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How to have sex lovers

How to have sex lovers

How to have sex lovers

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.EDITION04102013 08:34 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017Robot Sex Poll Reveals Americans Attitudes About Robotic Lovers, Servants, Soldiers1.1k670A provocative new poll shows that Americans have little trouble imagining a future full of personal service robots at least when it comes to robots tasked with cleaning our homes, driving our cars, and even helping fight our wars.But the HuffPostYouGov poll shows that were a bit squeamish about bots in especially personal roles, such as caring for elderly people or replacing a human sex partner. These findings are consistent with research conducted by Stanford Universitys Dr. Leila Takayama, an expert in robothuman relationships.Weve been finding that people prefer the idea of working with robots instead of having robots work in place of people, Takayama told The Huffington Post in an email.In the poll, 58 percent of Americans said that robots will be cleaning our homes by 2030. But only 33 percent said that theyd like a robot servant. Fortytwo percent indicated that they wouldnt want one. Those between 40 and 44 years of age were the most likely to say they would like a robot servant, while adults age 65 or older were the least likely.The idea of having robots care for elderly people raised even bigger qualms. Only 25 percent indicated that they think such robots will be available by 2030, and even fewer (22 percent) said that they would let a robot care for an aging friend or relative. Fiftyeight percent said they wouldnt let a robot do that.Fortysix percent of respondents to the survey say that robots will be able to drive cars by the year 2030. The idea doesnt seem so outlandish given that Google is already developing a selfdriving car, with managers of the project saying that the technology could be on sale to consumers in as little as three years.In fact, two states (Nevada and California) already have laws on the books permitting driverless vehicles, though both require an actual human to be in the car and prepared to take the wheel if necessary.Fortyeight percent of respondents indicated that they believed robots will be able to fight in the military by 2030.And what about robotic sex partners?Eighteen percent of respondents indicated that they believed sexbots will be available by 2030. Nine percent indicated that they would have sex with a robot if they could (though perhaps they wouldnt have been keen on admitting that if they could).Sex with a robot raises some thorny ethical questions including whether a married person who hooked up with a robot would be guilty of infidelity. What did the poll find? Fortytwo percent of Americans indicated that such a dalliance would constitute cheating. Another 31 percent said it wouldnt, and 26 percent said they were unsure. Respondents under age 30 were almost as likely to say it wouldnt be cheating (34 percent) as that it would (36 percent). Americans over age 65 were far more likely to say that it would, by a 52 percent to 24 percent margin.The poll was conducted Feb. 2021 among 1,000 U.S. adults. It used a sample selected from YouGovs optin online panel to match the demographics and other characteristics of the adult U.S. population. Factors considered include age, race, gender, education, employment, income, marital status, number of children, voter registration, time and location of Internet access, interest in politics, religion and church attendance.The Huffington Post has teamed up with YouGov to conduct daily opinion polls. You can learn more about this project and take part in YouGovs nationally representative opinion polling.

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.EDITION04082015 03:27 pm ET Updated Apr 15, 2015Grilled Cheese Lovers Have More Sex And Are Better People, According To Survey5.4k43If you love grilled cheese you may have more sex than people who do not love grilled cheese.In fact, your grilled cheese preferences can reveal a lot about how often you get busy. According to a new survey by the dating social network site Skout , cheese heads get more action. Skout surveyed a total of 4,600 people. Thirtytwo percent of grilled cheese lovers reported having sex at least six times a month, whereas only 27 percent of grilled cheese haters said they have sex that often.Sexy.The findings also discovered that grilled cheese fans are more generous and adventurous than their sandwichskipping counterparts. Eighty one percent of procheesers have donated their time, money or food to those in need. By comparison, only 66 percent of those who dislike grilled cheese report helping the needy.Heres what the ultimate grilled cheese would look like, at least according to the survey: A mix of American and cheddar cheese without toppings, sandwiched between white bread with the crust left on. Perhaps including the crust allows more time for other kinds of activity (wink, wink).If you want to learn how to throw the most epic grilled cheese party (which may just be a synonym for an orgy), tap here.

You need to login to do this. Get Known if you dont have an accountShareGood People Have Good SexIn Heaven, they make love......on Earth, they have sex......but down here in Hell...down here, they fuck. Silverblue, JackMain characters and other positive characters always have healthy sex lives. They might go through long periods of not being in a relationship (they may even be Hollywood Dateless ) during which they may have a lot of good sex anyway or not . But when they are in one, the sex is frequent and good (unless the relationship is near its end).A corollary is that when villains have sex, it tends to be quick and emotionless. It will often be treated as an act of selfgratification and only the dominant villain will emerge with their desire sated. When heroes make love, it tends to be caring and passionate, with both parties emerging satisfied. This difference can be cause for a SexFace Turn for a dissatisfied villain.Of course, this trope applies mainly for experienced adults. For most teenage characters, even and sometimes especially heroes, any onscreen mention of sex will end in awkwardness at best, tragedy at worst. See Their First Time .Only laughingstock old guys ever need Viagra. In the days before such drugs existed, male impotence was generally perceived as a trait of villains. Impotence leads to insanity, which leads to evil actions, as with General Ripper in Dr. Strangelove or The Man with the Golden Gun .In many settings, only characters of questionable morality have weird sexual preferences. For really oldfashioned settings, this may even include gays and lesbians .This excludes Very Special Episodes , pleading for tolerance, and series which intentionally include such preferences to be edgy. Of course, in the latter, most characters have questionable morality anyway.Note that this idea of good sex is sometimes only held by the sympathetic protagonist, who meets humorless people who consider sexual pleasure as depraved and define good sex (or goodsex ) by its absence.Justified in that one of the primary traits associated with good people is empathy.openclose all foldersAnime MangaIn Japanese media, its not uncommon for a character to state that a boys interest in girls marks him as a normal, healthy boy.A couple of times in the Visual Novel If My Heart Had Wings someone says this of the protagonist tellingly, the second time is Aoi saying this of himself after he is Mistaken for Gay .Played with in Ubel Blatt . Glenn was a Dirty Coward in the past and is a major antagonist, but he seems genuinely heroic after his resurerection and accordingly has ( a lot of ) sex that his partners greatly enjoy, but he remains The Stoic throughout it. Meanwhile, Lebellont rapes peasant women to conceive new children and invites his allies to do the same, but only after the loss of almost all of his children and a spiral into insanity caused by isolation, massive burn trauma and having to face his own villainy. Before that, he exhibited Villainous ValorBerserk :Double Subverted in the manga. It takes Casca and Guts at least one try before they can make sweet, sweet love without one of them having a bad bout of temporary insanity caused by posttraumatic stress from childhood sexual abuse. Still, their moment is the only instance of sex in the series so far that wasnt either Attempted Rape , nearrape , actual rape , demon rape , a pagan orgy , just plain sick , or done out of spite , money , lust , or pity . Not to mention that Guts and Casca resolved all of their thencurrent inner troubles through Intimate Psychotherapy .Played straight in the TV show and movie, in which Guts and Casca have passionate, uninterrupted sex, taken up a notch in that the two have very good nonverbal communication cues when expressing their wants during their first time. In fact, this trope is yet another facet of showing how much Guts and Griffith contrast with one another . Earlier, Griffith is shown taking Princess Charlottes virginity, but Griffith only initiates the act in order to gratify his angst over losing Guts, and so the sex is pretty emotionless between the two of them. In the afterglow, Griffith is seen sitting apart from a sleeping Charlotte, clawing at himself and crying. In contrast, Guts has sex with Casca out of love and so their intercourse is brimming with emotion. In their afterglow, Guts has Casca sleeping in his arms and is shown to be totally content with a smile to match.Final Yamato was, until 2009, the last chapter of the Space Battleship Yamato saga. It concludes with the longawaited wedding of the Official Couple , followed immediately (in the theatrical version) by a tearfully passionate, tender sex scene.Subverted in Futari Ecchi . The main characters, both still virgins at the beginning, have to actually learn how to have good sex over time. Their First Time is extremely awkward and Played for Laughs .In one chapter, the protagonists Makoto and Yura during a trip to hot springs meet with a young couple that looks up to them regarding the development of love relationship. Makoto and Yura, of course, feel proud of this. But later, when Makoto and Yura accidentally find the young couple having sex in the hot springs bath, they almost get an inferiority complex when they find out how that young couple is so much better at sex than them.Kare Kano spruced up its one and only sex scene by having flowers cover everything.In Kaze to Ki no Uta , the rape scenes are gritty, shocking and clearly show the characters pain. In contrast, anything with Serge and Gilbert tends to be loving, tender... and surrounded by a lot of flowers.Arguably deconstructed in Kemonozume , where good guys Toshihiko and Yuka have extremely good sexual chemistry and would really like to get it on. The only problem is they cant, because Yuka keeps transforming into a huge flesheating monster when shes turned on.The heroines in Mnemosyne spend their free time having sexy lesbian encounters. The villains preferred pastime involve ropes, sharp objectsnoteincluding spears, daggers, and piercings in very painful places, and innards.In Monster , when Eva has flashbacks of Roberto, he is shown as an utterly repulsive pig slobbering all over her body. In contrast, Helenka and Schuberts loving sex scene is gentle and emotive.Sensual Phrase has many sex scenes, and several of them are highly enjoyable for the people involved. Although Sakuyas goodness is rather questionable , he is great in bed, and he plays the trope straighter after he and Aine get married.This is one of the major precepts in the work of Tanaka Yutaka , especially with regard to emotional honesty, open communication, and its ilk.When Madoka and Kysuke finally sleep together in Shin Kimagure Orange Road , its a mix of this and Their First Time , as well as very sweet and gentle despite Kysukes initial doubts about how selfless he is or not. Madoka reassures him that itll be okay and also wonders if her and Kysukes kids would be esper like him, and after some more chat while naked, Kysuke pulls the covers off Madoka and they have sex..Makie and Renzaburo in Wicked City . Their sexual encounter is extremely sweet, paused and slow, specially compared with all the rape and Fan Disservice that has been going on. Doubles as GladtoBeAlive Sex as they both have barely survived an attack from the local demonic Dark Action Girl whos the same woman that Renzaburou himself had sex with in the beginning. The trope is even more enforced when the viewer realizes that theirs is the only sex scene that is fully pleasant and, more importantly, consensual i.e., Renzaburou had been tricked into sexing up the Dark Action Girl since she was a Honey Trap , and Makie had been violently gangraped a few scenes ago.Takao Itou and Sara Uchida have sex in the third Kasei Yakyoku OAV its an emotional, romantic, tender moment, with a beautiful song as background music. It contrasts with both of them having been sexually abused in the past: Taka was almost raped as a teenager by a beautiful older woman who then was killed in front of him by her husband , while Sara barely escaped from being gangraped by yakuza .Daisuke from Resort Boin, who goes from being on a vacation to a tropical island to sight see women to end up having sexual escapdes with six gorgeous women by generally being the nice guy. He helps each of the girls out as thier main assistant for any agenda they have on the duration of his vacation, he ends up being a protective yet perverted badass with a heart of gold who kicks anyones ass for messing with them (ask Nao and Mika). Then hes rewarded with hot consensual love making that would make James Bond jealous.Zigzagged all over the way in Sakura Gari . Souma Saiki is not only unearthly gorgeous but he is very good in bed and often gets pretty nice action from his sexual partners in return (with Watase offering us all kinds of details ), but while not outright evil, the man has VERY serious issues . And said partners either have their own problems or get hit with misfortune because of Souma.Not to mention, the very kind and softspoken Masataka never really gets good sex since hes sexually abused by both Souma and Katsuragi... until the end of the manga, where his and Soumas Intimate Psychotherapy session is very gentle and loving, and it comes as catharsis after a good part of their issues are resolved.Chivalry of a Failed Knight : The protagonists, Ikki and Stella finally have sweet tender sex for the first time on volume 9.Comic BooksIn Joss Whedon s last arc of Astonishing XMen , before the XMen make their final stand against the Breakworld, Colossus is overwhelmed by the position he finds himself in , as he is supposedly prophesied to destroy the Breakworld. While he and Kitty Pryde are granted shelter by a renegade pacifist Breakworlder, as they prepare for bed Kitty distracts Colossus from his emotional turmoil by standing before him completely naked. The next issue we see them in afterglow, and going by the conversion it was very good:Kitty: Whoof!Colossus: Katya, I...Kitty: Wait, not done with Whoof. You are better than I imagined. And Ive imagined.Earlier in Whedons run of Astonishing, after Piotr and Kitty reunite, their great sex makes Kitty phase involuntarily through the bed and floor.Goddess saw villains, antiheroes, and... pretty much everyone having a strange kink or three.Empowered and Thugboy. It greatly helps building up her selfesteem.Taken to extremes in the Preacher graphic novels. The main character, Jesse Custer, prefers having sex with his pretty, blonde girlfriend on the hood of a Cadillac or in the drivers seat of a stolen hotrod during a police pursuit. Meanwhile, virtually all of the villains are either sexual perverts to a ridiculous degree, gay, bisexual, or at least French. Or some combination thereof.Done to a similar degree in The Boys , another Garth Ennis work. One thing the villainous supers tend to have in common is their willingness to have sex with just about anyone regardless of gender half the time they are seen having sex with prostitutes. One of the main characters, Billy Butcher, and his CIA boss, Veronica Rayner, are in something akin to a sexual relationship, though that is fueled entirely by mutual loathing and the sex is loud, profane and vitriolic. Pretty much the only character in a happy sexual relation are Hughie and Annie, who enjoy intimate sexual encounters.SpiderMan gets in on the act as well, but zigzag it a bit in that Peter Parker and Mary Jane are shown to be quite kinky . Also, in another instance when Peter is working with the Black Cat Felicia makes the comment I swear, if you werent good in bed, youd be useless to which Peter says I was good in bed?An example can be found in Superman , of all places. After Clark Kent and Lois Lane finally got together, it was made abundantly clearnoteprobably as a deliberate Take That! to the Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex essay written by Larry Niven For the Lulz that they cant stop having sex with each other.Averted all over the place in Watchmen , though this is possibly due to the moral ambiguity of all the characters . Nevertheless:The first costumed hero, Hooded Justice, is implied to be a) homosexual and b) an SM enthusiast, though there is a subtle hint in the artwork of one issue that implies that he settled into a stable and loving relationship with another man later in life, thus playing this trope straight. More info can be found here.The first female costumed adventurer, Silhouette, was a lycraclad lesbian femdom with a horsewhip.Of all the protagonists, Dan Dreiberg (or Nite Owl II) is the closest thing to a truly upstanding, moral idealist in the whole piece, and he has a costume fetish the first time he and Laurie go at it, he cant get it up at all.His selfesteem is also pretty low at that point. After he and Laurie have gone out and saved people from a burning building, he really feels able to enjoy himself (though he admits the costumes do add a thrill).The first Silk Spectre has an affair with the man who savagely beat and tried to rape her, leading to an interesting discussion of the emotional implications of rape and its impact on Lauries parentage, but thats neither here nor there.Rorschach may actually be a straight example, as he doesnt have sex at all and has a firm Sex Is Evil stance (theres a hint he may be a repressed homosexual), and its clear he isnt good people .It may also have to due with the fact that he first glimpses and notions of sex come from his mother a prostitute who didnt care if he saw and was emotionally abusive to him.Likewise, Ozymandias doesnt see much personal need for a sexual relation and is more or less Asexual . He lacks the Sex Is Evil mindset, however.Finally, Doctor Manhattan, the only superpowered being in the series uses his powers in the most interesting ways during intercourse in hopes of exciting Laurie. Not only does it end up squicking her out but he knew it was inevitable. Since he is mostly without emotion and is more concerned with the nature of science, it makes sense that his sex scene is both fascinating and lifeless.Quarrel and Crackerjack from Astro City have a very vigorous and enthusiastic sex life. Crackerjack also Really Gets Around , but Quarrel doesnt mind.According to Roy Harper , Kendra Saunders (Hawkgirl III) is the best lay hes had, beating out Femme Fatale Cheshire.Fan WorksA Crown of Stars : Asuka was two dictators plaything for three years and they always made her feeling filthy and shameful. When she and Shinji got together and started to have sex he made her feeling wonderful, beloved and special and she could not get enough of him. Sex scenes between them are depicted tender rather than titillating.Advice and Trust : After fighting Leliel, Shinji and Asuka had vanilla, passionate sex as often as possible. In contrast, Ritsuko and Gendos relationship, while physically pleasurable, was entirely devoid of anything resembling love or passion.Beyond the Dawn , a huge fic inspired by The Silmarillion , contains very tender and poetically depicted love scenes between BerenLuthien. On the contrary, one of the prominent enemies, mighty orc Boldog, is a real motherfucker. Literally.Evangelion 303 : Subverted. Asuka and Shinjis first time was pretty awkward due to both their inexperience. Their sex live improved after that point, and it was mostly normal, passionate lovemaking. However, after their engagement they started to experiment (turns out that Asuka is a sub ).In Supergirl story Hellsister Trilogy , Kara and Dev, Clark and Lois have healthy, passionate sex lives. Wonder Woman also gushes about her and Steve Trevors blessed married life. In contrast to the heroes, Satan Girl and Mordrus sex is noisy, loveless and icky.HERZ : Shinji and Asuka are depicted having good, nice, passionate, comforting, healing sex frequently (although Kensuke claims that they have SM sex and Asuka is Shinjis mistress).Higher Learning : When Asuka and Shinji finally made love it was depicted like tender, touching and comforting. On the other hand, Gendos relationship with Ritsuko is shown as emotionally abusive.The One I Love Is : Shinji had sex with Rei and later Asuka when they needed comforting each other. It is depicted as a tender, heartwarming moment where they tried to take care of each other.In Respawn of the Dead (including the prequel ), Heavy and Medic are depicted as having loving, mutually enjoyable sex (although Medic apparently likes to play with scalpels and shows up after an offscreen sex scene with the worlds biggest hicky, not to mention the fact Their First Time is after they had way too much fun spychecking Soldier and Scout the hard way ). But Soldier humps his shovel and gets off on beating up Medic. In the prequel , Spy has A Date with Rosie Palms in front of the mirror, disguised as the Engineer , which... just gets worse in the main fic.Scar Tissue : Subverted. Asuka and Shinji were good but severely traumatized children. Due to their awful childhoods and go through the Angel War they were dran to each other and they were very dependant on each other, but they were unable to connect with each other. Not knowing how having a normal relationship, for a while they had an arrangement where Asuka had to have sex with him whenever she pleased, but they always felt sick after each session (Asuka because she was using him Shinji because he was being used and he felt he was also using her in a way). Fortunately their relationship gets better and healthier when they get help after a harsh wakeup call .When sex is implied or seen in the Shadowchasers Series , it usually fits the Trope, whether the two participants are heterosexual, gay, or bi. The love scene between Sofia and Philip in Conspiracy is slow, sweet, and romantic, while Ace and Kenshin in Tournament of Shadows is pleasurable and enjoyed by both. On the other hand, villains tend to be viewed differently in Ascension, Tiberius supposedly slept with Lorelei once, and it disgusted him . (This tends to be a franchise where the Sensible Heroes, Skimpy Villains Trope is applied a lot.)The Second Try : Shinji and Asukas sex life is passionate and vanilla, too.In the Death Note Slash Fic A Cure for Love L notices an immediate change (for the worse) in their sex lives once Light becomes Kira again.Cori Falls exploits this trope for all its worth. Even Jessie and Jamess first time , which is supposed to be awkward, is so perfect they believe the fireworks from the Pokemon League were going off just for them!The last few episodes of Children of Time contain a lot of sexual themes and situations... Sally Watson nee Sparrow conceives inside the TARDIS , giving birth to a baby with Time Lord DNA . Colonel Moran nearly rapes seventeenyearold Beth Lestrade , and Professor Moriarty threatens to do the same much later on, when he has Beth Bound and Gagged . Special attention is paid to the Sherlock and Beth as they enjoy their brief honeymoon , with lovemaking scenes that are, on the whole, very affectionate and passionate (and add to the Character Development of their marriage).Almost any mention of sex outside the main couple in Weightless is usually either rape (Shepard was lured into a statutoryrape situation with Ghost Kai Leng and later was flatout raped by a rival gang when she was young), sex based mainly on lust (Garrus with all of his previous girlfriends), or to take advantages of something (Arias favorite method to gain control and information). But all lovemaking scene of Garrus and Shepard are always written in an incredible loving way to show their love and passion for each other whether they are playing rough or gentle.Rarity and the protagonist have a very healthy sex life in Sophistication and Betrayal , particularly when compared to Cashmere. It is averted on some occasions though, such as the time where he almost takes his eye out on her horn, which ruins the moment somewhat.Used throughout Sailor Macs Sailor Moon fanfiction, even discussed at certain points (Darien explaining to Serena that hardcore porn catalogs were for people who needed cheap thrills, whereas their sex was better in his eyes because it was driven by pure love). She finally kicked the naughty meter up a notch in the Hot Controversy series, in which certain kinks are discussed, introduced and experimented with.The Necromancers Of China Saga s side plot involving Po and Tigress growing relationship humorously deconstructs this. Due to having no experience, their first time is sloppy, quick, and disappointing. It then reconstructs it by them getting just a little better each time. Even a year later, theyre still sloppy, but they admit its much better than when they started.Implied to be the case with Bright Eyes and Lancer in the Pony POV Series . While details arent clear, after Bright Eyes loses her memory and they end up having sex for the first time (which, ironically, triggers some of her memories to return), she implies this trope is in play. Lancer is gentle, kind, and considerate to her beforehand, to the point he never made any advances or attempts to have sex with her until she was ready and asked him, so its safe to say he was the same way in bed. It certainly didnt hurt that the memories Bright Eyes regained were of their wedding day.This is played with in Dirty Sympathy while villains like Daryan and Kristoph get off rough sex and rape and protagonists Klavier and Apollo have gentle, awesome vanilla sex, but the time the latter two have sex with each other they really cant considered good people .While Child of the Storm isnt exactly detailed what kind of sex Jane and Thor have, with the narration hinting rather than stating, but it seems to be pretty vanilla and both parties seem to enjoy it. A lot. Regularly. To Harrys disgust.Tony and Pepper on the other hand, are apparently quite kinky, zig zagging this trope, with Tony noting that Pepper is capable of far dirtier things than one would expect from her.Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness Act II: In chapter 32, when Kurumu, Moka, and Mizore consummate their relationships with their respective beaus, they all describe the experience as such. Mizore particularly stands out, as she remarks that having sex with Dark was such a powerful experience that she actually passed out from the pleasure more than once.Shatterheart : Syaoran and Kurogane have passionate and emotionally satisfying sex when they upgrade from Friends with Benefits .My Mirror, Sword and Shield :Schneizel and his aide Kanon are fighting against the Evil Overlord , Lelouch and share a tender moment together while in hiding.Suzaku and Lelouch play with this. They are a time traveler and emperor respectively trying to ensure world peace and have a loving and passionate relationship with each other. And they do it rather frequently. But Lelouch is an Evil Overlord who had many dissidents killed and subjugated many people. And Suzaku is The Unfettered WellIntentioned Extremist who betrayed his own people and plans to let his lover die to ensure the timeline.In Metroid: Kamen Rider Generations, Samus and Micchy are usually seen sharing an intimate moment together. Thanks to Weakness Turns Her On , Samus eventually learns to show Micchy affection like a human being. In nearly every scene in later chapters which is not a fight scene, pre or postmission and the perspective is focused on either one of them, their moment comes as a tender, comforting, and emotional sex.Film AnimatedPlayed with regarding La Muerte and Xibalba from The Book of Life . Word of God did states that they have many children. However, their individual goodness is not the same. She is no doubt a kindhearted Goddess, but her husband, Xibalba starts off as the Big Bad before he Took a Level in Kindness .The Incredibles : When Syndrome learns Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl got married and have children, he exclaims this sort of thing. Its made even more incredible that this is a Disney film.Syndrome: Elastigirl?! You married Elastigirl?Syndrome sees the childrenSyndrome: And got bizzay!Its implied that Bob and Helen have a very healthy sex life. This is especially apparent in the GoodTimes Montage .Film Live ActionMerrily played with in every incarnation of The Addams Family , where Weird People Have Weird Sex and also, very obviously, a terrific time. In fact, Gomez was the only husband in black white Televisionland who lusted after his own wife. He more than made up for the rest of them, too.In The Departed , Matt Damons villain character has at least one bout with erectile dysfunction (tellingly right after hes gotten engaged, betraying his deepseated trust issues.) The hero, Leonardo DiCaprio , is a lovin machine.In Robert Rodriguezs Desperado , we have an extended, passionate love scene between the main protagonists, played by Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek . Cut to the villain Bucho lying on his bed, smoking a cigar and looking bored while a prostitute bounces up and down on him. Then she kisses him and he blows smoke into her mouth, sending her into a coughing fit.The contrast between Georgianas first time having sex with her husband in The Duchess and her first time having sex with her lover, especially since Minister Gray, despite not looking all that athletic, actually turns out to be quite muscled.Melanie and Jared in the film adaptation of The Host .Played completely straight in Nora Ephron s Julie Julia . Both of the protagonists are in loving relationships and apparently have lots of good sex.In Magicians , one of the characters is tormented by his manipulative gay agent who repeatedly mentions his erectile dysfunction in order to prevent him from forming any other relationships. When he finally gets in bed with a woman , his erectile dysfunction is cured.Used in Nanny McPhee . Mr. Brown obviously loved his deceased wife very much and it is kind of apparent, what with the seven children they had. As Ms Quickly noted, I know what Mr. Brown wants with me and its not marriage, no wonder theres so many of them.In Revenge of the Nerds , the nerdy Lewis wins the heart of Betty by disguising himself as her boyfriend and giving her good sex . When he reveals the truth, she asks how he got so good at it , and he responds, All jocks ever think about is sports all nerds ever think about is sex. Compare to her boyfriend Stan, who is shown at several points in the movie having trouble getting it up .Seducing Dr.Lewis has all the villagers having awesome sex when fishing was still strong and plentiful. After they finally manage to get their factory in the village, they finally have good sex once again.Averted in Shortbus . Most of the characters struggle with their sex lives but retain their sympathy to the audience.In Spartacus the titular hero is straight and monogamous (claims of Ho Yay notwithstanding), the corrupt but essentially sympathetic Gracchus is a womanizer and the outright evil Crassus is a Depraved Bisexual .Subverted in Team America: World Police , when the hero finally gets the girl, the puppetonpuppet sex is Nausea Fuel . He gets her by outright lying to her. Then again, she wanted him to lie to her, or just didnt understand that no one lives forever.The secret agents of The Legion to Ensure Total Harmony and Law (L.E.T.H.A.L) in the Andy Sidaris films Malibu Express, Hard Ticket to Hawaii , Picasso Trigger, Savage Beach, Guns, Do or Die, Hard Hunted, Fit to Kill, Day of the Warrior and L.E.T.H.A.L Ladies: Return to Savage BeachDownplayed in Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter . The title character effortlessly hooks up with a beautiful and willing woman, who enjoys sex with him but then (with a freshly bleeding lip) asks him why hes so rough with her (he gives a Freudian Excuse about his having been kissed by vampires).Shame : The protagonist Brandon is a sex addict, masturbating and browsing porn in the time in the time in between screwing random women, and sometimes even during said screwing. But when hes finally able to have sex with someone he actually has an emotional connection with, he cant get it up. Commitment is a turnoff to him, so he remains trapped in his shallow lifestyle.In Highlander III: The Sorcerer , Connor MacLeod has very passionate and romantic sex scenes with his past and present love interests. The villain Kane visits a hooker in a seedy inner city neighborhood whom he proceeds to physically abuse.In the action movie Showdown in Little Tokyo , the Cowboy Cop hero Kenner (Dolph Lundgren) is a muscular sexual dynamo whose penis size is literally complimented by his detective partner. The Big Bad Yoshida is a misogynistic rapist who is implied to not be able to get it up unless he physically beats women.Played for drama in American Me . The Villain Protagonist , the historical Mexican prison gang leader Montoya Santana (played by Edward James Olmos), is released from prison for the first time in years. He meets a beautiful woman whom he quickly falls in love with. When they make love for the first time, he cant reciprocate except by violently forcing himself on her. All the years that hes had to perform Prison Rape to survive in prison have given him a rather warped perspective on sexuality.In Tequila Sunrise , Mac, the hero, and Jo Ann, the restaurant owner he falls in love with, have sex for four hours straight.Ted Bundy : Well, Ted is obviously a brutal rapist on the side, but this trope is especially apparent when he ties up his girlfriend Lee for a rough bout of bondage sex, which she clearly doesnt enjoy.A twist on this trope is in A History of Violence involving the same couple. Tom and Edie have a very passionate love life for a couple thats been married close to twenty years. After she learns that her husband may have been a vicious criminal, Edie has even more passionate sex (but rough and borderline violent) with him on the staircase .Red Sparrow : Dominika and Nate sleep together twice over the course the film. These are the only sexual acts in the film that are even properly consensual, never mind passionate.LiteratureIn A Brothers Price this is played straight with Jerin, as well as Jerins grandfather Alannon, whom he remembers fondly we learn that both he and Jerins father gave Jerin The Talk about pleasuring women. It is later revealed that Alannon was trained in some obscure art of lovemaking. All those men are depicted as unambigiously good people.Eric Flint , more than once in both the 1632 and Belisarius Series . He seems unusual (though not unique) in making tender and aesthetically pleasing sex scenes that do seem to fit well with the plot. Too often such things are a Lowest Common Denominator passage.Scheherazade in the Arabian Nights . While the Sultan wasnt a good person (indeed he recognizably acted like a stereotypical serial killer), Sheherazade was a noble and heroic woman as well as being skillful.Atlas Shrugged , being an Author Tract written by Ayn Rand, treats this as a Writer on Board issue: Strawman Socialists cant help but believe that Sex Is Evil Rearden has the misfortune to be married to one of them, so Dagny justifies the consummation of her affair with him by her having experienced a guiltless pleasure greater than anything they could tolerate.Shows up somewhat unexpectedly in Betty Smiths A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (perhaps not so unexpectedly considering the sympathetic treatment of Good Bad Girl Sissy). One chapter introduces an unmarried mother who proudly walks down the street with her baby carriage. The good housewives who shriek and throw stones at her are said also to have Bad Sex:There was no longer high joy for them in the act of love. They endured the lovemaking rigidly, praying all the while that another child would not result. This bitter submissiveness made the man ugly and brutal. To most of them, the love act had become a brutality on both sides the sooner over with, the better. They resented this girl because they felt this had not been so with her and the father of her child.Although this could be just the way Sissy sees it. After all, their husbands stayed with them, and chose to take an active role in caring for their family, which means they probably love them more then whoever impregnated Sissy, as he left. The actual reason they dont like an unmarried woman is most likely just the typical reason people dont That they are often a drain on society and tax payers.The Dystopia in Brave New World has casual promiscuity that removes all intimacy from sex.Discussed in Meyers Breaking Dawn . Despite being a good person ( sort of , Edwards rockhard body, super speedstrength, and vampire instincts cause him to accidentally bruise the stillhuman Bella on their honeymoon (while biting a few pillows). Bella apparently likes it rough, but Edward feels that not being gentle in bed makes him a bad person , tying into his issues with his own violence and his massive selfhatred complex, and refuses to have sex with her again, no matter how much she begs. When she finally convinces him to give it another try, he doesnt give her any more bruises, though he does break the headboard of the bed. Of course, when she is eventually turned, the bruising no longer becomes a problem. The other Cullens also apparently have extremely violent, housebreaking sex , but they seem to like it.The Bad People Have Bad Sex aspect of this trope is spoofed in the fictitious play The Couriers Tragedy in Thomas Pynchons The Crying of Lot 49 . In the play, all the villains are incestuous perverts. At no point in the novel does anybody have good sex, but they all appear to enjoy what they have. The Handsome Lech is compared, within the text, to Humbert Humbert .Michael and Charity from The Dresden Files . They have seven children (partly because theyre devoutly Catholic the only reason there were no more is the result of what Fake!Harry did to Charity while she was heavily pregnant with number 7) and in Its My Birthday, Too we find out that every Valentines Day their kids have to barricade themselves in their rooms from the noise.Similarly in Butchers other series, Codex Alera , Tavi and Kitai have plenty of it whenever they have a spare moment. It doesnt help that Kitai sometimes has a one track mind...In Dora Wilk Series , after main character and Miron resolve their Will They or Wont They? ( They Do ), they have sex very often, and its described as good practically always. After Miron comes back after his absence in book four, this is true as well.In John Shirleys Eclipse series, this is very much so he at one point has a juxtaposition of good and bad characters sex scenes to make the point. Of course, the whole series is leftwing political porn seemingly designed to boost spirits (at least) during the Reagan Darkness.Subverted in The Guardians when the angelhuman hybrids are adjusting to their new powers and senses, theyre encouraged to get it all out of their system. One novice spent 30 years having orgies before he finally grew bored of it. Even mature Guardians arent above a little Power Perversion Potential .The Happily Married and loving Arthur and Molly Weasley . As Draco Malfoy points out to Ron in the first book, they have more kids than they could afford.Word of God says Charlie Weasley never got married because he simply was not interested , so this might be a subversion.This was very common in the James Bond novels, where Bond himself is of course a Chivalrous Pervert , and many of the villains were depicted as perverted, psycho homosexuals , or impotent. One of the few cases where Ian Fleming s pop psychology was close to Truth in Television is depicting the Psycho for Hire Red Grant in From Russia with Love as a homicidal maniac incapable of any kind of arousal except for arguably that he gets from killing. There is some link between sociopathy and lack of sex drive which is explicitly part of some characters and would certainly explain others .Used constantly in early Dean Koontz books. The heroes always have amazing sex (written about at length), while the villains are usually repulsed by sex or (their own!) genitalia.Both played straight and averted in the Kushiels Avatar and Kushiels Legacy trilogies. One of the major ideas of the series which features an entire nation whose hat is kinky sex is that the real difference between good and bad sex isnt kinkiness (the heroine is a sadomasochist) but rather consent. The good characters care about it. The evil characters dont.Richard Littlejohns Hell in a Handcart: the villains have violent BDSM sex, Les Collaborateurs all masturbate with police truncheons or busts of Karl Marx or copies of the Evening Standard (and are all universally gay ), the Sidekick has sex, but with a woman hes not fond of, and the protagonist... doesnt have sex at all but just receives random blowjobs from his wife (who has to make do otherwise with vibrators ).Elea and Paikan, the very Happily Married couple in Rene Barjavels The Ice People. Twice. And the second time is an awful Tear Jerker because all the scenes with them together are flashbacks which Elea is letting us see eight hundred thousand years later.The In Death series: Big time. Witness in Death reveals that Richard Draco used rape drugs on a lot of women, filmed the sex acts without the womens knowledge or consent, and when Areena Mansfield had sex with him shortly before his death, all she could express was disgust and disinterest.Mercedes Lackey : Good People Have Good Sex, and bad people have bad, bad sex bad being defined, in Lackeys lexicon , as anything involving even the suggestion of physical restraint, control, power, or trust. Anyone in a Lackey book who expresses even the faintest hint of interest in consensually tying someone to a bed will inevitably end up tortureslaughtering children for sexual thrills in gratuitously, lasciviously graphic detail.Night Watch usually subverts or averts its Morality Tropes , but not this one. Alisa has the best sex of her life with a Light Other, described in very unkinky fashion. Her Dark Other lover was only willing to engage in sadomasochistic play, and judging by what little was described of it, magic was the only thing that kept it in the safe part of Safe, Sane, and Consensual .The Dystopia of Nineteen EightyFour has the Partys aim of eliminating all sexual pleasure and eventually make sexual intercourse itself obsolete even for procreation... so that all that sexual repression and frustration can be channeled into hatred for EurasiaEastasia.In the Outlander series, Jamie and Claire have really good sex. In contrast, evil Depraved Bisexual Captain John Randall is incapable of getting hard unless hes beating or torturing the person hes raping. And even then, its shown that unless the victim is Jamie , he still might not get hard.Paradise Lost : Milton delivers a Take That! to the Moral Guardians of his time by including sex (a lot of sex, according to Eve) in Adams and Eves perfect life in Eden.Dominika Egorova, the protagonist of Jason Matthewss Red Sparrow , is trained as a Sparrow, a spy that uses sex to manipulate targets. Whenever she sleeps with a mark, she tends to resort to using the techniques she learned for the sake of her mark, keeping herself completely detached from the act. After she gets into a relationship with CIA agent Nate Nash, however, she is able to indulge her desires and enjoy having sex with him.Played straight, averted, and subverted throughout in the Star Wars Expanded Universe :First, Luke and Mara regularly use double entendres around each other, but some of these have an SM subtext, e.g. I hope he doesnt mean the same thing as when I call you master, subverting it.Luke also had a onenight stand with Akanah in the Black Fleet books. In typical Luke style, he was emotionally attached to her, and then learned everything she told him was a lie.Played straight in the Jedi Academy Trilogy, where Admiral Daala has homophobic thoughts.Played straight and averted in The Courtship of Princess Leia, with a (good) race of amazons that enslave men and a (bad) queen who tries to seduce and kill Luke, and her (good) son imagines the two of them having sex.Averted in The Joiner King, with Zekk fantasizing about sex with Jaina, Alema Rar, and Jag.Played straight in Invincible by having Tahiri molest Ben. Eventually he inspires her to perform a HighHeelFace Turn .Corran Horn, depending on the book, averts it (his sexual history includes a Selonian ) and plays it straight (having sex with Mirax every time they see each other, and having plenty of history with human women).Leonia Tavira, the main antagonist of I, Jedi, plays it straight, having sex with her underlings as a reward.Oddly, the Jedi of the Old Republic avert the trope by having as much sex as they want, so long as theres no emotional attachment.To finally ensure its played straight, Luke and Leia never ever mention the formers previous crush on the latter .The Yuuzhan Vong, of course. An entire species of sadomasochists .Karen Travisss Mandalorians dont give a toss about homosexuality.Played straight in the Tom Clancy novel The Sum of All Fears . Jacks wife, Cathy, spends much of the first twothirds of the novel sexually frustrated and unhappy, as Jacks increased drinking and continual work difficulties thanks to the US presidential administration of the time cut into his sex drive. She eventually comes to think he is having an affair behind her back. However, once the whole mess is cleaned up, they have a long, long romp that seems to revitalize Jack something fierceGuy Gavriel Kay s Tigana is more a case of Free People Have Good Sex: while Tigana is in the grip of two foreign tyrants, the only forms of sex depicted are prostitution, rape, incest , BDSM or sex under false pretenses . Not until the Tiganans prepare to rise up against their dictators is healthy sex depicted.Harry Turtledove s Alternate History body of work is large enough that Turtledoves feelings about sex are now absolutely clear: the only acceptable sex is between a husband and wife (and thanks to his inability to write a good sex scene, the feeling comes across that even that isnt acceptable).Wicked Lovely : None of the fey courts are exactly good, but their relative levels of sexual Hollywoodness does depend on their nature somewhat. Summer fey are shown to be very passionate but mostly vanilla. Winter fey are largely frigid. Dark fey are very kinky, and whilst this is generally shown as seductive, if destructive, but some of the back story takes this way too far. High court fey are shown to not really be that into sex (its so illogical!) With the exceptions of Sorcha , who it is mentioned was once with Irial, former king of the dark court, and they, umm, did business with one another against a willow tree.Sisterhood Series by Fern Michaels : Most certainly played straight with Jack and Nikki, Myra and Charles, and Yoko and Harry. In the book Fast Track, Rena Gold has had sex with Maxwell Zenowicz, and she frankly is disgusted and tired of it by that point.In Poul Anderson s A World Called Maanerek , among the healthy planetdwellers, the young men and women often venture to the aves Torrek wrestles with his brief attack of GreenEyed Monster , because Sonna is a free woman. The Hegemony, on the other hand, feeds its units Antisex and allows spouses to meet only to breed (with the resulting children immediately taken to creches) and allow, as tension release, to let loose all the men on shipboard on a part of a planet, to release aggression on the men and children, and having stopped Antisex, made the local woman freely available.Song at Dawn : Dragonetz and Estela are blissfully in love and they have transcendentally good sex. The former is emphasized over anything physical and their foreplay was dicussing music.In Redeeming Love , this is subverted. The novel makes it clear that prostitutes experience of sex is not fulfilling either physically or emotionally, no matter their personality or motives. Also, even after they begin to establish a stable relationship, it takes a long time for the married hero and heroine, Michael and Angel, to make love with results that they both consider good.Implied in Snuff with Vimes and Sybil, after the better part of a decade of marriage.Subverted in Bentley Little s University (a.k.a. The Night School): The two student protagonists are among the good minority on the titular campus. However, whenever they make love, the evil force suddenly takes them over and they have rough, dirty sex that leaves them very sore and often bleeding. Even at the end, after the campus is destroyed, theyre still infected and continue to enjoy a kinky BDSMstyle sex life.In the Kate Shugak novels by Dana Stabenow, Kates healthy (and satisfying) sex life is always lovingly described, with her enthusiasm occasionally veering into Casual Kink territory.The Honor Harrington series by David Weber tends to play this very straight. Honor herself is stated to have very good sex with both her first love Paul Tankersley and her eventual husband Hamish Alexander. By contrast Pavel Young, her nemesis of books one to four, is all about dominating and hurting his partners (which eventually leads to his downfall when The Dog Bites Back ). Similarly, Anton Zilwicki and Catherine Montaigne are shown to have a very healthy sex life while Zilwickis antagonists in the Crown Of Slaves subseries (cowritten by Weber and Eric Flint ) are frequently rapists or involved in the production, sale andor abuse of sex slaves. Javier Giscard and Eloise Pritchart, despite being officially antagonists in that they are fighting for the Peoples Republic of Haven, are both unambiguously good and very passionately in love with each other both physically and emotionally. The one minor subversion of note is the relationship between Victor Cachat and Thandi Palane, also from the Crown Of Slaves books, for whom the trope becomes Somewhat Morally Ambiguous People Have Amazing (and kinky) Sex.We dont get any details of what Terisa and Geraden, the Official Couple of Mordants Need get up to, but it seems to be fairly vanilla while still being mutually enjoyable. The same goes (again, insofar as we are told) for every other character in the series that is even remotely sympathetic, even ones like Saddith and Elega and Prince Kragen . The allout baddies, meanwhile, include a sexual sadist , a homosexual rapist and a man who has sex with animals.Standard procedure for all Danielle Steel novels. In particular, the novel Daddy, where the hero is stunned at how spectacular sex with his new girlfriend is, having thought that his and his exwifes sex life was perfect.In The Dinosaur Lords , whenever Meloda and Jaume are together, they have wonderful sex, whereas more villainous Falk feels no satisfaction when he rapes a woman.In Dance of the Butterfly , Skothiam and Lilja develop into a romantic relationship which quickly gets sexual. They also engage in BDSM, and it is all presented in a healthy, mutuallysatisfying way.LiveAction TVIn 24 , Jack and Renee spend nearly forty minutes having sex, which she describes as perfect. Charles Logan meanwhile apparently finishes in about 2 minutes. Similarly when Vladimir Laitanan (who previously beat and raped Renee) blackmails her into sleeping with him, they are done in 9 minutes.Unfortunately for Renee, Just because Good People Have Good Sex doesnt mean there isnt Death by SexPossibly subverted as Jack himself is not that good a person after all.Sheridan and Delenns wedding night would have been this in Babylon 5 . Unfortunately Gkars cybernetic peeping tom gave this an annoying bit of Mood Dissonance .Noone in The Bill engages in rough sex. If anyone says that, its a rape or domestic abuse situation.Inverted in Breaking Bad , where Walts unexpected transformation into a criminal has nothing but positive effects on his sex life with his wife. Apparently Morally Ambiguous People Have Good Sex too...Buffy the Vampire Slayer ,Inverted in the earlier seasons when amoral massmurdering vampires Spike and Dru have a happy, longterm relationship. Its so blatantly loving it would be sickeningly sweet if they werent constantly killing people. Meanwhile, the good guys are entangled in a mess of love polygons and generally incapable of expressing attraction or communicating with their partner once in a relationship.Played straight when Buffys morally ambiguous counterpart, Faith, takes over her body , she attempts to get kinky with Buffys boyfriend, Riley. To her initial disappointment he starts off with being gentle, in the missionary position, under the covers. She found the intimacy of it to be... distressing.Contrast the rough and kinky sex between a traumatized Buffy and a soulless Spike in Season 6, versus their tender bedroom interaction the following season after Spike gets his soul.Played with very slightly in Castle , in which its hinted that both Castle and Beckett have mildly kinky bedroom tastes. When they finally get together in Season 5, it is suggested that they have a very active and satisfying sex life.Cheers , as Sam and Diane know so well. Theyve even been known to discuss it with each other!Community : Played with. Jeff Winger is a good man on many levels, but his biggest flaws are that he both tends towards being the Narcissist and tries to remain emotionally detached Britta says that this makes sex with him less enjoyable than it should be, and its implied that this is because he focusses too much on himself and his own pleasure. In a later episode she mentions that he refuses to make eye contact during sex, and confirms that Troy (the Nice Guy of the group) is much better in bed. On the other hand, in the Darkest Timeline Evil!Annie says that sex with Evil!Jeff is awesome, but shes crazy. And possibly nothing more than a delusion .Averted in Criminal Minds , where one episode has a mans wife ask whats gotten into you tonight? in a voice clearly implying that they just had very good sex. What had got into him is that earlier that day, he shot someone. Of course, maybe that sex was in his head, as he turns out to be a hallucinating psychotic.In Daredevil , Foggy is implied to be a good sexual partner, though its also indicated he might not have been when he was younger(and, in flashbooks, more fratboyish).Subverted in Ed . After seasons of Will They or Wont They? , Ed and Carol finally get together. They jump into bed with the right slowmotion effects and stirring music. But the next shot shows two, very disappointed individuals.Firefly :Wash and Zoe seem to have a pretty good sex life going. It might be a partial subversion however, since they dont mind getting a little wild. Same for Simon and Kaylee, who are quite happy to do it by the ships engine, because its canonical thats what Kaylees into.Played painfully straight in Heart of Gold. Mal and Nandis sweaty, wrapped in sheets lovemaking is juxtaposed to the episodes bad guy ordering a prostitute to blow him in front of his henchmen.A companion wont even service anyone they consider bad. Inara once tells a sweet young man that he should feel confident and special. If she had been hired for his Jerk Ass father, she wouldnt have even come.Friends : It was because their sex was so good that Monica and Chandler, two of the nicest most loyal characters on the show, upgraded from a one night stand to Friends with Benefits and then to a serious relationship. They risked a valuable friendship but the sex was just. that. good.So good that they considered doing it in the room next to her brother!Its also emphasied that sex with each other was better than with previous partners. (Which had been reasonable to bad). They both describe each other as the best theyve ever had, with the implication its because theyre better people with each other.They even went so far as to say that Chandler is better than Richard !Game of Thrones : Despite the sheer amount of sex in general, and the sheer lack of any clearcut Good and Evil characters, there is an observable pattern. Characters in stable, loving relationships have sex facing each other. Characters who are not just mount their partners from behind. This is even a plot point with Daenarys and Drogo. Their first several nights together are spent with Drogo roughly mounting Dany from behind, as is the Dothraki tradition. The change in the nature of their marriage is reflected in a change of sexual positions, as Dany insists on facing Drogo during sex and slowly earns his love. Furthermore, bad characters have really painful or depraved sex.Marshall and Lily from How I Met Your Mother have an awesome sex life and theyre wonderful people. Amusingly, the show deliberately subverts the traditional All Women Are Prudes All Men Are Perverts dynamics Marshalls a horny son of a gun, but Lilys usually the one pushing for sex. When they went three weeks without sex, Lily developed the shakes.When Chuck and Sarah finally get together, we dont see whats going on in their train compartment but the montage of roomservice dishes tells us that they stay in there and dont come out for days.Avoided to a degree in JackofAllTrades episode, X Marquis the Spot, where the people on Agony Island (most notably Hans and Helga) are depicted as shunned by society for their love of bondage, but not wrong or evil. The Marquis is evil, but that has more to do with him being French than being a sadomasochist. At the end of the episode, Emilia mentions that although SM isnt for everyone, theres nothing inherently evil about it . Jack is too creeped out to agree.Malcolm in the Middle : Lois and Hal are very sexually active. Very active.Malik: Only twice per week?Hal: Oh, per week... Fourteen.Bryan Cranston once noted that Hal is always trying to seduce Lois, because he just loves making love to that woman.Averted in Pushing Daisies , where the two leads are unable to touch without one of them dying, but have a fulfilling monogamous relationship anyway. Its mentioned at one point that Ned, the male lead, has invented contraptions to enable them to have some sort of sex life, so their choices are essentially between no sex and extremely kinky sex, and it appears that at least some of the time, they go for the latter option.The Viagra example is played with in an episode of Scrubs . Elliot assumes the above about it and then, while in the cafeteria, Dr. Cox sets her straight by having everyone in the room close their eyes, then asks anyone whos ever used Viagra for recreational purposes to chime their glass. The room is filled with ringing.Dr. Cox and Jordans sex life is interesting. Theyre both usually not very nice people, and they look at their own relationship with a lot of scorn. They have both stated that they absolutely do not make love and Jordan even uses it as a threat to Perry once.Jordan: If you dont, Im going to stop having sex with you and start making love.The Secret Life of the American Teenager . Played straight with Amy and Ricky the insensitive, school manwhoremale slut have terrible sex when he impregnates her at band camp, but subverted in other cases. Ben and Adrian appear to have enjoyed their romp (or at least she did), and they did it solely for revenge purposes. Not to mention Ricky and Adrian, the school sluts, have a fine old time together. Sex is the show, so this trope is either played straight or subverted all the time.Used throughout 7th Heaven .Skins constitutes a rare example of this in teen dramas. Sex is never depicted as an intrinsically negative experience in fact, its great when its with the right person. If its ever bad, its because youre not where you should be. (See Sids quote about having great sex for three days and guilty sex for the rest.) Although sometimes, bad people have good sex, too.Supergirl : Kara and MonEl. Kara is so upbeat after their first night together that she wakes up early to fight a ton of crime, then brings him flowers.In Supernatural , when Dean Winchester apparently has sex with his women of the week, it tends to be slowmoving and passionate. His former love interest Lisa Braeden states that he was the best night of her life. When Sam has sex (particularly when under the influence of demon blood ) it tends to be a lot more aggressive and well... falls into the fuck category.Played straight in Veronica Mars , of all places. Veronica and Logan have a happy, healthy sex life, whereas in the season two finale it is hinted that Beaver couldnt get it up with Mac, right before the revelation that he is the Big Bad serial killer of the season, who murdered an entire Bus Full of Innocents . Made even worse when you look at the back story: earlier in the show, Beaver once raped Veronica when she was lying unconscious, implying that hes a complete sexual pervert. Also, he had Chlamydia, which he passed on to Veronica.In the Masters of Horror episode Jenifer, the first indication that Frank is becoming obsessed with Jenifer is when he cant stop fantasizing about her while having a bout of rough sex with his wife, which she clearly isnt enjoying.In the opinion of Marine Person from Generation Kill good sex makes people good, the global instability and the Iraq war boils down to people having a poor sex life. Click to enlargeCpl. Person: Lack of pussy that fucks countries up, lack of pussy is the root fucking cause of all global instability, if more hajis were getting quality pussy, thered be no reason for us to come over and fuck em up like this, cause a nutbusting haji, is a happy haji. You take the Republican Guard and comp their asses for a week in Vegas. No fucking war! If Saddam invested more in the pussy infrastructure of Iraq than he did in his fucking gay ass army, then this country would be no more fucked up than say, Mexico.This trope couldnt be played more straight than in the miniseries adaptation of Labyrinth . When Guilhem has sex with his sweetnatured wife Alais, its slow, loving and missionary style. When he commits adultery with Alaiss bitchy sister Oriane, its loud, rough and doggie style (and neither of them seem to be enjoying it much).In an episode of The Golden Girls , Rose revealed that her late husband Charlie had died while they were making love. In a later episode, she revealed that for most of their married life she and Charlie would make love at least twice a day once every night and once every morning. When Blanche learned this, her reaction was, No wonder you still mourn that man!Theresa and Jerry of Wizards of Waverly Place , although theyre only good about half the time.A lot of the characters in Bones are pretty darn sexual, even devoutly Catholic Booth.Cam: Um... a lot of these guys look pretty rough.Daisy: I like it rough, but only when theres a safe word.In Vikings , Ragnar and Lagertha are both firm antiheroes, but are shown to have a passionate, fulfilling sex life. Ragnars nemesis in the first season, Earl Haraldson, a petty and paranoid ruler, is strongly implied to have gone impotent in his old age.Madam Secretary makes it very clear that, even after at least twenty years of tough intelligence and political careers and three children, Liz and Henry McCords marriage is passionate in every sense of the word. As an ethics professor with a strict personal code based partly on moderate Christian theology , Henry is, bar none, the most morally upstanding person in the series, and Liz has teased him that she finds his morals quite a turnon.Henry: Who says you have to be a bad boy to get the hot girl?Shows up in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine of all places. Kira Nerys relationship with Bareil Antos is portrayed quite positively, while Sinister Minister Kai Winn and a disguised Gul Dukat is essentially rape by deception and used by Dukat to draw her to the Pahwraiths side. Turned on its head with Worf and Jadzia Dax, though: their relationship is certainly passionate and theyre both good people, but because Worf is a Klingon they both tend to end up beat to hell afterwards .Youre The Worst plays with this one. The eponymous worst ( Jimmy and Gretchen ) arent exactly good people, but they are the protagonists and their sex life is portrayed as healthy and positive. Just about every sexual encounter that isnt between the two of them is awkward or unpleasant in some way.Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond. Ian Fleming is shown passionately Wall Banging his Girl of the Week , while his future Love Interest is being kissed and undressed by her husband and looking rather bored by the whole business. So presumably inverted with Unfaithful Cads Have Good Sex while good people dont. MusicThis is the point of the Lily Allen song Not Fair, which is about dating an otherwise amazing guy whos just awful in bed. Allen indicates throughout the song that this does matter, and that it speaks quite poorly of the boyfriend that he doesnt put in the effort to please her.by Donna Fargo is about a woman whos in a relationship with a man whos very good in bed. ReligionPerhaps the urexample, The Bible s Song of Songs uses a collection of love poetry exchanged between a married couple (by some traditions, Solomon and one of his wives), who are not shy about saying exactly what they love about each other, as a metaphor for the loving relationship between God and his followers.The Book of Corinthians provides more details about what makes a good love, according to apostle Paul, it is recommended to have sexual relationship only within marriage, and a relationship should last for the entire life because Love Redeems .Video GamesDragon Age: Origins : Played straight for a straight female Warden . Alistair is the shy, adorkable Betty to Zevrans slick, smooth Veronica . Alistair is also a virgin, while Zevran is a highly experienced former assassin . However, a female Warden who romances Alistair gets several potential dialogue options to imply that hes very good in bed, while few to no similar dialogue exists regarding Zevran. Its worth noting that Alistair takes a very Sex Equals Love approach to the relationship, while Zevran is more comfortable with treating it like a casual fling .This trope is present to some extent in all the romances. Alistair and Leliana are two of the most outright moral love interests who insist on waiting , and the sex is implied to be duly wonderful. Morrigan and Zevran are more morally dubious, take a more casual approach to sex, and can be persuaded to jump into bed much sooner. While the sex is not bad, its also treated as empty passion. If you gain more affection from them and help them grow into better people , their attitude on the relationship becomes much more reverent, and the sex is implied to improve.In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas , Catalina, by far one of the craziest characters of the game, turns out to be into SM during the cut scene for the Gone Courting mission. We dont see anything of the act itself, but she proceeds to chain C.J. to a rack and then takes a whip to him before getting down to business.In Mass Effect 2 , there are two points at which a male Shepard can have sex with the criminal Jack. The Renegade sex option is based solely on sex and rather violent afterward, Jack doesnt want to talk, not wanting to play and any further progression is cut off. The Paragon sex option is based on your interest in Jack as a person and is not only intimate and gentle but therapeutic for Jack.In Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater , Volgin is a Depraved Bisexual SM enthusiast that loves using electric torture. Lets just say that EVAs experience sleeping with him wasnt very pleasant for her. Now, Big Boss on the other hand, was a gentle, good experience for her.In the fanproduced A Dance with Rogues Neverwinter Nights module series, the character Vico is a psychotic axecrazy blackguard. Unless your character insists, he will try to have anal sex with you at every opportunity. Anden and Bran, both good characters, tend to prefer missionary or reverse missionary. Curiously, Rizzen (the drow ) has no major differences from Brans style.In the fanproduced The Bastard Of Kosigan module series, most sexual encounters are treated as amoral or downright evil (it was specifically not written for paladins) so far every one except for the prostitute in Cologne or the good option with Yannia has been rather unconventional (usually involving a tree, a wall, or a table).No More Heroes : Travis Touchdown locks himself in with Sylvia, and all we hear is shotgun blasts coming from inside. This despite the fact that both are very morally grey, Sylvia moreso than Travis.In Persona 3 and Persona 4 of Shin Megami Tensei fame, you (as the MC) are given the opportunity to sleep with almost any of the girls whose SLinks youve completed. The scenes are not given explicit detail, since this aint an eroge , but its heavily implied that both Main Characters are very loving and gentle.Its also not even directly stated that you even have sex. The games shorthand is Christmas Eve continues... You wouldnt realize they had sex if youre not paying really close attention to the leadup (such as Chie mentioning that she lied to her parents and said shed be spending the night at Yukikos place, or Yukiko lying about staying at Chies place, or Ai saying shed rather spend Christmas Eve next to you instead of going home).Played with Star Wars: The Old Republic . In true BioWare fashion, less moral characters you can have longterm relationships with jump to the sex sooner, though its rarely treated as less enjoyable than with more moral ones. If the player is in a longterm relationship with a more moral companion, though, the sex is implied to be amazing for this reason.Probably played straightest with a Male Sith Warrior, who can only romance Vette (light side romance) if you remove her shock collar, treat her like a person, and (in theory) treat others decently. Theyre implied to have a rather kinky sex life, but still highly enjoyable. However, romancing Jaesa (dark side only) is mostly physical and focuses on power dynamics.Used as a buff in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim . If the Dragonborn marries, they can share a bed with their spouse. After sleeping in this bed, they awaken and the game informs the player that You awaken feeling your Lovers Comfort. This is a buff which allows the Dragonborn to learn skills at a faster rate than normal for a while in other words, she is in such a good mood that it makes leveling up easier.The same goes for another Bethesda property, Fallout 4 , which has the same buff (though no marriage).Wolfenstein: The New Order shows that BJ and Anya are very dedicated to each other, to the chagrin of others in the hideout .Visual NovelsDengeki Stryker has sex scenes written this way.Played with in Fatestay night , in that its not so much the moral uprightness of the characters that results in good sex, but rather their motivation for having sex in the first place. When the characters have sex for some reason other than its own sake, at least one of the participants doesnt enjoy it.Fatehollow ataraxia could go so far as to poke fun at this a bit. A bit of exposition in a scenario following the end of the Unlimited Blade Works route mentions that each time Shirou and Rin have tried to have sex since the conclusion of the route something has gone completely awry with the situation. The scenario revolves around them finally getting it right and loving every moment of it.Inverted near the end of Shizunes route in Katawa Shoujo . ThePlayerasHisao gets a scene where they can choose to cheat on her with her best friend Misha. If the player does cheat: 1) the sex is really uncomfortable and 2) it leads to her Bad Ending . And if the player does not cheat, its played straight: the reward is one of the most explicit and pleasanttogothrough sex scenes of the whole game, in which Shizune shows off both her sexy underwear (plus keeping her thigh high socks and her glasses through the sex) and her kinky and topping side .Katawa Shoujo actually plays all around with the trope . While some times the sex is both vanilla and good, with the characters being both good and having good reasons for physical intimacy (i.e, the scenes with Lilly, or the last scenes for both Rin and Emi), other times its subverted, such as the first scene with Shizune, where she ties Hisaos hands behind his back (which, due to her deafness, is essentially the same as ballgagging him from her POV), or the one scene with Hanako where despite them honestly loving each other and her wanting to both express that love and show him that shes less fragile than he thinks, the experience is uncomfortable for both of them due to complications from her burnss scar tissue and Hisao being incredibly nervous. And as said above, its played straight with the scene between Hisao and Misha, where shes having sex with him as a proxy for her unrequited love with Shizune, and hes cheating on Shizune with her. Neither enjoy the experience, and it destroys Hisao and Shizunes relationship as well as Shizune and Mishas friendship.The vast majority of the sex scenes in Princess Waltz are like this. In fact, theres exactly one sex scene that isnt like this: the first sex scene between Arata and Chris, which is technically both of them raping each other because a nasty magical side effect skyrocketed their sex drives out of control.Believe it or not, School Days , sometimes: it depends on whether the player themself making good choices or not. If she is, Makoto and his girlfriend have very loving and mutually pleasurable sex, such as the sex scene with Sekai at the end of Episode 3, or the sex scene with Kotonoha at the end of Episode 4. If the playerasMakoto is acting like a jerk, some of the sex scenes can come off awkward and uncomfortable (for example, on one path Kotonoha mistakenly thinks Makoto will be faithful to her if she repeatedly offers sex to him , so she gives him a handjob on a train and repeatedly comes to his home just to have sex with him. If the player doesnt refuse her the last time she goes for a blowjob, she is punished for their part in her delusion with the infamous Kotonohacommitssuicide bad ending).Sekien no Inganock gives us a lovely sex scene with Ati and Gii, which comes late in the game but is expected given that Ati and Gii are close enough for Kia to mistake Ati as Giis wife. The real surprise is that the sex scene between Ruaha and Kerkan can also come off this way, depending on the players interpretation and given what you later learn about Kerkans true motives.Inverted by Shiki Tohno from Tsukihime during Arcueid, Ciel, and Akihas routes, him being far too rough in one, pressuring the second into anal sex despite the girl being unconvinced, and acting as kind of a Jerk Ass to the last one. The other routes play the trope straighter, typically characterized by initial round of sex for a specific purpose , second round for love meaning, ironically, Shiki only plays the trope straight by way of Deus Sex Machina . And even in Hisuis route, where his sexual behavior is more loving, hes a bit too fond of teasing her about her embarrassment at how good it feels . The route where Shiki comes off as the best person having the best sex is Kohakus, and thats because he has a negative example of someone elses asshole behavior in bed to learn from: He discovers that Makihisa repeatedly raped Kohaku when she was a child, due to her powers as a Synchronizer and her begging him to not do the same to her sister Hisui so after Shiki realizes that the first time Kohaku has sex with him she didnt actually feel anything, Shiki goes out of his way to make sex as wonderful for Kohaku as possible to show her what sex is like when its coming from someone who loves her, as opposed to coming from ExtremelyPainfulRapistThrustingIntoWayTooSmallLittleKidMakihisa. This has given Shiki the Fan Nickname as the Lord of Bedroom Jackassery.In Utawarerumono, the sex scenes with Eruru, Urutorii, Yuzuha are like this, because theyre the only three sex scenes in the game that dont somehow consist of forcing themselves on Hakuoro (Kamyu goes into vampire mode and uses a spell to paralyze Hakuoro in place, Karura drugs Hakuoro into being aroused, and Touka forces herself on Hakuoro due to prank advice from Karura). Erurus is an arguable example they were both mutually drunk which is partially what put the idea of sex into their heads, but theyre very loving and gentle during sex in spite of being drunk, so it counts. Urutoriis sex scene happens because Hakuoro is comforting her after she had to give up a baby to its real family, so Hakuoro is very gentle about it. And finally, Oboro, drunk out of his mind so he doesnt really understand what hes asking, begs Hakuoro to fulfill whatever Yuzuha requests. Turns out Yuzuha requests having sex so Hakuoros baby can be proof of her existence, so Hakuoro is a perfect gentleman during the scene.WebcomicsDominic Deegan : Miranda and Donovan Deegan are both in their 60s and still very much in love with each other.The page quote above comes from Jack , in which this seems to be an immutable law of the world. You could also replace on Earth with in Purgatory.This trope is the basis for about half of Joyce and Walky! .In one Palindramas guest strip, the cartoonist and his wife show their lovewith the help of a palindrome (and a couple of DVDs).Marigold of Questionable Content will tell you that Hermione and Ginny totally had sex, and it was the most amazing sex in the history of wizarding or muggles or even Space Wizards (who had a lot of sex but it was really bad sex because they were all evil).In Sandra and Woo , according to Lily, Woo is infinitely better at sex than at billiards.In most of Ralph Hayes, Jr. s webcomics particularly Nip and Tuck and Goblin Hollow only the Happily Married have good sex lives. Sex is only ever mentioned otherwise in the context of either Good girls dont and Sleazebags do.In Everyday Heroes , Mr. Mighty and Jane still have a happy marriageafter 17 years.Subverted by Dr. and Mrs. Goode, a normal couple who apparently like to spice things up a bit.In Satin Steele , Janet and Matt are shown to have good sex, and they are on the good side.In C Karrus it is averted with Ton Shi and Xylla , who dont seem to be good people at all, but have a positive sex life.Web OriginalPlayed with in Ilivais X . Mille certainly isnt a bad person, as she represents the idealistic and heroic attitude a Super Robot Genre protagonist SHOULD possess. But shes also shown to be incredibly lustful and dominant, having her way with others solely to satisfy her needs. As such sleeping with Essen, an undoubtedly Neutral Good character, came across as awkward and made any kind of friendship strained from that point. But her more loaded interactions with the far more morally ambiguous Iriana are strangely romantic and tender, even if theyre loaded with that undertone that Iriana feels too weak to be able to say no.Western AnimationPam in Archer isnt exactly virtuous, but shes one of the nicest characters on the show and is portrayed as a Sex God .Used in Justice League s episode The Great Brain Robbery. The quality of the sex is (heavily implied to be) one of the things that tips Tala off to Lex Luthor not being himself .Tala: Baby, you were so... different. So attentive. So caring. So... enthusiastic.Flash (in Lexs body): Uh...Tala: I like it! (resting her head on his shoulder happily)When Lex is restored to his own body, Tala simply responds with a dejected Aww.For all of Homers idiocy and his general Jerk Ass tendencies, he sexes up Marge but good. Its one of the little ways the show has of showing the strength of the connection between Marge and Homer.Bob and Pickles of The Oblongs . Its what keeps their marriage together, and it helps Milo sleep.:: Indexes ::

Trying to put things right with Sue Part 2I meet with Sue to apologize for my mistake in trusting Lyn.Marg and I had travelled east to investigate if Lyn, Margs sister, had been manipulating Sue to cheat on me. What we found out horrified me. Every person that was involved who was willing to talk to us told a similar story. Lyn had been setting up liaisons for Sue with a huge number of men. This information did not take the responsibility away from Sue. It was Sue who was meeting those men. ...Read OnAdded: 10 Feb 2018 Category: Wife Lovers Avg Score: 4.88 Words: 4,904 Tags: cuckold love story poem bisexual cheating mff straight sex 4 Comments16

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October 11, 2016Format: PaperbackVerified PurchaseThis book review is for Sex with the Queen: Nine Hundred Years of Vile Kings, Virile Lovers Passionate Politics written by Eleanor HermanThis book made me cry and smile, laugh and clutch my chest in pain. The authors brilliant writing sparkled like wellplotted fiction. If I could rate this book 10 stars, I would.I believe the 11 pages in the back of the book, where Mrs. Herman tells her tale of becoming an author, should be posted somewhere for all to read. What. A. Treasure. I ended the book, with a feeling ofwow! But it was her heartwarming, raucous story of her finally arriving on the New York Times Bestsellers List, that made me want to write this review. Those 11 pages explained every ounce of feeling I was forced to feel from a nonfiction book.Mrs. Hermans passion and education combined with some serious research and artistic flair to effortlessly tell nearly 300 pages of biographical accounts, of some of historys most famous, sometimes infamous, and even some of the shunned forced to be forgotten women of the Royal courts whose lives were ruled by sexual laws.I bought this book because I wanted some juicy scandals to get my mind brainstorming for one of my stories (can you guess which one?). I had purchased others by other authors and was not impressed. Online searches are tedious, and I stare at a computer too much as it is so I wanted a book. Please, let this be good, I silently prayed before reading it Just FYI, I IMMEDIATELY bought Sex with Kings, the moment I shut this one, closed. It was that GOOD, surpassing any expectations I had. Not only did I learn more than I ever wanted to know, but it emotionally affected me, as only few nonfiction books can.The first three chapters discuss earlier queens, including Eleanor of Aquitaine (who the author claims a very distant relation to). These chapters paint a picture of Castle life and the standards expected to be followed. Then chapters four through eight covers the Royal women of the 17th to the 19th centuries, from England to Spain, to Russia, and every European country in between. Chapter nine is devoted to the late Princess Diana and her long and tragic, yet shortlived story.I have had a longstanding fascination for Empress Elizabeth and her successor, Catherine the Great of Russia Mother Russia, where, until Catherines son took over after her death, was ruled willingly without question or contempt, by men OR women a fact I find incredibly fascinatingBut it was the sad story of Sophia Dorothea that captured my soul. The forgotten broken Princess of Hanovers life was lived and ended in unfathomable pain. The attention Mrs. Howard pays to her memory is worthy of a princess with a Fairytale ending, even if thats not how it ended, at all.To reach back in time and breathe life into the obscure figures of history, is a skill reserved for very few. How engaged modern students in history classes would be, if their textbooks were as rich and vibrant as Sex with the Queen. All scandals aside, the vivid details mixed with welldocumented facts, pull the reader into a world long since gone but instantly come alive and real... This was beyond pleasurable to read, heartbreaking and devastating to experienceHonest, with raw emotions, this book honors the women who chose their own paths, despite societys norms and followed their hearts into uncharted waters. Bravo Eleanor Herman! Bravo! (Looking forward to experiencing Sex with Kings!)

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