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How to have sex with a former boyfriend

How to have sex with a former boyfriend

How to have sex with a former boyfriend

Woman attacks her boyfriend in a drunken rage after he refused to have sex with her earlier in the dayTabatha Lee Grooms, 35, from Augusta, Georgia was taken into custodyShe is accused of hitting Carlos Rodrecus Grace, 30, for refusing sexShe thenviciouslypunched her mom in her left eye during the attackPolice said Grooms declined to answer police questions about the fightShe has beencharged with simple battery and family violence and is in jail

135 commentsNew Here? Welcome! Dear Wendy is a relationship advice blog. You can read about me here , peruse the archives here and read popular posts here . You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram . If you have a relationshipdating question I can help answer, you can send me your letters at emailprotected (be sure to read these guidelines first). Thanks for visiting!New readers, welcome to Dear Wendy, a relationship advice blog. If you dont find the info you need in this column, please visit the Dear Wendy archives or the forums (you can even start your own thread), or submit a question for advice .I have been dating this great guy for a few months and everything seems good so far. I really like him and enjoy our time together but some stuff has happened in the last few weeks and its freaking me out. Last weekend when I slept over at his place we had sex and then at some point I fell asleep after we had finished. Well, I woke up a while later because he was having sex with me. I freaked out and told him to get away from me. He told me he was really sorry and he thought I had been awake. The next morning he brought it up and told me again how sorry he was and that he did not know I was asleep as I was talking to him. It freaked me out but I thought his apology was honest and I believed he thought I was awake. It still bugged me but I decided to let it go he seemed like he felt bad.Well, this weekend I slept over again and we had sex and went to sleep. Then I woke up in the middle of the night because the bed was shaking and he was actually masturbating. I kinda moved around and turned over. He stopped what he was doing right away and put his hand on me, in a sweet way. He thought I was still asleep I am sure. Anyway he did not do anything else and we just slept.While I dont actually mind the masturbating, the combination of the two events while I am sleeping are making me worry. Its a pretty new relationship and Ive never thought of something like this before. Anyone have any suggestions? I already know I should talk to him about this I just wonder if anyone has comments or has dealt with this before I dive into that conversation. I have looked up the sex while I was sleeping online and a lot of stuff out their suggests its sexual abuse, or even rape. I dont agree with this but it did scare the hell out of me when it happened. I am in my late 20s and he is too. I find nothing else about his behavior to be abusive at all. He is caring and sweet, very nice..just wondering about other persons opinions! Sleep IssuesBe honest with your boyfriend that his recent behavior the combination of sexing you up while you were asleep and then masturbating next to you a few days later while you were asleep again creeps you out. Let him know that while you believe his story about thinking you were awake the first time, you find it odd that instead of going out of his way to foster nocturnal comfort and trust, he decided to jerk off in bed right next to you while you slept. Something is off here. Wouldnt he be a little embarrassed about his behavior after the first incident? Wouldnt he want you to feel comfortable in his presence? This strikes me as a control thing. If it were just the sexwhilesleeping bit, thats weird enough but as you said, the combination of these two things in quick succession is bizarre and doesnt bode well for him or your relationship.If it were I, I wouldnt share a bed with him again until I felt that some trust had been reestablished in the relationship. Depending on my feelings for the guy, I might even dump him and MOA now. But you have several months invested and maybe you feel strongly enough for him to give him another chance. Still, consider these acts two red flags and proceed with caution. Id definitely implement a three strikes and youre out rule for the immediate future. If he pulls anything weird again over the next few weeks, dont give him another chance.If you have a relationshipdating question I can help answer, send me your letters at emailprotected and be sure to follow me on Twitter and like me on Facebook .

Log InAdulterous Woman and Boyfriend Get Stuck to Each Other During SexIn the birthplace of former US president, an adulterous whore skank was cheating on her husband with a boyfriend when her cunt malfunctioned and squeezed his dick like a vise. The two got stuck together so tightly, they had to be transported to hospital.The video shows the woman covering her face as the two are being wheeled down a street on a wooden cart. Her boyfriend doesnt seem to give a shit and just looks at the crowd while his dick remains stuck in the womans snatch.The two apparently fucked in the ExplorInn when the curse of the adulteress befell upon the cheating whore. Their misfortune attracted immediate crowd.Kenyan media have not commented on if or how the medics separated the two, but some speculate that the woman was affected by vaginismus involuntary vaginal muscle spasms and contractions.MGTOW remains the only reliable way for men to avoid getting cucked. Props to Best Gore member refuse2renig for the videos. The first one shows the couple being carted:Second video shows them trying to walk together to hospital, while being stuck to each other:Related Gore:

James English is romancing Kerry KatonaWho is James English?James 33, is a Scottish comedian, actor, reality star and model from Glasgow.He is father of two to James, six, and Jessica, seven.He appeared in the reality show Glow which is said to be like the Scottish Towie.He has a dark past as The Sun Online revealedhe once assaulted a woman in McDonalds and spat in her face.James pleaded guilty to assaulting Michelle McArthur, 33, during a brawl at McDonalds in Glasgows Finnieston in November 2015.He was initially charged with punching Michelle on the head and yanking her by the hair but that was later deleted from the charge.Scottish James is a reality starThe wannabe celebrity had his sentence put back for a year for good behaviour when he appeared in the dock at Glasgow Sheriff Court.When did James start dating Kerry Katona?Kerry sparked rumours she was enjoying a new romance after she was seen locking lips with the former rugby player at Londons Gatwick Airport in September.The 27yearold split from George Kay this summer and she now appears to have put the doomed marriage behind he.She was seen kissing James as she greeted him in the terminal before they got into a car together and sped away.They met at an Atomic Kitten gig and she visited him in Scotland on several occasions for private dates.Flynet PicturesThe couple were spotted kissing at Gatwick airportWhat has James said about Kerry Katona?James claims he attracted the star with his large manhood , plus gags and abs, in a jawdropping new interview in which he joked about just using her.The Scottish toy boyalso gushed about being in love with the fed up former girl band star but forgot her age, and said their relationship is justa bit of casual sex.James painted a bizarre picture of the romance while chatting toEwen Cameron on his Scottish chat show.Asked if penis size had influenced 37yearold Kerrys attraction to him, he said:Im packing. And Kerry is smiling.He added:Its a good thing weve got a bit of casual sex. Thats all it is.Dropping his apparent jokey front, the sportsman then said: Its a tough question but I think it was both the gags and the abs that attracted Kerry Katona....Its love, yes Im in love with her.A post shared by James English (jamesenglish2) onOct 29, 2017 at 3:08pm PDTWhen did Kerry and James split up and why?On October 23 it was revealed Kerry and James had called it quits after two months.Kerry announced the split by writing online:Im in a relationship with me. I make me happy and will never leave me.Single is good when you like yourself and dont count on anyone else for your happiness!!Meanwhile Jamesshared a picture of A Nightmare on Elm Street villain Freddy Krueger with his own message about the breakup.He wrote: Spent so much time chasing others in their dreams I forgot to chase my own.James added: Chase your own dreams fk everyone else.It is that simple one life go fen live it the way you want dreambig dream.The split news came after it was revealed Kerry has been getting close with former CBB star Austin Armacost, and she was also seen chatting up a bouncer.Kerry Katona brands Atomic Kitten bandmate a toxic c and slams Gemma Collins in shocking drunken rantLatest Kerry KatonaKerry Katona reveals breakup felt like a death and says ex held her backKATONEDAKerry Katona claims 2st weight loss is down to 5.30am yoga sessions and NOT lipoIM PROUDKerry Katona poses in bra and thong as she posts a closeup of her stretch marksSTAY BLESSEDKerry Katona shuts down trolls over stretch marks as she reveals ripped absker blimey!Kerry Katona leaves Piers Morgan gobsmacked by turning up to GMB in a bikiniPINK AND PERKYKerry Katona shows slim figure in bikini after two stone weight lossCarmageddonKerry Katona left stranded after her car breaks downshe cant be cerealous?Kerry Katona angers fans as she pours sugar on daughters cerealLIFT ME UP!Kerry Katona plans fourth boob job to fix saggy breastsWATCH OUTKerry Katona fans concerned as she flashes Rolex on InstagramSTARS TOUT TATKerry Katona and Danielle Lloyd plugging illegal fake designer gear to fansATOMIC FITTENKerry Katona goes all Fifty Shades as she shows off weight loss

show adIs he alive? Olivia NewtonJohns ex who vanished on a California fishing trip a decade ago has been secretly living in Mexico with a German lover, report claimsOlivia NewtonJohns ex Patrick McDermott is reportedly living in rural Mexico with a German lover ten years after faking his owndisappearanceMcDermott mysteriously vanished during an overnight fishing trip off the coast of San Pedro, Californiain 2005He had recently filed for bankruptcy over unpaid child support and other debts before faking his disappearanceThe Coast Guard launched a massive search after he was reported missing with no luck and declared him most likely drowned in November 2008Investigators found evidence he was alive in January 2009, and McDermott had a letter sent on his behalf a few weeks laterconfirming these findingsNewtonJohn has never commented on the news that McDermott is alive, while his exwife has publicly stated she is convinced he is dead

EmailA strange tale of oral sex, a knife fight and the most unlikely of pregnancies recently brought to light by the blogosphere has doctors touting the triumphant persistence of sperm .In 1988, a 15yearold girl living in the small southern African nation of Lesotho came to local doctors with all the symptoms of a woman in labor. But the doctors were quickly puzzled because, upon examination, she didnt have a vagina.Inspection of the vulva showed no vagina, only a shallow skin dimple, so doctors delivered a healthy baby boy via Caesarean, the authors wrote in a case report published in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.Her birth defect called Mullerian agenesis or MayerRokitanskyKsterHauser syndrome didnt necessarily surprise doctors, but her pregnancy did. Even the 15yearold girl could not believe she was pregnant .Yet by looking at her records the hospital staff realized the young woman was in the hospital 278 days earlier with a knife wound to her stomach. The average pregnancy lasts 280 days. After interviews, they gathered that Just before she was stabbed in the abdomen she had practiced fellatio with her new boyfriend and was caught in the act by her former lover . The fight with knives ensued.The girl arrived at the hospital with an empty stomach and therefore with little stomach acid around and doctors found two holes from a stab wound that opened her stomach up to her abdominal cavity . The case report said doctors washed her stomach out with a salt solution and stitched her up.A plausible explanation for this pregnancy is that spermatozoa gained access to the reproductive organs via the injured gastrointestinal tract, the authors wrote.Infertility experts note the story, which resurfaced on a Discovery magazine blog , is not only a testament to Murphys Law but one to arguably natures most impressive swimmers: sperm.How Could Sperm Survive Those Conditions?Heres an unbelievable set of coincidences, said Dr. Richard Paulson, head of the University of Southern California Fertility Program in Los Angeles. But its totally plausible.Although doctors know that sperm needs a low acid (high pH) environment to survive, and would likely die eventually in the low pH of stomach acid, doctors also said that sperm comes in a protective fluid: ejaculate, a nourishing medium meant to protect the sperm.Besides, out of hundreds of millions of sperm if you knock out 90 percent of them, youre still going to have tens of millions of sperm, said Dr. Peter Schlegel, chairman of urology at New York Presbyterian HospitalWeill Cornell Medical Center in New York.Paulson agreed.Sperm are pretty hardy, said Paulson, who pointed out that sperm must make it out of the acidic environment of the vagina before reaching more friendly territory at the cervix and in the uterus. Once in the abdominal wall, Paulson estimated that the sperm could survive for days.Its a long way from the stomach into the lower abdomen, its a heck of a trip, but they made it, said Paulson. You just need sperm somewhere in the area of an egg.Paulson said in the early days of fertility treatments in the 1980s, doctors injected sperm in the lower abdomen hoping for the coincidental encounter with an egg. The procedure, called DIPI or direct intraperitoneal insemination, has largely been replaced by more effective methods.The Lengths Sperm Can TravelSchlegel pointed out that although fertilization typically takes place in the fallopian tubes, doctors know that sperm can normally swim up and out of the reproductive organs into the abdominal cavity.The sperm are naturally there at times, and eggs are naturally there, said Schlegel. Eggs are released from the ovary, and they sort of dance around before they get taken up by the fallopian tube.Sperm Can Swim Far in the Female BodySo it seems, Schlegel concluded, that the sperm could also be taken up by the fallopian tube, as could a fertilized egg.But some doctors are still suspicious of, or at least bewildered by the tale. The girls birth defect is well known and by age 15, doctors say most girls would have been doubling over in pain with an abdomen filled with menstrual fluid that cannot escape.The menstrual fluid of several periods would make it even more unlikely for a pregnancy to occur.Shed have pain all the time and would have a stomach full of blood all the time, and would have to be operated on, or she would eventually die, said Dr. Sherman J. Silber, director of the infertility center of Saint Louis at St. Lukes Hospital in Missouri.Dr. Howard A. Zacur, a reproductive endocrinologist at Johns Hopkins, also had doubts. The case report here suffers from the fact that an individual with a completely obstructed vaginal outlet would have been expected to have blood accumulation in the vagina, andor uterus, he wrote in an email.The authors of the report guessed a pregnancy could only be possible if the girl had ovulated once or at most twice before her pregnancy.Whatever the true story of the woman, and her now grown son, Silber said it could send a message to ordinary couples planning pregnancy.Why Doubt the Longevity of Sperm?This story is a crazy story, and theres no way to make sense of it, said Silber. But the data on sperm is that normally its quite good in an alkaline environment for two or three days thats why the average couple wastes a lot of energy when theyre trying to get pregnant.Silber said he sees many couples who buy into the idea that they should time sex to coincide with the womans ovulation. But Silber said the remarkable survivability of sperm means most couples dont have to change their normal sex lives at all.The average American married couple tends to have sex two or three days a week, said Silber, author of How to Get Pregnant.If sperm can survive for two or three days, that means the average sex life of an American married couple results in living sperm swimming around the womans body every single day of the week.The practice to check when you ovulate and not to have sex until youre ovulating is stupid, Silber said.Silber said because ovulation calendars and methods to detect ovulation are somewhat inaccurate, couples could miss ovulation and have sex too late.Twelve hours after ovulation, the eggs arent good any more. You want to have the sperm there ready and waiting for when you ovulated, said Silber. Its absolutely true that sperm can last a long time.0 Shares

How a young mom, a college student and a former escort became sex slavesShare this NewsHow a young mom, a college student and a former escort became sex slavesIt may seem like it couldnt happen in America, but sex trafficking is in fact happening throughout the country.by Donna Freydkin and Danielle Dellorto Jan.24.2018 2:48 PM ETGet the latest from TODAYSign up for our newsletterSUBSCRIBEIt may seem like it couldnt take place in America, but sex trafficking is in fact happening throughout the country.As part of Megyn Kelly TODAYs series Selling Girls, Megyn Kelly is featuring three women who have walked in the shoes of a sex slave.Rebecca BenderRebecca Bender says she was an allAmerican teenager growing up in a middleclass family in southern Oregon.At 17, Bender got pregnant and at 18, gave birth to a daughter and started community college. Life, thought Bender, was going according to plan until she met a young man at a party.He was the kind of guy that everybody in the room wanted to be his friend and all the girls wanted to date him, she said. He was interested in me, which made me feel special. And made me feel not alone, that I could have stuff to do and someone to go do stuff with and not feel like a burden.Get the latest from TODAYSign up for our newsletterSUBSCRIBEWoman reveals how she was trafficked by her own boyfriend at age 1808:15After dating seriously for six months though, things took a turn. She says he started pressuring Bender herself to dance in strip clubs and would take her to drugladen frat parties. Although these things made her uncomfortable, she would feel hopeful when she saw how great he was with her daughter.My daughters father was out of the picture from the time I was pregnant. And so, watching this, you know, man that I found charming and attractive and funny and fun and adventurous be so kind to my daughter, and pick her up and hold her and play games with her, said Bender. When he proposed that Bender move to Las Vegas with him, she agreed. But that decision changed everything.Rebecca Bender on Megyn Kelly TODAY. TODAYOne night, he took Bender for what was supposed to be an evening experiencing Las Vegas nightlife. Instead, she says he drove her to a deadend street and told her she owed him for the new life hed given her. He had been building an escort service and told Bender she would need to entertain men in her bikini to maintain her new life in Las Vegas. When she turned him down, he slapped her across the face. Because her first priority was protecting her daughter, she agreed.I just kept kind of holding onto that hope that wed go back to being this family and having this great future in store. And thats what I thought, so I complied and then got out of the car, she said.She says she was given a fake name: Kelby. He drove her to a townhouse. And an attractive man opened the door. Bender still thought she was only there to dance. Instead, the man, confused, pulled her on top of him.I had on a dress, so he had pulled my underwear to the side and I just froze again, like, I just want it to be over.She says her life became a prison she was not allowed to drive or go anywhere by herself. His brother, who was living with them, watched Benders daughter. Bender says she tried to escape a few times, to no avail. She felt dirty, ashamed and deeply embarrassed. By 21, she was addicted to cocaine and he kicked her out.Her family took the daughter and forced Bender into rehab, which only focused on her addiction and not the trauma of being a sex trafficking survivor. After she was done with the rehab program, she returned to her boyfriend.You romanticize the good stuff and you always forget about the bad stuff, she said.He sold her to another trafficker and eventually, Bender broke free after the feds raided a house she was living in. Today, she is a licensed minister and mother of four. And yes, she says, it can happen to you. To anyone. Because it happened to her.I was an average, allAmerican kid from a loving family and I was trafficked by my boyfriend at 18, she said.She now is an inspiring national activist with her own nonprofit which both raises awareness of the problem, and provides resources and tools to help survivors heal and thrive.How can I sit here in my warm nice house with my comfy surroundings when I know whats happening out there? she says. Today, it feels good to bring change. Its very empowering to take my past and use it for purpose.How can I sit here in my warm nice house with my comfy surroundings when I know whats happening out there? she says. Today, it feels good to bring change. Its very empowering to take my past and use it for purpose.The mother of 4 has a system in place to protect her own brood and let them speak freely if anything is on their minds. We set up a safe person for them to talk to. We have a safe adult, she says.Chelsie LancasterChelsie Lancaster on Megyn Kelly TODAY. TODAYChelsie Lancaster never saw it coming.Growing up in Texas, she was a cheerleader and a straightA student, who abstained from drugs or any other risky behavior. A breakup with her boyfriend sent her into a deep depression, but Lancaster was determined to keep moving forward.I wasnt a bad kid. It really just goes to show it can happen to anybody, she said on Megyn Kelly TODAY.Like so many single people, she signed up for dating sites where she eventually met a man who had his own agenda.I was just meeting a guy off the internet, thinking nothing off it. He had his own profile. Thats the thing people dont realize, she said. There are so many predators that are just looking for women on these dating sites. Theyll go the whole nine yards to make you believe they want to date you, when in reality they want to sell you.How a dating app led a woman into the nightmare of human trafficking06:22During their first date, things quickly went south. She says he convinced her to perform in a strip club and she did. Her guard was down, recalls Lancaster, and she felt like she had nowhere to go. Plus, she needed money for college, so she thought, Why not?She made 160 bucks and he took 140 from her and said he needed to pay for her protection. She had no idea what was happening or why.Lancaster says she was threatened and her family was too, and that he had all her private information so getting away wasnt that easy. She says he then introduced Lancaster, who dreamed of being a singer, to a man he called a music producer.Within a matter of days, they were selling her on a classified listings site called Backpage.They told me I was just going on dates with guys, and I didnt have to do anything. You dont realize youre going to be selling your body up to 10 times a day, says Lancaster.I didnt even realize I was in trouble at first. By the time that I did, I was already so far in. They told me they would kill my family if I ever left. After the brainwashing, you believe what they sat, she said.I didnt even realize I was in trouble at first. By the time that I did, I was already so far in. They told me they would kill my family if I ever left. After the brainwashing, you believe what they sat, she said.She went to jail twice on prostitution charges, but didnt tell her police about her situation for fear of reprisal. Then Lancaster got pregnant. She decided to keep her child and told her mom what had been happening. Her mom found a resource called Rescue Houston , which helps get trafficking victims out of the life. She then went to a safe house for eight months and had her baby. Today Lancaster lives on a farm run by a Christian organization that helps trafficking victims rebuild their lives. She works fulltime and says her daughter is thriving.Gaby HumphriesGaby Humphries on Megyn Kelly TODAY. TODAYGaby Humphries is a woman who exudes confidence and strength. But appearances can be deceiving.The Atlanta native and mother of one spent months working as an escort out of a highend apartment building in the suburbs.Humphries says she was raped at 13, and growing up, she grappled with drug abuse and poverty. She attempted suicide at 14, and spent her high school years trying to fill a void inside her often through sex.She became pregnant as a high school senior. After giving birth to her son, she decided she needed to straighten out her life. But things didnt go according to plan. Unable to handle the pressures of young parenthood, she turned to drugs and alcohol, and her sons father ended up taking her son and moving to Buffalo, New York.Money seemed like the answer, so Humphries tried stripping. She then moved on to escorting, which she says was the easiest way to afford a car. She says she went to the classified site Backpage and began messaging a man who would become her pimp.Woman tells Megyn Kelly how she was trafficked by college professor05:44She worked business hours, and says the men would pay her about 350 an hour, half of which she would give to her trafficker. She says her pimp kept all her identification, meaning Humphries couldnt break free.You cant really escape because youre afraid of what theyre going to do. You comply out fear, says Humphries.But escape, she did. Humphries once passed a big church, and went inside. She sat in the empty chapel for a long time, broke down in tears and began writing a suicide note on a prayer card. She threw it down on the pew and left. But the churchs female pastor found it and decided to track Humphries down.A few months later, Humphries had a panic attack and went to the ER. She says she called the pastor, who dropped everything she was doing and rushed to the emergency room. There, from the hospital bed, Gaby confessed that she was a sex worker. The pastor told her: Dont go back. Youre going to live with me and my family. And she did.I never went back. Never, she says.Humphries went to rehab and became part of the Wellspring Living program for young girls and women who have been trafficked. Today, Humphries supports herself with a government job and is raising her 8yearold son.If you or someone you know may be a victim of sex trafficking, call the National Human Trafficking hotline at 18883737888. Reports and tips are anonymous.A special thank you to TEGNA media and our NBC affiliate in Atlanta for their partnership in this show.Get the latest from TODAYSign up for our newsletterSUBSCRIBE