pretty thorough person and I love a task so that could be a lucrative option for me. My fiancé is on board and actually kind of excited because I’ve shared stories with him of when I did it in the past and he was kinda on that “I would have never imagined someone like yoooooouuu would do that”. Don’t see why not, I’m quite the freak but I guess because we meet in such a professional environment he couldn’t imagine. Anywho, I’m rambling. I’ve booked marked here to stay tuned for updates and retread if necessary. Hi it is Toni again…lol Thank you so much for your reply I have been to so many websites and and left comments and questions and got nothing so thank you for that. I ended up getting paid Friday I went out go a bank account and a land line phone I got everything ready and even when I do become a Phone sex operator I even have my first customer lined up. One thing I am just concerned about is I have never done this before aside form with my husband when he was over seas….so on the audition witch..I am not so sure I did good on but I was a bit nervous it is way easier to interact with someone actually there…but when i call another company to audition…it is okay to use a fake name?..also should i call from my cell or the land line i have….my land line doesn’t have a answering machine so i just called from my cell so if they do call back they can leave a message. Hello I have another question. I have called about three places and nothing yet but I just called tonight so maybe in a few days but I was looking into Niteflirt.com..do you know if they will supply a picture for you or let you chose a profile picture form there inventory or something..I just would rather them not see actually me… Toni, it is best to use a landline, which will help to prevent your audition call from dropping. Also, it usually sounds more clear to the receiver when it is a landline. You can use a stage name when you audition, but they still will know that it is you because they have to match the audition to the job applicant. Just give them your cell # as your contact #. Thank you T. Thema Martin. I am trying to figure out NiteFlirt.com to see if that is something i wish to do. I am dyslexic and sometimes if there is so much to read i get a little mixed up but i would so love a chance to work as a Phone sex operator and today is my biirthday so i figured i would have better luck then any today lol. Toni, Niteflirt is for Independent PSOs. You have to find your own clients and do your own marketing. Their Photo Policy is at http://www.niteflirt.com/help/photo_policy . It is my understanding as with many companies that you can use a model stock photo as long as purchase the picture. There are companies that sell model pictures for your use. I don’t know the name of those companies since I always use my real pictures. Thank you so much for helping me. I am looking over the photo policy now . I would consider putting my own picture up but i am not very good with computers my husband has done most everything for me in the past and well as you know he no longer lives with me but could you help me?…I will just not put my face in the picture I have a picture I want to use but it is on my cell phone can you tell me how i can get it on the computer and then put it on my profile i know i can txt the picture from my cell but what do i do from there.? Sadly I just realized…I don’t think I can do this yet.. I just realized sense I just got my back account there for my card has not come in the mail..so on my temp card there is no name just it say preferred customer on it ..i mean i have my direct deposit info i could give them but i don’t think they will do it with a temp card so I’m sorry i had you answer all these questions ..when i get the card I will return here to speak to you Thank you for all your help your like a PSO GODMOTHER TO ALL US NEWBIES! Ex hubby helped me Thank you tho. I’ve been thinking of doing it for years but never had courage to start. 267 Dawn Goebel October 23, 2013 at 7:35 pm I have been working for Lip Service for 3 years and have not been getting ahead. I have loyal customers but they only stay on an average of 10-15 minutes. Once in a great while I get a half an hour or 45 minutes but it’s not enough to pay eve close to my bills. I’m very good at what I do and my regulars love me and only come on line to talk to me. If they don’t hear me they hang up and try again later so they can talk to me. This make me very happy to make them happy. Nut now it’s time to move on because I want my pay to be worth my talents and I’m sure I could bring my loyal customers along if you would like. Please, please call me because I think your company is great and I would love to work for you. Thanks:) Dawn Goebel Dawn, I am not sure if your post it directed to me, but I don’t own a phone sex company. I am simply a PSO. Here is the reality, I have NEVER met any PSO who was making a ton of money (equivalent to a high-paying full-time salary) unless they were an Independent PSO. Every company is going to take it’s lion share, i.e. 70%, of what you bring in. However, when you are Independent, you take the 70%. I look at being a PSO as strictly a Side Hustle. I have several jobs: website evaluator, survey taker, product reviewer, website reviewer, and college instructor. I can tell you that from when I first started as a PSO, I have seen a tremendous drop in calls coming in. So what you are experiencing at Lip Service is probably going to be the same at other companies. I have NOT been successful at becoming an Independent. If I knew what the step-by-step blueprint was for gaining clients, I would give it to you. If you are comfortable becoming a real time domme, then pursue that because I found it easy to find clients willing to pay $270 hourly, but safety is a concern. 269 Dawn Goebel October 23, 2013 at 8:47 pm I would love to join up with you ad teach you what i know. I.VE BEEN GOING THIS FOR 4 YEARS AND ONLY GET $.20 cents per minutes and my clients love me which is not at all fair bcause the company gets over $2.00/min and I only get [email protected] /min. I would love to start my own company with an intelligent savvy woman such a s yourself and we could go very far. If you have any ?’s please fee; free to email me at any time and I will return your email. I’m 30 years old good with books and numbers as well as customers and internet and regular advertising. Together I think we could go very far and make lots of money and live the lifestyle we wanted. ADDRESS: Dawn M Goebel 80 Dewey Street Apt. G Kiel 536042 9202866005 Please contact me as soon as you can so we can get started in a succesful business together. Thank you:) Hopefully your business partner. Dawn Olena, some companies will only hire you if you have experience. Others take on newbies. As with any job, you are only going to gain experience by doing it. When I look back on my early calls from years ago, I was horrible in comparison to my phone skills now. However, whether you have 2 days of experience or 2 years of experience, there is always going to be a group of men who like you. For you, you might always attract the men who have a Russian fetish, so they are NOT going to care so much about your experience. They are going to be wrapped up in “I am really talking to a woman really from Russia.” If you throw in some Russian phrases, they will be hooked. That is going to be your hook. Your whole persona should be “I am an Authentic Russian Girl.” Some companies offer training for new girls to help you with sample calls. Some companies have sample recordings for you to listen to. It’s Toni….Just wanted to say Thank you .. you helped me a lot…I am a PSO NOW and have been for a month on niteflirt. It is great..i do calls and also do topless cam. In my first month I have made about 700 dollars..but I also have a side job and anyone wanting to become being a PSO I say try it…My experience so far has been good…i have had a lot of guys call or want to see me on cam i only do topless and I am shy so i never show my face..there are a lot of ways to make this bring in money but i don’t see it paying all my bills ever but that’s okay. I was new at this and If I can do it anyone can.. you get better as you go..i use to get a caller and say Hi How are you?…then have no idea what to say lol but you learn as you go..and it is fun..one of my regulars calls me just to talk most of the time…but you have to find what you are good at and figure out what your pitch is..mine i have 40DD so i run with that..Also one great thing on niteflirt is is shows you how much you will make per min..at the rate you set i keep mine to were I am at least making a dollar per min…and you will learn in time how to drag the call out ….I hope this helped someone..and Agian Thank you …T. Thema Martin. 272 Lee L October 30, 2013 at 5:26 am How do i find you on niteflirt toni? i will call!!!! Can I be a phone sex operator and use my mobile phone? I am actually considering this as a job, right now I am either too over qualified in working the more hands on jobs or i’m too inexperienced to work. , for the editors note : If the intent is in good reason then it is a good choice. I do have a boyfriend who is now supportive of the idea. can suggest any sites as of now for hiring just for a starter, it wo be most helpful thank you. Dawn I would love to hire you at 69 cents a minute. And Lee, leave niteflirts and get hooked on us. My company will up and ready the end of February. Okay..send me a link to your company! I have been a PSO for about two weeks and was provided no script. I’m new and like the author it is just a side gig. I had a caller that wanted me to change his diaper. I did not know how to respond but since I haven’t gotten that many calls I improvised. I just pretended i was the mom changing my babies diaper. i did try to draw it out but i was done in 8 minutes and he hung up immediately, he didnt make a sound the entire time. i was just wondering how you would have handled that call. I’m not sure i did the right thing. Thanks so much! Trudy, when I first started 3 years ago, I was given no script, so I understand. When I get a diaper call, I treat them just like a baby. I hold them, change their diaper, have them play with an erotic toy, etc. A lot of diaper calls have a breast fetish, so run with that. You are going to get a lot of calls that are new to you since you are new. This is where your listening skills are vital, and you have to pick up on hints. For example, the first call I ever got from a woman, I thought she had the wrong number because nobody ever today me that women and 100% gay men would call me. She was telling me things she was doing to herself and if those things were “okay’ to do. By listening, I figured out she needed approval and she wanted me to tell her what to do to herself so she could feel like it was ‘okay’ since someone was making her do them. When I get a caller who says nothing or who is very quiet, I go into a narrative of telling him what I am doing to myself and what I would like for him to do to me. Make sure you have a solid main character. For instance, if you are Tough Tracy, then your character will be dominating, as opposed to Tiny Tracy who is submissive. My main character is the woman who will dominate your mind and tell you what to do. However, depending on the call, you still have to play many roles. Every call you take won’t be long. Some men want conversation and some men want you to finish them off in 5 minutes because they have to get to work or they don’t have money to pay for a long call. Keep in mind that every technique doesn’t work for everybody, and what may work for one PSO might not work for another. Over time, you will get a feel for what type of callers are calling you. For the past year, my caller profile has been a man looking for domination by an ethnic woman, so my TOP 3 type of calls are: Just found this site 2day. Im a 24yo ethnic woman with 2 kids.I get food stamps and live in income based housing. Will i have 2 report this? How? Totally confused. CAN I BE A PSO IF IM ON GOVERNMENT ASST? IM A SINGLE BLACK MOM OF 2 YOUNG KIDS. I WORK AND GO 2 SCHOOL BUT ITS NOT ENOUGH. MY KIDS DAD LEFT WHEN I WAS 7 MONTHS PREG WITH MY NOW 3 MOMTH OLD. Always check with your caseworker to see what is and isn’t allowed to continue to qualify for government assistance. If you get a job with a company, you are usually an independent contractor and they take out no taxes, so you should get a Form 1099 in January., First of all thank you so much for being a powerful. articulate, honest and proud of who she is type of women!!! You have been very helpful and informative…. However, I was hoping you could answer a few questions or point me in the right direction? I am a social worker but did fetish work for 6 years to pays bills and etc,.. I am trying to save money for Grad school and land (possible cob house with rocket stove, very premaculturey stuff I guess) and thought I might actually get back in the game. That way I can still do what I love ( help people) but also live green and off the grid. Anyhoo I has been several years since I was in fetish and I am now 34 and thought I might try PSO work. I have read through quite a few forums and blogs ( your information being very helpful) but it seems that they only offers I am getting are for webcam ( even usings the website you posted in article) and as I am going to be working on my Masters I prefer to remain anonymous and to be honest am just at that stage in my life. I realize it is better to work for yourself but before I head down that road I would like to start with a solid company. I am not sure where I am straying but anymore advice on where to look and post resume or companies that are reputable would be appreciated. Thanks JEnn Phone entertainers are looking for people same as lip service. I don’t know 100% on what lip service requires as I only have an interview but phone entertainers is looking for an anything goes type person. When i interviewed with them I was told that you aren’t allowed to hang up for any reason. She asked my limitations and replied they accept pedophile bestiality and necrophiliac topics. So if you don’t mind those types of fantasies i know they are looking. its also 20 cents per minute. best of luck to you on your search as well Sorry i meant 30 cents per min for phoneentertainers.com. I just woke up. I have a few quick questions. I’m looking at going through lip service. does anyone know anything about them? pay whats listed as taboo through them. I have never done this type of work professionally but I have done it before with my ex’s (while dating) and with my husband. Also if you have any tips for a newbie that would be great.I am easy going and most things that people find offensive my husband and i just laugh at, but i also know that it would be naive of me to assume that i know all about this. Any tips would be helpful. thank you. Jennifer, I originally wrote this article 3 years ago. I can tell you that when I started, I had no problem getting 3 jobs back-to-back as a PSO. Now, I only have 1, and I have seen the rate of callers decrease as time goes by. People have less and less disposable income for phone sex. Unfortunately, I don’t have any job leads. I have never worked for Phone Sex Kingdom, but I know they were looking for girls last April. Cat, the 6 things I remember about Lip Service is you had a set schedule of certain days and times of a 4-hour shift daily, you had to work a Saturday or a Sunday, you received a paper check, they offered training, callers left voicemails for you, and, you had to meet certain minimum minutes per call. I don’t know if all those things are still true. Thank you for the quick reply. I have to call them in a few days after I feel better. the only thing their email really said was I have to be 21 with a good voice and work at least 2 weekends a month. I’m just not 100% sure what to expect from the interview and interviews make me nervous as is. Since my husband works weekends i was planning on it anyways. My husband is okay with me pursuing this type of employment. He is a supportive man, for that I am very thankful. I also want to thank you for so much insight into this job. Most who post stuff want to post how crappy things. I feel there are pros and cons in all jobs, this job included. The funny thing is, every office my best friend has worked in, she has always been told she sounds “very sexual” on the phone. I know she never intentionally tries to sound like that, and obviously at the lawyers offices and hospitals, she doesn’t speak about sexual exploits or in a flirtatious manner. I think she could be good at it–I’ve heard both men and women say they’ve gotten a little turned on by listening to her–but she’s extremely shy and doesn’t have sexual experience. Do you think it’s a good avenue for people like her? Shyness. If a person is shy, it is going to be extremely difficult to be a PSO because it involves very EXPLICIT conversation from both parties. A PSO has to be assertive or aggressive because the majority of the time, you are leading the conversation. Sometimes, men will say NOTHING on the phone, but they are still listening. Therefore, you will just be talking to an empty phone. Having a s*xy voice is a good attribute, but you need other attributes to be a successful PSO, As stated in the article, “You need 4 main skills to be successful as a PSO: listening, organizational, imaginative, and improvisational.” The only way I see a shy person being successful is when a caller calls and he ONLY wants the PSO to moan, scream, or cry…yes, cry. I have had a few of those type of calls. However, those calls are few and far between. Some callers call just to talk and it involves no dirty talk. I have a client who has been calling me for 9 months and we have NEVER discussed s*x, but once again, those calls are few and far between. If you lack sexual experience, you will have to be able to use your imagination and at least know the basics. For example, half the stuff my callers call about, I have never done, such as gang bangs, but I at least know the basics of what goes where and I have a vivid imagination. I am more stuck when it comes to slang terms. For instance, the first time I heard “creampie” I had no idea what it meant. In cases like that, I discreetly look terms up while talking to a client, but I make sure that he doesn’t here me typing. Hey everyone, Not sure how well I would do working as PSO. but I’d like to give it a go, the main reason I am doing this is for financial freedom (hopefully) , I intend on keeping it as discreet as possible, I am about to be 22 years and I need the extra cash. I have a open mind, lots of free time, although certain taboos will be off limits to me, I still think this is a good way to make a profit. I’m hoping to find a reputable company that has been around for a while, that is willing to pay $100 for 4 hours shift ( someone mentioned this price earlier) or companies that will pay-out a high per hour rate $18+ an hour. Thema, or anyone else whom know the good paying companies, would you mind listing these sites. Thank you Jen, I cannot say that you will make $100 for 4 hours, Keep in mind that you are paid per minute, not per hour. You could be on the phone for an hour and only get 2 calls for 10 minutes each at 50 cents per minute, which would only give you $10 for the hour. Jen, the comments field won’t all me to leave links because it is saying that it is spam, but if you scroll through the comments, look for my comments that contain links to jobs because I have left them before for other readers. Thanks Thema, What website would you recommend that has high call volume, I’ve been indecisive and reluctant to apply because certain companies have such bad reviews, or the rate is super low, nonetheless a company whom has high call volume is great. I was considering trying adultchathost, because I am not per-say working for a company and if it did not work out I could always leave and try again when I decided, by the way do you happen to know if these companies give 1099 forms at the end of the year, they do ask for ID prior to being accepted. I do wonder what the call volume would be like for this company, and what the rate is for the actress.Also, I considered psojob.com, but emails haven’t been answered. Lastly, what advice can you provide to me when applying for these companies, I haven’t done this before, and I am not sure what I should strive to sound like. I considered applying for the college-educated pso job, but I have no clue what to say. Thanks for your time! Mistake on my end, I meant say is it a waste to apply for the phone dominatrix job, I don’t have any BDSM experience, but I have always wanted to be a dominatrix, I believe I posses the skills and demeanor of someone whom can be dominant (in-person, phone). I am college educated and I am a quite a fast learner, I have all the equipment that is required, as well as the 4 skills required for pso’s Jen, my advice is just apply to what you can because you might not get hired easily, therefore, it’s hard to be choosy at first. Just be yourself. Let them know you are new, but willing to learn and you have a positive attitude about sex. Every company I worked for all had the same call volume. To me volume is based on 2 things: # of girls and time. I have been on the line available for calls where it was only me on by myself, with one other PSO, and with 15 other PSOs. Guess which situation gave me the most calls? I have also found that being on from 5-8am produced a lot of calls for me because during that time a lot of PSOs are busy getting their kids prepared for school or themselves prepared for their day jobs. Also, Sunday before 6pm gave me a lot of calls. I don’t know anything about AdultChatHost. You will get a 1099 as long as you make the minimum required to receive a 1099. Jen, the comments field won’t all me to leave links because it is saying that it is spam, but if you scroll through the comments, look for my comments that contain links to jobs because I have left them before for other readers. Just wondering if you’re still working as a PSO and if so, how’s the market right now? Do you still recommend it as a side gig? Hey there, can anyone tell me of a PSO company that hires internationally? I’m from outside the USA and Canada and willing to get into this line of business. Try http://www.chatrecruit.com/about_us out of the UK to see if they still hire internationally. They used to charge a $16 fee per pay period for international workers. Kerry, I recently stopped working as a company-sponsored PSO for 2 reasons: 1. If you are going to get the most out of this job financially, you must become an Independent PSO because you will only have to pay a fee for a company to process your payments for each call and advertising fees, but you will retain the majority of your profits from each call as opposed to giving them to a company. 2. I want complete control over who calls me. When you work for a company, you have to take any call that comes through no matter how perverted it is (unless it is an illegal call). As an Independent PSO, you can set criteria for calls, such as no calls dealing with brown showers. My advice to anyone who wants to jump into this industry is to work for a company for 1 or 2 years max to gain experience, and then transition into an Independent PSO. From my experience, have found that being a dominatrix produces more success from a “being able to get clients” standpoint. In other words, I find it difficult to build a client base as an Independent PSO unless you have worked in other adult entertainment fields such as escorting or stripping where you come across clients consistently. Whereas with the BDSM field, I have found it easier to find clients, but safety is an issue unless you are doing sessions in a controlled environment. I find it interesting that you say that sometimes women call. Can you tell us about that? BlueGreen8, for me, it was rare – maybe once a quarter/season at most. They call for 3-way s*x with them and their man, non-lesbians call with questions about lesbian s*x, and some want straight lesbian sex. Some phone companies allow the caller to call 2 operators at once, so you could have 3 women on the line at once. I am very much considering this as my husband is from England so we spoke on Skype for literally 15 hours a day at times, and cyberimg was a must while we were dating before he moved to America. so I’m practically a Pro already at least with him :). I had a question though, If I as a PSO were comfortable taking “taboo” calls such as an incest fantasy, would I be able to do that? I once read a blog from a PSO who stated everything was acceptable as long as the PSO and caller were 18+. I actually sound underage so I was thinking my callers would want to role play school girl stuff or something EEK.Are the taboo subjects your personal preference or your company policy? Kizzy, taboos are company policy. If you are comfortable with taboos, make sure that you find a company that ‘officially’ allows taboos. Some companies do NOT allow them. There are city and state ordinances, depending on where you live, that state it is a crime to do phone s*x fantasies regarding minors. Some companies “unofficially” allow taboos. What that means is they want you to be vague in your conversation. For example, if a man wants you to be his biological mother, you may NOT want to call him ‘son’. Instead, one might say, “Be a good ‘boy’ and do what I tell you to do`”, which doesn’t necessarily mean ‘son’. What I always do is NEVER discuss age unless I am saying I am 18+. For example, I would NEVER say I am 14. Instead, it’s best to say things like “I am young” or “I am inexperienced”. You will get daughter/daddy fantasies all the time. Saying “daddy” could imply anything since grown women call their husbands “Daddy” or “Big Daddy”, so I have NO problem saying “daddy” since it does NOT necessarily mean biological father. Also, be mindful of rape fantasies because even companies that I have worked for that did NOT allow taboos, DID allow rape fantasies, depending on what they were. You have to be careful with that subject. One might treat that fantasy more like a “I’m playing hard to get” as opposed to rape. Hi there, I started as a PSO just short of a week ago, doing ok but not great….I need to get better! went into this thinking it would be easy but its a lot harder than I imagined….im confident, out going, nothing embarrases me, brought up in a very open n loving family ( my mum and two older brothers were first people I talked to about starting the job), ive had a filthy mind for as long as I can remember…..my mum always says ‘its not a mind you’ve got its a pornographic novel’….LOL. was very nervous on my first shift….had laptop ready…mobile on silent, tv muted….realise now that was wrong and it made me more nervous…..second shift lot more relaxed and was doing stuff around house in between calls….learnt quickly that more money is made during the night. been lucky so far that most of my callers have been quite chatty but I do keep getting calls from men who want to be dominated……I know what it means but having never been into that kind of thing myself I have no idea how to talk about it over the phone…..want to learn as theres more money to be made…….any tips or advice or links to websites would be very appreciated x Erika, back on April 18, 2013…I cannot believe this article has been posted for 4 years…I wrote: In GENERAL, my TOP 3 type of calls now are: Before I became a PSO, I knew very little about BDSM. Men get excited more by YOU telling them what to do as opposed to WHAT you are telling them to do. Just be very stern and tell them demeaning/degrading things to do. Be forceful. Tell them things to do to you. Sometimes the man will give you hints like, ” Mistress Erika, can I lick the bottom of your shoe.” Then you can go from there because you know that man is into dirty acts as opposed to the man who wants you to tell him how to self-pleasure himself. You may want to go to the CollarMe site and talk to people who are into the BDSM lifestyle, and visit YouPorn and search for BDSM videos. Erika, correction. I believe CollarMe is now CollarSpace. I last visited the former June 2013. 311 Tracy Anderson March 12, 2015 at 2:09 pm *For all you new PSO’s* I wrote an ebook on working as a PSO that includes a script of dialogue/conversation starters to help you begin work. Contact me at

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